Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 3

EPISODE 3 : Recap : Manik met with the accident.
Nandhini is waiting outside the room for his frnds to come but her chachi is calling her continosly and she is worried abt her and she have to leave him like that so she touches her pendent to pray but she finds its missing and panics and search for it, a nurse who is watching her asks abt it.
Nurse : Wat happen beta wat r u searching for?
Nandhini : Mam i was wearing a pendent in my chain, now it is missing i dnt knw where i lost it and its very important to me as its given by my parents.
Nurse : May u must have lost in that place where u got him beta, now frm whr u will search for it.
Nandhini is vry upset so she decided to go to that place and search so she gave his mobile to her and told her that his frnds will be coming and give it to them and left the hospital but forgot his purse to give. Nandhini went to the same place to search her pendent but she cant find it and decided to go back to home. On the way she is crying and saying that i lost my mom and dad again nw wat will i do, how will i live without that, Yesuappa (Jesus Christ in tamil), how will i find it, how will i live without it, pls yesuappa help me to get that pendent back and reaches home. Chachi opens the door and finds somthing fishy and asks her for the reason of crying then nandhini explains everything to her and cries a lot, chachi consoles her.
Chachi : Dnt worry nandhu ur love for ur parents is not fake so dnt worry abt it ur mom and dad will forgive u, u lost it in helping a person so its not wrng and u will get it soon dnt worry.
Nandhini is not in a mood to accept that the pendent is not with her and cries a lot and get back to her room and not stop crying.
Here in hospital Mukthi, Cabir, Alya, Dhruv came running to hospital and searches for manik and finds him and asks nurse abt his health she says that he is alright its a lite wound on his forehead but he is unconcious becoz of alcohol. They sits beside him until he gets his concious. After some time manik gains his concious and opens his eyes, mukthi who is watching him and gets up to get his neck.
Mukthi : Kaminae! dnt do this to us ever again hearing this everyone gets up and beats him badly and manik shouts with pain.
Manik : Okay i wnt again this is my last time so spare me. But how come iam here, i started to come to ur place but now iam here how?
Cabir : Saale! how we knw some girl called mukthi and said that u met with a accident and she got u here so we came here.
Manik : Girl! so where is she? have u all seen her?
Alya : No we dnt find anyone around when we r here except nurse, i think she must be gone to her home.
Cabir : So u are interested to meet that person only becoz she is a girl, am i right Manik and winks.
Manik Takes his hand to beat him and finds somthng new in his bracelets hanging and pulks it from his bracelets and asks everyone that who is tis? no answer from anyone that time nurse enters the room, and sees that pendent immidiately says that the pendent belong to that girl who got him to the hospital and also said that she was so worried abt tis pendent that tis given by her parents. Manik sees that pendent and feels her touch while she was helping him but cant remember her face.
Cabir : Pokes him, oh romeo is this ur juliet’s pendent, then y r u looking it like that bhai, wat happen control, control. And everyone laughs.
Manik : Gives him a angry look, cabir just stop it.
And asks the nurse that wats her name nurse said that she dnt knw her name, address r any other details abt her. Manik gives her a disgusting look and asks her that when i can go from here, she repied morning. everyone settled down and start chatting but monik is still try hard to recover her face but fails and gng on looking tat pendent and laughs, and think to say thank u to her and give this pendent to her that the nurse said it was gifted by her parents.
Next day morning chachi wakes up nandhini at 5 nandhini opens her eyes and sees her amms photo that hanging opposite to her bed. And checks her neck to find pendent is missing and again starts to cry and hugs her she consoles her and tell her to get ready for her interview in SPACE ACADEMY. She got and came to hall Chacha, chachi, rishab dnt want to c her sad so they all started to crack jokes but it doesnt work so the all tickles her and she starts laughing. She started to forget it slowly as she done good to one person by loosing it so she felt somewat happy and got ready for her interview when she was arranging her bag she saw the purse and remember that it was his purse and thought to give it to him again. So she left the house earlier that she want to go to hospital to meet him.
At 8 in the morning Manik got discharged and he gave his address to the reception so that if she again comes here it will be easy for her to find him,(he thinks in mind). He moves with his frnds to get into his car and turns back and see whether she is coming r wat.
Cabir : Hello Romeo! tumare Juliet ko doonreyo kya, come na lets go time horaha hai college ka chalo.
All laughs and Manik gets irritated and get into the car they started to move, an auto came and stops near the hospital and said the driver to stop her for some time and she will be back soon. She went to manik’s room where he was admitted but finds it is empty and think to ask any nurse.
Nandhini to the receptionist : Hai, yesterday i admitted some one here in this room but i find it is empty so where is he?
Receptionist : Mam just now he discharged from here.
Nandhini : Oh how is he? when i left him he was unconsious so he is alright na kuch bade problem tho nahi na?
Receptionist : No mam he is perfectly alright now chote se choot hai abi tk.
Nandhini : Thank god he is alright. Actually yesterday i forgot to give his purse to him so may i get his address r phone no so that i can return it back.
Receptionist : Yes mam here is his address and gives his address to her.
Nandhini gets his address and said thank u to her and moves from there.
Precap : Nandhini in Malhotra Mansion.

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