Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 6

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Recap : First day in college and FAB 5’s plan for freshers party.

In college whole day everyone was looking at them, Nandhini felt unconfortable and want to get out of the college but Navya was excited to attend the party. The party is 7 pm.
Navya : Nandhu go home and get ready and come fast.
Nandhini : Where?
Navya : Arey aaj party hai humareliye FAB 5 ki saath. Ab chalo na get ready and come fast.
Nandhini : Navya i already said na i am not interested in this party so u go.
Sheela : Hai girls
Navya : Hai
Sheela : So wat u both decided abt the party?
Navya : We r going.
Sheela : Really! Okay god should save u from this party and walks off.
Nandhini : Wat just she said?
Navya : Arey chodo she is jealous on us thats y she is saying all this come na lets go.
Nandhini : No navya i have to go. Chacha, chachi, rishab r waiting for me to celebrate my first day in college so i have to go and amms, i also want to call her so u enjoy the party byeee..
Navya : Arey ah yaar u have ur family here so enjoy. Okay i will tell wat happened in the party and hugs her. Nandhini smiles on her excitment and walks off.

At 7 in the party FAB 5 was waiting for their sheeps to come and they could have their dinner. Manik’s phone rings and he have to go urgently (will be revealed later). Manik says the same to everyone and moves from there. FAB 4 is waiting for Navya. When they saw navya is coming near the venue they switch off all the lights and waiting for her to come in. When she enters the room they pushed her into another room where there is lots of frogs and crockroaches and locked the room. Navya shouted like the hell and begged them to open the door, from the window FAB 4 is laughing at her.
Alya : Oh poor girl, u want us to open the door?
Navya : In shakee voice. Yes pls open the door i cant bear this pls pls pls open the door.
Mukthi : If we are here to open the door then why we closed it? Ohh darr lag raha hai? Poor girl and laughs.
Navya : Is shocked to here this and prays. Maatha rani mere mathath karo na.
Cabir : Oh maatha rani! Tumare maatha rani tho humare mathath ki hai. Madhubala jiiiii
Dhruv : Cabir stop it just open the door. If anything happens to her means it will get us into trouble so open.
Mukthi : Arey dhruv, just now we started to enjoy u want to open the door now. Wat u say Alya.
Alya : Its a bad idea, Dhruv u keep quiet if u dnt want to enjoy so let it be, let us na.
Cabir : Ah druv let us smile. And close the window.
Navya was shouting like a hell and jumping here and there and crying for long time after sometime she got some guts to take her phone and call nandhini for help.
Nandhu : Hello Navya how is the party going on.
Navya : He…he…hello Nandhu and crying.
Nandhu : Navya, why r u crying wat happen to u?
Navya : Again crying a lot.
Nandhu : Navya relax and tell me wat happen.
Navya : Stops crying slowly and told her everything from begining.
Nandhu : Nandhu got angry. How could anyone can do like this? U dnt worry i will come there now. Navya pls stay calm i will be there soon u r my strong frnd na, so be calm iam coiming. And disconnects the call.

Here everyone is dancing outside her room except Dhruv. Nandhu enters the venue by calling her name, when she saw them dancing she got more angry and stops the music and calls navya’s name this time navya can here clearly and she responds her with calling her name and Nandhu moved to the room where she is locked, at once she opened the door navya hugged her.
Nandhu : Dnt worry iam here na, nothing will happen to u relax, relax navya and turns towards them. Are u all gone mad, how could u all do this to anyone, do u all have brains r wat, kuch bhi ho sakthatha, itni cruel, shame on u guys. I will complaint abt u all to management then c how they handle u all. And turns to c navya.
Cabir : We all r already shivering ah. Oh Madhubala’s angel, wats ur name? let it be what we going to do knowing ur name, shop ur lecture and get out from here with this Maatha rani and laughs.
Alya : No cabir we have to know her name, Nandhini Murthy from Tamil Nadu she is also got scholorship here to study with this stupid Madhubala.
Cabir : Oh so she missing in our freshers party, bad luck for u, u missed it.We had a good time ah, unlucky girl.
Mukthi : Oie now get out of here dnt ever try to talk to us like this we wnt spare u next time. Ya get out now.
Nandhini gives them a disgusting look and starts to move from there. Dhruv who iss watching all this is very upset abt wat happened to navya and said bye to everyone and starts from there. Follows Navya and Nandhini till their hostel, after Seeing that they r safe into the hostel then he moves from there.
Alya : How dare she is, Management ki chamchi how she can talk to us like that we have to teach her a lession for sure.
Cabir : U r right Alya, agar manik yaha hota na he would have taught her a lession here but c her good luck he is not here.
Mukthi : But her good luck is not going to be with her for long time cabir. Morning manik will be there and c wat he is going to do with her. I am excited to c it r u all? Yes says everyone and smiles.
Nandhini and Navya is outside of her hostel Navya was still crying.
Nandhini : Navya ur safe now so dnt cry iam with u na, pls navya dnt cry.
Navya : If u r not here means what i must have got into, if u also agree to come with me means same thing will happen to u also.
Nandhini : See navya just forget it like a nightmare and go to ur room and sleep everything will be alright. See u tomorrow in college okay. I want to see the same navya that i saw on that day, on our interview. Now go good night and goes from there.

