Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 2

EPISODE 2 : Recap : Nandhini and Manik’s introduction and their families.
Nandhini’s Home
Nandhini and Rishab is getting ready to go to Mumbai and packing all their clothes and stufs. Chacha and Chachi comes there.
Chachi : Nandhu iam very happy that u both r going to stay with us in Mumbai so tat from now we r not alone. Chacha hugs her and rishab joins them.
Nandhu : Ohh! Chachi dnt cry nw c ur kajal is in ur cheeks. Chachi after our mom and dad left us u both took good care of us than a mom and dad u both r the best parents that any child can have, and hugs her. Here Chacha and chachi had a child but he died at the age of 6 in an accident so they both took care of nandhu and rishab. Now Chacha is transfered to Mumbai for past 2 years they move to Mumbai.
Everryone takes their respected bags and moves towards the entrance where amms and students waiting for them to come everyone said bye and give them a long lasting hug.
In Mumbai
Nandhu, chacha, chachi and rishab landed in Mumbai and got a taxi and came to their house after entering their house nandh and rishab went to c the house and felt happy that they like the house very much. Nandhini’s room was decorated in the same way tat her room use to be in Tamil Nadu. Lite Purple paint, pink curtains, purple pillows, well ordered study table and everything. Nandhini entered her room and felt happy that she is in still her room back in Tamil nadu and thanks her chachi.
Nandhini : “Seeing herself in mirror by catching her pendent in her neck that she is wearing from her childhood gifted by her parents she always wears it she feels her parents through it”. Mom and dad iam very happy that to be ur daughter and to be in tis family chacha and chachi is taking good care of me and rishab as their kids and now iam going to start a new life in my college so be with me and shower ur blessings.
Malhotra’s Mansion
Cabir who is worried abt Manik rejecting his call came to his house to see him wheather he is okay r wat.
Cabir to servent : Hey where is manik sir go and tell him tat i came to meet him and tell him to come fast.
Servant : Sir, Manik baba is left already 1 hour back with same shivering voice.
Cabir : What? No i think u r not in ur sense he will be in his room becoz he said me to come here so he must be in his room so go and tell him that iam here.
Servant : No sir Manik baba is gone with lots of anger i saw him so baba is not in his room.
Cabir takes his phone and try to call manik but manik continuosly rejects the call. Cabir gets more worried and informs Dhruv, Alya, Mukthi and everyone trying to call but he is not attending anyone call.
Here Nandhini, chacha, chachi, rishab having a good time as they r together for long time ago. In evening nandhini came to kitchen to talk to her chachi that she want to go to her frnds house who shifted here before 3 years due to her father’s transfer.
Nandhu : Chachi just 2 hours then i will come back pls chachi i want to go i promised her that i will come and meet her so pls chachi. If u say okay na then chacha also permit me to go so every thing is in ur hand chachi pls allow me na plsssssss…..
Chachi : See Nandhu i dnt mind to send u but tis is new city to u beta so how will u go alone i will tell ur chacha to take u tommorow so for now go and take rest and get ready for ur interview and prepare for it beta.
Nandhu : Chachi u only said na i should be bold enough to go alone and i have been here for our vocation also so now i knw half Mumbai so pls chachi permit me, orelse my frnd will tease me that nandhini is not keeping her promise, do u want me to get tat name chachi? pls send me na i will be here in 2 hours pls chachi.
Chachi : Drama queen! go but come soon we will be waiting for u okay and be carefull dnt talk to strangers and call me once u reached ur frnds place okay.
Nandhu : Thank u chachi and i love u, u r the best chachi.
She hugs her and said bye to her and rishab. Rishab badly wants to go with her but chachi will be alone so he stayed back.
Manik in his favorite place where he always comes when he is happy and angry and drinking alcohol continuously thinking wat nyonika said abt her frnds. Becoz manik is vry possessive abt his frnds and protective so he dnt want hyonika to do some bad things to his frnds. That time Mukthi calls him he attents the call.
Mukthi : Manik where the hell r u? why r u dng like tis? what happen to u now? come to my place now we all r waiting for u we dnt need any explaination just come.
Manik : Mukthi just i need to be alone so dnt disturb me for now, i will be okay soon so that i will come to u all, so for now dnt make any calls, and hangs up.
Mukthi understands his situation and tells everyone that what manik said and as they all are knw him vry well that he handles his emotion alone and waits for him to come around.
Nandhini in her frnds house after 2 hours she tells that she want to go home as she asked permission for just 2 hours only and she is getting late so her frnd came with to get her auto but she sent her back becoz its late she will go by herself. And waiting for auto and she saw a black car is coming opposite to her road without any control and suddenly stops. She is so worried as she saw it in an uncontrollable state so she is worried abt the person inside immediately she runs ther to see inside. Ofcourse its our Manik Malhotra there in an unconsious state with small wound in his forehead. Nandhini got afraid of that and she dnt knw wat to do and got him down with baring his weight and caught an auto and with the help of the driver she got him into the auto and took him to the hospital. Both the driver and nandhini got him to the structure doing tis nandhini’s pendent came in manik’s hand and they immediately atmitted him and treated but he is still unconsious becoz of alchohol. Nandhini having all his things like mobile, purse with her and sitting outside. One nurse came to her asked abt manik but she is unable to answer for her any question. She hardly saw his face to remember. Immediately she checked his mobile and saw a number of mukthi as its a last call of him and calls her back.
Mukthi : Hello where r u atleast tell us damit so that we can also come there with u. Without let the another person to speak
Nandhini : Hello.
Mukthi : Is sturned to here a girls voice. who r u?
Nandhini : Actually ur frnd is met with a minor accident so i got him to the hospital, but now he is alright but unconsious becoz of alcohol so i called to inform u that. And gives her the hospital address.
Mukthi is shocked and cut the call and informed everyone and immidiately left to come to the hospital.

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