Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 4


Recap : Manik discharged and nandhini came to c him.
Nandhini comes to the auto and shows the address to him and tells him to drop her there, the driver takes the address and takes her to Malhotra Mansion.

Manik is in his room thinking abt the girl who cared for him in road that to nobody want to help him. And seeing the pendent he speaks that who r u ?where r u from? to save me u lost ur best gift of ur life, tis pendent gifted by ur parents and i knw how it will be to loose something spl to u. For sure i will search u and give tis pendent to u, i will get back ur valuable love to u, tis is Manik’s Promise. Dhruv enter his room.
Manik : Hai dhruv wat a suprise u r here is this a dream?
Dhruv : Manik, kya yaar i dnt have any rights to come here r wat.
Manik : Arey no no, iam happy that u r here, but without begging how come? r u alright touches his forehead to check whether he is having a fever r wat.
Dhruv : Shyly arey dnt pull my legs. I thought to join u to college. u r coming na.
Manik : Sure! first day yaar how will i miss and moreover wats there in this house to be here. U just chill i will be back in 10.
Saying tis he takes his towel and moves towards the washroom. Nandhini comes to Malhotra’s Mansion and checks the address to knw it is right r not. And when she confirms it is correct she knocks the door bell and the servant opens the door.
Servant : Wat u want madam ji?
Nandhini : Hello i want to meet Mr. Malhotra May I?
Servant : Madam ji come in i will inform baba abt it. Nandhini gets in and sit in the sofa. Servant went to manik’s room there he finds dhruv and asks him abt Manik he said that he is getting freshen up and the servant came back without telling him anything. And said the same to Nandhini.
Nandhini : Actually i want to see him so may i wait here until he comes?
Servant : Yes madam ji may i get u something to eat r to drink?
Nandhu : No thank u bhaiya iam alright.
Servant : okay madam ji. Nandhini is waiting for him more than 10 mins but still Manik is nt there, nandhu is getting late for interview, as she is new to tis place and college she have go there earlier so tat she can relax for some time. Nandhini takes her note pad and writes something. Nandhini calls the servant, who is cleaning the house
Nandhu : Bhaiya iam getting late for my interview here is his purse, yesterday when i was taking him to the hospital unknowingly i got his purse with me so i came here to return it, pls bhaiya will u give it to him safely? saying tis she gave the purse and the note to him.
Servant : Yes madam ji dnt worry i will. Nandhu thanks him and runs to get back to the auto to go to the college.
Here in manik’s room manik came from wash room and getting ready wearing his very own ash clr shots and t-shirt and blazer over it. Dhruv seeing that pendent asks him.
Dhruv : Manik wat u going to do with tis pendent, wat u decided. Becoz he knws very well abt him.
Manik : Getting the pendent from his hand, that i want to find that girl anyway and give this to her and say thanks to her for saving my life. After all this is a valuable gift of her life so i dnt want her to miss it. And looking deep in to the pendent and distracts when the servant enters.
Servant : Baba here is ur purse and gives it to him
Manik : where did u get tis from?
Servant : There was a girl came here to give this to u. And she also left tis note for u.
Manik : Gir..girl whose that? where is she? Is she downstairs? and move towards the door.
Servant : No baba actually she gave tis to me saying that when she was helping u to the hospital she unknowingly taken ur purse with her so she came to return and waited for u for more than 15 mins and went back saying she is having a important work.
Manik : Got angry, why cant u people inform me abt it? everyone gone mad here and runs to the balcony to c her but he finds no one there and gets more angry and ask him whether she said her name r something else to find abt her, he said no and he shouts at him to get out.
Dhruv : Manik dnt get angry we will find her soon and give tis to her angry will get u nothing so chill everything will be alright. I will wait for u in the hall so come soon and goes.
Manik : Not in mood to forget the nice chance that missed just like that. Takes that pendent and speaks, wats all tis u r here in my place to c me but i am not lucky enough to c u. May be our destiny dnt want us to meet us so soon. And opens the note and read the note that was written as “Hai, how r u, how u feel now. Dnt worry everthing will be alright in ur life soon. I will pray for u too to yesuappa he will make everythng normal. And GET WELL SOON”, with a smiley. seeing this manik laughs and feels happy. After my mom and my frnds someother girl is saying that she will pray for me and cares for me. He is very happy to see the note of her and keeps that pendent and the note safely and moves towards the hall to go to college.
In SPACE nandhini is waiting in the interview hall for the principal to come. Suddenly a noise came from her back that was Navya when she enters the room she pushed the door hard so it hits the flower worse there and said sorry then everyone came back to their positions. She comes near nandhini and sit next to her and prays.
Navya : Hey maatha rani! i want to pass this interview so that i can become a big singer in this world in schlorship and make my mom and dad proud in front of everyone who insults us. Aapke ashsirvath dhetho mujhe and smiles at nandhini, she also smiles back. Hai iam Navya Naveli from patna, iam here to be the best singer of this world. Where are u from?
Nandhini : Smiles at her innosence and gives hand to her and says iam Nandhini Murthy from tamil nadu, iam here to make my amms dream come true.
Navya : Amms!!!! Amms khoon hai tumare amma hai kya?
Nandhini : Smiles, nahi nahi my grandmother i will call her like that.
Navya : Oh! so tum madharasi hai?
Nandhini : No tamilian.
Navya : Arey both are same only. Nandhini opens her mouth and look her. Chalo chodo aaj se tum or mae frnds hai tk. Nandhini smiles and accepts her frndship with weird reaction. U know hindi and she nods her head and said yes. In no time the principal enters the hall so everyone got up from their respected place.
Interview Starts the principal looked around all the members and said them to sit. He started to ask questions one by one like music and why they choose this college to study and all in the mean time Nyonika enters the hall so everyone is interested in interview so no one saw her coming and going on answering his questions. Nyonika who notice Navya and Nandhini who r smarter than others decided to select the two girls to make her reputation high in the society and in media. Suddenly he stops asking question seeing Nyonika and gets up and everyone did the same. The Principal introduce her to everyone that she is the owner of this college Mrs. Nyonika Malhotra and everyone greets her and she starts to speak.
Nyonika : Hai, happy to c u all and i came through ur profile and everyone were the best and so that i decided to select u people in merit and give u scholrship but there is a limit of student to each college ordered by government so for this year we are selecting 2 studends for scholorship. I was watching all ur interview session and i decided 2 people are the best and they are. Hall is very silent and everyone looking tensed that wat she is going to say, navya is praying to matha rani. They are Navya Naveli and Nandhini Murthy. They get more excited and hugs each other and thanks god for this and they thanked her too. Saying this Nyonika said bye to everyone and walks from there.
Precap : Navya and Nandhini’s first day college.

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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