Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 10


Recap : Manik and Cabir saw Nandhini singing, to nandhini’s surprise Cabir wished her.
Navya : Nandhu how they came here, wat happened?
Nandhu : I dont know Navya, when i opened my eyes i was surprised to c them both, and Navya u know cabir said that iam good in singing can u believe it. I heard lots abt them, that they r bullies, disobey others and all but c how he came to me casually and wished confusing ah.
Navya : Ah but we have to be careful, may be it is their another plan?
Nandhini : Ya we have to. Thank Aiyappa for that phone call that saved me.
Navya : But he will come again na then wat u will do?
Nandhini : We have to be strong Navya c this time i will….will… U c what i will do.
Indroduction classess r over before FAB 5 could come, Raghav sir is very happy to c a carnatic singer in SPACE and greets Nandhini that she is having a great future ahead and Navya too. Everyone in college is now impressed by the both for their talent. Navya is very happy to hear all positive things abt her singing and became a star in one day.
FAB 5 came to college after sometimes, Manik’s eyes is now searching for Nandhini.
Manik : Guys u move ahead to our jam room i will be back soon.
Cabir : What Manik anythingggggg important?
Manik : Ah i want to meet Nyonika ya…so u all go i will be back
Mukthi : Anything serious Manik? So come we will also accompany u.
Manik : Arey said na Nothing important u all dnt want to get in to it so u all go.
Dhruv : Manik u going to meet nyonika, let me to come atleast.
Manik : Arey iam i going to a jungle r wat? Its nyonika u all know i will handle her so i will manage.
Cabir : Ah its not Jungle its landd rose land is in it, Manik.
Manik : Gives him angry look.
Alya : Cabir, y cant u be straight, nw tell us wat u both talking abt. Whats cooking?
Cabir : Cooking! nothing come lets go to jam room let manik go to his junglee and come. Cabir in Manik’s ears saale i want to know everything abt the meeting okay. Manik nods his head.
Nandhini and Navya is walking all the student coming to them and wish them, Manik sees them from some distance Navya alerts Nandhini abt the same.
Nandhini : Come navya what r u waiting for lets go.
Navya : What?
Nandhini : Navya i will handle him, this is not right time na, just look at him tall, dominating, the way he looks into me and the grip of his hand and han…………………………… In mind Nandhini wat r u doing and have u lost Nandhini y r u looking him like that, we supposed to ran na go away.
Navya : Confused. Before she could react Nandhini runs from there. Immediately Navya also runs but opposite side to Nandhini that means now they separated now. Navya went to her class and wait for Nandhini.
Nandhini : Walking and talks to herself. Aiyappa wat happened to me y i was looking at him like that, i accept that he is good looking, but his action is not good Aiyappa, pls save from him today. I dnt know y he is following me now.
Manik who was in search of nandhini, saw her from distance and this time he dnt want to give her chance to run away from him, So he hides himself behind the piller, and waits for her.
Nandhini keeps her step very carefully looking here and there whether he is coming or wat. And just crossed the piller where Manik is hiding.
Manik : S it was u?
Nandhini : Is shocked to hear his voice behind her and her heart beats heavier than ever and slowly turns with closed eyes and slowly open it to c him.
Manik : Steps forward to her.
Nandhini : Takes 2 steps back to his 1 step and sticks to the wall and closed her eyes tight and waiting wat he is going to do.
Manik : Keeps his both hands in wall like locking her way and moves himself towards her and takes a deep breathe and they both can feel eachothers breathe. Manik went near to her ears and in husky and seducing voice said, ” U R AWESOME”.
Nandhini : Opens her eyes slowly and wide to c him.
Manik : Smiles and winks at her
Nandhini : Freezed there in suprising look.

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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  1. Mahi13

    U r truly truly great.
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  2. U r awesome yar…..
    Seriously…….the way u plot this story is just amazing…….

    Keep going dear….

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  5. Yap there’s something missing the next update ? plz update soon nice storyline keep going ?

  6. wow yaar
    Cabir help manik to met nandhu is superb
    MaNan romance u rocked ittt
    I lyk ur story sooooooo much
    plzz continue
    keep smile,
    waiting fr next awsm epi

  7. Meghna shanti

    It’s just perfect
    N awesome
    Waiting for the next

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    plz for once can giv a long update

  9. Super episode…….
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