Next day morning Nandhini in dining hall, (Nandhu to herself ) how cruel they r Aiyappa? if i am not there in time wat would happen to navya they all r enjoying the party like they done something good, so rude stupid FAB 5, others in dining hall watching her, chachi shakes her.
Chachi : Oie Miss. Super singer wat r u saying?
Nandhu : Nothing chachi.
Rishab : Rishab gives her a gift pack with a card to her as a gift for her new begining. She accepts it and opens it every one was watching eagerly to c wat it would be. When nandhu opened it was a bottle of Fire Flies that nandhini use to admire a lot and she forget to get it from her home and he got it for her as a gift. Nandhini was every happy now.
Nandhu : Rishab how did u got this here i was missing this from that day when we came here and moreover i missed many thing here in mumbai that r very close to me but this is compensating all thank u rishab.
Rishab : He says her to open the card in action.
Nandhu : Its written “for my sweet sister Nandhini Murthy , if she ever forget anything close to her iam here ur brother, to take it with me to surprise u, this is the first.” Nandhini laughs at it and hugs chacha, chachi also joins them.
Malhotra’s Mansion :
Nyonika in her room calls the servant.
Servant : Yes mam saab
Nyonika : Is there any visitors for me or phone calls anything important?
Servant : No mam saab. But, A girls game to see manik baba.
Nyonika : Wat Girl, to c Manik. Who is she? what they were talking abt? Did u here anything?
Servant : No mam saab she was waiting for him abt 15 mins, after that she left giving baba’s purse to me that she is having some important work and she also said that baba met with an accident, she was the one to admit him to the hospital there she unknowingly taken his purse.
Nyonika : Wat accident?
Servant : Ji mam.
Nyonika : This boy never say anything to me, how stupid he is. Where is he now?
Servant : He is still out mam?
Nyonika : Okay tell him that i want to meet him at once when he enters. If not tell him that he want to face a big problem that he never want to see.
Servant : Ji mam.

After sometimes manik enters with tired look on his face and his eyes r red in colour. Hearing servants voice turns to him.
Servant : Baba, and tells everything that said by nyonika to him.
Manik : Manik understood wat she is talking abt and turns to her room with anger and calls her. Nyonika, wat u want now, and stop this blackmailing me and u knw very well that wat will be my reaction to ur action, so dnt ever do this to me again and turns back to go.
Nyonika : Seeing him get from her bed. Manik, have u met with an accident?
Manik : With the same position. Do u think i will answer for it?
Nyonika : Yes becoz u knw wat i can do, so u better answer me properly.
Manik : Ya, so now u gng to do with it.
Nyonika : U dnt think it is important to inform me?
Manik : No. And turns to face her. Infact i dnt think that u r important to me and i knw why u r worried, that u have to answer my Dad, or if something would have happened to me u will get no chance to takte my Dad’s property, definitely this two r the reasons am i right, Nyonika.
Nyonika : Manik sometime u talk much that i could not control myself, iam ur mom whether u accept it r not, i do have some responsibilities towards u and dnt repeat it again. U can go now. Before he could say anything she closed the door and manik went to his room and burning in anger. And then in notime he slept becoz he is very tired and wakes up hearing the phone. Its Cabir.
Cabir : Kya yaar manik we all r waiting for u but u r still khayab, chalo come now.
Manik : No yaar cabir iam very tired so we will meet in college tomorrow and abt to disconnect the call and stops hearing his voice.
Cabir : Said everything wat happened to them and abt Nandhini and wat she done to them. We have to do somthing with that Madhubala and her angel and everyone shouts the same.
Manik : Already he is burning in anger this made him volcano and said we will do and disconnects the call.

Precap : Nandhini and manik first meeting.

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