Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 8


Manik is relaxing in his bed with closed eyes and all the things of that day coiming before his eyes, and when he saw Nandhini before his closed eyes automatically he smiled and the touch he felt with her is familier, and the look he shared with her and her voice is gng on flashing in front of him. Suddenly he got up from his bed.
Manik : Wat happened to u Manik. Wat r u thinking and why r u smiling thinking abt her, u just saw her, but y r u feeling her touch is familier to u Why Manik why? Stop thinking abt anything and go take a shower and sleep, saying this he get up to take shower and sleeps after it.
Nandhini in her room is still confused abt Manik and her memory.

Nandhini : Think Nandhini is he is a person that u saved that day r someother else. No No Nandhini Murthy’s memory cant lie he is the same boy i saved that day. But y he is behaved like that to me? He know me na, no nandhini wat doctor said that day he is unsonsious becoz of alchohol na then how he knw abt me. Thank God he never saw me and Aiyappa i dnt want him to get his memory back. And i dnt even want to c his face again and aiyappa becoz of nyonika mam i was safe today, wat would have happened to me if she is not in time?. I dnt want to c his face anymore, arey ahhh From tomorrow i wnt go where The FAB 5 is, so problem is solved i will be safe and secure. Thank you aiyappa.
Next day morning Manik is getting ready for college Nyonika comes there.
Nyonika : What was that Manik?
Manik : Manik is spraying his perfume. This, is a perfume u dnt knw it.
Nyonika : Iam not asking abt it Manik, u knw very well that wat am i asking for. What r u trying to do with that Nandhini Murthy?

Manik : Nothing just telling her if she wants any help she can ask me, i will help her without any hesitation and will train her under FAB 5’s supervision. Thats it
Nyonika : Really Manik! Wat u think that i dnt knw wat u trying to do with her?
Manik : If u knw then y r u asking me ?
Nyonika : Look Manik i have lots to do instead of warning u everyday and this is my final warning stay away from that 2 girls and walks off.
Manik is very upset and he want to go to his college and play some guitar alone, so he decides to go early.
Nandhini wakes up and getting ready to college early . Chachi enters with coffee.
Chachi : Nandhu here is ur coffee.
Nandhini : Thank u Chachi.

Chachi : Nandhu y u r going to college so early anything spl?
Nandhini : Ah chachi tomorrow we want to perform solo, becoz our professor wants to see us perform.
Chachi : Oh i knw that u r the best.
Nandhini : Thank u chachi, but i have do it best becoz everyone will perform different type of music so i want to do something spl. Prays in her mind, Ah.. Aiyappa just be with me and keep away from that Monster Manik. I want to keep my promise that i did to my amms so give me good knowledge to perform well and Navya also.

Chachi : Dnt worry u will be the best, tum student kiss ki, hmmm wat say.
Nandhu : So tho hai, i love u chachi and tell chacha and rishab okay byeeeeeeeeeeeee…… And calls navya to inform that she left her house.
Nandhini and Navya early in college they find no one is around and smiles that is a good time for them to practise and enters the music hall where the all instruments is kept.
Manik also enters the college and goes straight to their jam room to play guitar. Nandhini is feeling very happy to c all the carnatic instruments and touches and feels it becoz she loves that from childhoo.
Navya : Nandhu, first time iam cing all this instruments eksaath.
Nandhini : But navya, i was grown up with all this instruments and i knw everything abt all, even with my closed eyes.
Navya : Achaa! So tell me wat is tis and shows a thambura to her and tells her to play it.
Nandhini get it from her and tunes it to her song and sits with her legs folded and prays it and starts to play.

Nandhini : But navya i know only Tamil for now, may i?
Navya : Ah music doesn’t have any language so start and sits to hear her.
Nandhini starts singing Malarkal Kaetten song from okay kanmani ( soon in north it is going to be OKAY JAANU Manirathnam’s movie ).
When Manik is abt to play his guitar he hears her voice and mesmerised and follows it and when he reaches the carnatic music hall, A girl with long skirt and top with stole on her neck, open hair is sitting legs folded with thambura. She is facing opposite side to the door, that is her face is opposite to manik, without disturbing her he closed his eyes and was hearing her voice, and Navya too. Suddenly Navya saw Manik is standing there with closed eyes and get shocked and immediately informs Nandhini.
Navya : In lower voice, Nandhu c here who is standing?
Nandhini : Stops singing and opens her eyes and to her surprise to whom she wanted to stay away is standing back to her.

Manik is still mesmerised in her voice and standing there without opening his eyes.
Navya : Chalo Nandhu this is a chance to get out of here, so run. And both runs from there like they saw some hungry LION is waiting for its food and they dnt want to be.
Suddenly Manik realises and open to c no one is there, his eyes was searching for that face belongs to that voice and got frustrated and moves from there in search of her, but it almost time for college so students start to come to college. He got more angry now, becoz he was very close to her but missed to c her face becoz of her magical voice.
Manik is still mesmerised in her voice and he badly want to c her, hug her and tell her that how sweet voice she have and it can make anyone come out of their sorrow like me. Manik knows that this voice belong to the new comer and it wnt be that much hard to him to find it.
Here Navya and Nandhini is smiling at their own, how they ran from there and start to practise where they r. Manik call FAB 4 to come to college as soon as they can. In half an hour FAB 4 r with manik.

Dhruv : Wat happen Manik is everything alright? U called so early?
Manik : Moving here and there, I want to know who she is?
Alya : Wat? abt Who? That girl who saved u, that pendent girl.
Manik : Arey no Alya, i will find her anyways but now i want to find a new comer girl for that i need all ur help.
Cabir : Wow Romeo, first that pendent wali juliet ab new comer wali juliet, tell me one thing pendent wali saved u, So there is a logic for searching her, ab iss new comer nae kya kiya?
Mukthi : Cabir is right manik tell us na y r in u in search af girls this days and winks.
Manik : In irritated look SHAADI KARNE KELIYAE!. Shut up guys this morning i heard a song, mean her voice i just cant get over it, iam sure it must be some fresher becoz first time iam hearing that voice and i just want to find her.
Cabir : Arey everyone is mad at ur voice, but first time u r mad at someother voice, so sure the voice must be really good.
Alya : How u knw that she is a fresher, may be some professor r trainer. Becoz we never knw how the professers voice would be. And moreover Early morning there wnt be any student here.
Manik : No alya she is not a professor, iam sure, now just i want to knw if there is any introduction classes for freshers r wat if yes i want to knw when.

All says okay and moves from there. Manik stops dhruv to talk.
Dhruv : Manik wat happen who r u so excited to find that girl?
Manik : Becoz of her voice. I dnt knw y i felt relaxed and happy hearing her voice and i almost forget all my problems in a sec hearing her. The confident and happiness in her voice really disturbing me.
Dhruv : Cabir was right
Manik : For wat
Dhruv : That u r a Romeo now. Both Laughs.

Precap : Manik and Cabir sees Nandhini singing the same song. WHAT WILL BE MANIK’s REACTION??????

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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