Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 5


Recap : Nandhini and Navya’s friendship.

Navya : Maatha rani thank u ah u made my wish come true i will give u prasath as i promised. Nandhini iam very happy that we both got selected for this scholorship. Now i will go to my village with my head up and laughs and hugs her.
Nandhini : Yes navya even i cant believe abi kya hua, even iam also very happy that now my amms will be happy and chacha, chachi they dance when they know abt it, rishab pagal hojaga, and hugs her back.
Navya : Ah, Ab chalo.
Nandhu : Where?
Navya : Arey to see the college, why u dont want to c it?
Nandhu : Ah but abi jana zaroori hai kya, college starts from tomorrow na so we will c tomorrow okay, for now i want to be with my family, so i want to go.
Navya : Okay but tomorrow for sure okay.
Nandhu : Okay bye and runs out to go home and navya goes back to her hostel.
In college conference hall every press people waiting for Nyonika to come. Nyonika enters the hall everyone starts to fire her with questions.
Nyonika : Hai everyone i am here to answer all ur questions so ask me one by one.
Reporter 1 : So mam we heard this time u r selecting students in merit and in that u are giving scholorship for 2, is this true r just saying for media attention?
Nyonika : Nyonika Malhotra ever need any media attention becoz media itself turns back to me. Wat u heard is write this time we selected student in merit and offered a scholorship too.
Reporter 2 : By doing this do u want to hide raging that is happening in ur college for past 1 year?
Nyonika : Raging! In SPACE! Listen this is one of the best college in the World so obviously we do have rivals all this are their plan to ruin our Goodwill and i wnt let it happen.
Reporter : We also heard that ur son Manik Malhotra and FAB 5 is a reason for all this raging complaints so u r trying to save them, is this true Mrs. Malhotra?
Nyonika : Takes a pause and continues. Oh come on, dnt be too matured, just go back to ur college days. We all are came through this we cant deny, becoz the age is like that enjoyments, trills, and kicks is in it thats how frndship grows. U all know wat, my close frnds now are once raged me can u believe it and i knw this is not happened only with me lots of us must have the experience, is in it. That means iam not encourageing it, its just a starter to frienship that it. Then enters FAB 5 all their heads turns towards them and shouts the questions. FAB 5 on stage. Nyonika looks irritating.
Reporter 3 : Last Year u are the best band in India and heard u were the winners in some world compitition also, do u all think that this year some other band with ahead u?

FAB 5 smiles and look at each other.
Manik : There is an answer in ur question “WE R THE BEST BAND”, so we dnt care abt others.
Reporter 4 : FAB 5, why u people r bully?
Before manik start to answer nyonika interupts and says interview is over becoz FAB 5 should do arrangement to welcome their freshers, tomorrow i will also introduce the 2 students to u all and shows eyes to FAB 5 and walks they also follows her.
In night Cabir’s place : Everyone is their respected instruments Manik with guitar, Alya with keyboard, Cabir in drums, Dhruv with guitar, Mukthi went to collect information abt the 2 girls.
Cabir : Manik how u handle nyonika, seriously hats off man she is damm tricky. How she just made everything normal, i mean her reputation and media’s attention, clever i must say. Sometimes i think u should follow her she is the best.
Manik : Cabir yaar i dnt knw that u r Nyonika’s big fan and u started admiring her thats a nice start. Sure u will be her loyalist soon and may be her servant, u have a chance. All the best, u need any help just let me knw atleast i can help u.
Cabir : Saale!
Alya : But manik cabir is right she is tricky women, c how she handled everythng. I think we should be more carefull, she can do anythng.
Manik : Yes alya ask me for it.
Mukthi comes there running and informs everyone abt the 2 students who won the scholorshp. Shows them all the details to them.
Cabir : So mukthi u r saying that we got newww students to make our best is in it.
Alya : Wow cabir u understood it very well, tumhe tho ladki hona chaiyae god made a mistake ah. Everyone laughs and enjoys the night, with playing music.

