Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 15


Recap: Manik and Nandhini fight.
Manik in Jam room playing guitar in anger becoz he misbehaved with the girl who made him to taste the smile for long time. He dnt want to do but he did it, he is guilty and was thinking her anger towards him, he cant bear her anger for him and her tears in her eyes. He himself dnt knw y he did that to her. His mind is gng on flashing her face and her voice, her anger towards her. Cabir enters the room and saw Manik playing music in anger and stood there silently and waching him, and he got to know that he in anger becoz of her.
Cabir : Jab pyaar kiya tho darna kya, jab pyaar kiya tho darna kya…Kya hua Manik.
Manik : Stops playing. Cabir stop it yaar.
Cabir : U stop it bolo wat happened inside.
Manik : U know wat i really dnt like her, u know wat i saw hate in her eyes for me, how could she….
Cabir : ……hate u. So u r angry that she hates u.
Manik : No, not at all.
Cabir : Really.
When they are talking Mukthi and Alya enters the room.
Mukthi : Hai guys, oh ek missing hai Dhruv kaha hai?
Cabir : Ofcourse his guru Mr. Raghav ki saath.
Alya : Oh. Manik wat happened u r very silent.
Manik : Nothing.
Mukthi : Okay wat u all decided.
Cabir : Abt wat
Alya : Abt Raghav sir class.
Cabir : Ofcourse we have to.
Manik : No we r not going.
Cabir : Wat.
Manik : Yes we r not going anywhere.
Cabir : In mind, let me c Manik. Dhruv comes there and calls everyone to class. But Manik said that he is not coming thats it.
Dhruv : Its our class manik we cant miss it.
Mukthi : Mr. Perfect let it be Y should we hear that boring carnatic song.
Cabir : Arey Mukthi let us hear may be it will be interesting.
Mukthi : Okay if u all okay with it let go, wat u say Alya.
Alya : Ah we can.
Cabir : Manik everyone is ready come lets go class is going to start.
Manik : No cabir i am not coming.
Cabir : Near to his ear lets go Manik verna everyone will ask for reason.
Nandhini stop crying and getting ready to perform she was not in the mood to but its a order of Raghav sir. Navya going on asking for the reason, but Nandhini denied.
Nandhini and Navya enters the class and Raghav sir introduced them to everyone and FAB 5 enters the class and settled. Nandhini is ignoring Manik, but he is seeing her with anger. Nandhini is going on avoiding him. When Navya sees Cabir, Cabir shows her snake in hand and Navya turns her face.
Manik : Going on seeing Nandhini in anger, he cant bear that she is avoiding her. He can see her eyes redish. Cabir i cant iam leaving.
Cabir : Arey 2 min ki bath hai rookna.
Nandhini : Takes the veena and sat down to starts playing the same song that Manik liked. Everyone in the class silently listening and enjoying her song.
Even FAB 5 also enjoying it, ofcourse they all love music so they dnt mind who is singing. Manik is slowly coming to normal hearing her. After she finished singing everyone claped except FAB 5. Nandhini left the class and Navya follows her. FAB 5 in their jam room Manik is upset that Nandhini avoided him and she never turn back u c him atleast ones.
Mukthi : Guys i think she is good.
Cabir : Mukthi is it u who saying this.
Mukthu : Kyu?
Alya : First time u r saying this for our enemy and we all r surprised.
Mukthi : Common Alya i knw she is but we cant deny na that she sings well. Nice voice.
Dhruv : Mukthi is right she is beautiful.
Cabir : Ah so ho hai. Wat say Manik
Manik : Nothing.
Cabir : Ah nothing. Okay
Manik : Okay guys i have to go, i wnt be here tomorrow becoz i have to go to office and ah Dad is coming so.
Alya : Oh uncle so he is also coming to college r wat
Manik : I dnt knw Alya, Nyonika knows it, Okay bye guys and takes his phone and calls the manager while talking to him he bumps into Nandhini and ignore her and left the Campus.
Here in Malhotra’s Mansion, Nyonika is confused abt that letter and asks the same servant abt the note. He confirmed that it is a same note that the girl gave him.
Nyonika : So Manik is trying to find this girl i think so, but still cant find. But y he was so happy that day.
Servant : Mam saab driver is asking when to come tomorrow.
Nyonika : Tell him to come early becoz we have to go to Airport. And thinks that i want to talk to this boy tomorrow.
Manik enters the Mansion. Nyonika calls him.
Nyonika : Manik, as u know that tomorrow ur Dad is coming, we both should go to pick him up.
Manik : Okay.
Nyonika : Wat plain okay, suprising no argument no nothing.
Manik : Becoz its my Dad, Nyonika unlike u. And Moves.
Precap : Manik in Nandhini’s house.

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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  2. Sindhu_Varma

    Sadhana sry I could not comment on previous parts they were extremely amazing nd Cabir making his hand like a snake nd showing it Navya, I loved it Coz it reminded me my prank which I did, I thought of doing it on a student but my teacher came in the middle nd without seeing her I throwed the plastic snake ??

  3. Manil in nandani’s house wow how great mice update l love it good work and how are you .

  4. Manik in nandani’s house wow how great mice update l love it good work and how are you .

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