In morning Navya in hostel prays to Maatha rani that to keep her safe in the college and to get her to the best band in the college. Then her room mate comes in.
Sheela : Hai, Iam sheela ur room mate. Wat r u doing?
Navya : Hai Navya Naveli, Iam praying to maatha rani to get me into the best band in the college.
Sheela : Best band so u want to be a part of FAB 5 ah?
Navya : FAB 5, i also heard abt them, i like them too, but will they accept me in their band? if it happens na i will be more happy.
Sheela : In ur dreams, FAB 5 wnt allow another band to stand with them or allow a member in their band, its impossible dnt even try okay. Iam warning u.
Navya : Why? U knw i dnt even know in lots of students i will get a chance to win the scholorship but i got na so nothing is impossible.
Sheela : So u r one of the girl who got scholorship ah. Ohh feel so sad for u really sad.
Navya : Sad! but why?
Sheela : U dnt knw, okay no problem i will show u. See here and show a msg from her mobile that says FAB 5 is througing a grand party to welcome freshers and specially for both girls who won the scholorship.
Navya : Wat FAB 5 is througing a party for us wowwwww.
Sheela : So u r happy hearing this.
Navya : Ahh The FAB 5 is planning party for us this is a best news for us ever.
Sheela : So u dnt knw wat is going to happen there, u only knw FAB 5 as a band. Poor girl, i suggest u to stay away from them and this party okay.
Navya : Y? we should respect them na. If we avoid them they will feel bad na so we will go.
Sheela : Feeling bad for u. I said wat i have to then ur wish. Byeeee. Navya is confused abt her warning and got up to get ready.
In Nandhini’s house everyone is excited for nandhini’s first day in SPACE and congrats her for scholorship. Nandhini talking to her amms in phone.
Nandhini : Hai amms, how r u, r u following ur diet, if not i wnt talk to u and stops whem amms interupts.
Amms : Nandhu pothum pothum….. stop asking so many questions first let me congrats u for ur scholorship and for ur new begining. I am very happy for u nandhu.
Nandhu : Thank u amms thats all becoz of ur prayer and blessings.
Amms : My blessings r ther for u always my Chella Kutty. Call me after returning from ur college. Now go get ready dnt be late for first day college.
Nandhu : Amms iam ur student i wnt be late. Bye amms.

First day college everyone is busy with their instruments and frnds having fun. And There enters FAB 5 everyone gives way to them to go and Nyonika comes there she went near to manik and ask him to follow her but he dnt then again Nyonika looks him like warning him then he follows her with irritating face.
Nyonika : Manik i think u remember wat i said to u. If not once again ask ur mind to remember u becoz i wnt spare anyone this time got it. In sometimes fresher will enter our college and media too so behave urself.
Manik : Nyonika just chill u have lotsss to do right, so just leave this freshers thing to me i will handle it and u knw wat, we have arranged a big party for them especially the two girls, so dnt worry everything is under control.
Nyonika : Manik u wnt do anything like that to them orelse i will turn very bad and need to do wat i shouldn’t, better be carefull.
Manik : I dnt think u r good ever. Ohh come on u knw i will not obey u so y waste time, energy just leave us on our way. Before she could say anything Manik moves from there. Come on guys lets go and make arragements for our freshers.
Nyonika : This boy never change his attitude, i really dnt knw wat mess did he going to create. I should be ready to make it up. God just save that girls from him.
Nandhini enters the college and Navya also joins her. Everyone now knw that they r the girls and everyone looks them like they r seeing some sheep that gng to be their lunch today. Nandhini is confused that abt it and asks navya abt the same.
Nandhini : Navya sab ko kya hau? y they r looking us like this?do u knw anything abt it?
Navya : Ah u knw wat FAB 5 na arranged a party for freshers especially for us. Thats y everyone is looking us like that in jealous.
Nandhini : Jealous! i dnt think its becoz of jealous they r looking us like we r going to be their dinner today. And by the way FAB 5 khoon hai? Why they r giving us a special party?
Navya : U dnt knw abt FAB 5 ah? They r the best band in this college and they won lots of competition and made this college number 1. I like them.
Nandhini : But navya y they r giving party to us i dnt like it and i dnt want to be part of it.
Navya : Arey nandhini tum itni sawal pucthiho. Ab chalo.

In conference hall Nyonika introduces Nandhini and Navya to everyone and takes photos with them. After all that Nandhini and Navya in their class room there comes a boy with card.
Boy : This is for u and gives it to Navya.
Navya : Wat is this? Without any ansswer he returns. She opens and it tis a invitation for the party navya is so excited to attend the party and shows it to nandhini.
Nandhini : Navya y r u getting so excited its just a invitation and moreover they r not here to give this to u they send some boy to u to give this. Is this a way to invite?
Navya : Nandhu they r FAB 5 how they will come to us may be they r trying to give us a surprise so let it be na. Then enters a girl with another card with her and gives it to Nandhini.
Girl : This is for u from FAB 5 they wanted u to attend their party for freshers and gives it to them.
Nandhini : Opens it and there written as ” U the Best for us so we want to invite to for our party FAB 5 party we hope u will be here in time becoz we respect it.” How rude is this a way to invite i dnt want to go. and throws it away.

Precap : Fab 5 Party wat will happen in the party? will manik reconize nandhini and will nandhini able to remember manik’s face?

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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