Manan : U and Me Make a Wonderful We (Chapter 7)


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(Nandini’s POV) Dinner came to my room, thankfully. Just as I was about to return the plates, I saw Manik drive in. He looked pale and sick. I wonder what happened. He didn’t look good even at the party but refused to answer my concern. Why should I care? Well, maybe, I will just show up before I go to sleep.

I knocked on the door about ten minutes later. No reply. I knocked again. No reply. What happened? Suddenly the door opened wide, startling me. Manik looked like a host.

(Manik Spoke) “Nandini!” He said softly, then instantly he showed an irritated face. “What do you want?”

(Nandini) “Nothing. Its just that I thought you looked sick. I thought I would check up on you. Since you have enough strength to show attitude, I shouldn’t worry. I suggest you take a painkiller just in case.”

(Manik)“Painkiller, uh?” He said mockingly.

(Nandini) “Sleeping tablets are not to be taken as and when you like. Painkillers are better. Get a good sleep after eating your food and tablet. Here. Good night.” I handed him a painkiller and left. Seriously, what has come over me to even care about that a*s.

(Manik’s POV) She walked away after giving me a tablet. What just happened? I took a bath and came out when I heard the knock. I opened the door to find an unusual visitor! Of all the days, she had to visit today. I am dead tired from travelling continuously and riding here by car was the limit. She also came by car, she could have picked me up! She gives me tablets! Stuck in middle of nowhere, no entertainment, I am going to make sure she is my source of it! Acting like she wears her heart at her sleeve, I am going slowly enjoy ripping through her mask. Do I really hate her that much? I surely don’t like her. I really don’t like her.

The next day, I visited the factory. Nandini was nowhere to be seen. The manager met me the moment I entered the factory.

(Manager) “Good morning, Sir. I am Robert Malcolm. I have been appointed as the manager by the Malhotra Industries.”

(Manik) “I know. I read the profile. I don’t see Nandini Murthy.” His face turned sour instantly. My my, what did she do already.

(Manager) “She said that she would be visiting tomorrow. I would have no problem showing you the factory if you want to see it today.”

(Manik) “No problem. You can show it to us together.” He smiled politely and murmured something under his breath. “Anything you would like to share about my fiancée?”

(Manager) “Nothing, sir.” This maybe a problem. I don’t want unnecessary rumours spreading around.

(Manik) “You can tell me. Sometimes, she can be troublesome.”

(Manager) “It is really nothing, Sir.”

(Manik) “Well, you can tell me when you feel like it. Are the papers ready?”

(Manager) “Yes Sir. I will ask someone to get them for you.”

(Manik) “What about Nandini’s copy?” When in a joint project, it is a headache to make sure the other also knows what you know.

(Manager) “She took hers yesterday night.”

(Manik’s POV) Yesterday? She acts fast. She keeps surprising me even more and more. If Papa knew this side of hers, he wouldn’t mind tying me up to the pillar so we can marry.
Manik me that neither of my brothers are in this project. Nosy bunch always tell anything that amuses them.

(Manik) “Well, I will take mine to the room. Go ahead with your work.”

(Manager) “Yes Sir.”

(Manik’s POV) I went back to the employee quarters. An empty landscape filled with grass covered till the horizon. How can I get used to this for the next few months? I saw
Nandini sitting outside on the parapet. Instantly, my mood darkened. She has guts to sit like that in the fourth floor. Sitting in a short frilled skirt takes more than guts. I went inside the building, raging. I don’t like her but this is literally crying to treat her like a frivolous girl against how she wants to be respected.

(Manik sarcastically) “Good morning, Nandini.”

(Nandini without noticing and engrossed in work) “Good morning Manik, though it is noon already. Had your lunch?”

(Manik angered) “Not yet. What about you?”

(Nandini without bothering about his tone) “The canteen person will come and drop it by.”

(Manik’s POV) So, she intended to let people to see her like that. Did she realise what she is doing? Why does that bug me?

(Manik again in a high but calm tone) “You know, I thought that you were a reckless girl and I must accept that you are, but how you are right now is beyond recklessness. It is like asking to be raped. If that is the case, can I have the first honour?”

(Manik’s POV) I questioned her as calmly as I could. She immediately got down from the parapet. I don’t mind girls being seductive but there are places for such. Not in an isolated place filled only with men. It is more than seduction.

(Nandini) “What the hell are you talking about?” She stood without feeling nervous or twitching.

(Manik) “You should realise your actions. No One Is Going To Admit Anything If Something Happened Since You Can Barely Have Proof Of Anything.” Seeing her face redden with anger but couldn’t reply back, my anger calmed down. I smirked. “I thought that since you behaved like a good businessman, maybe you also knew the other things like dress code, behaviour, but it seems that you don’t. It is not a good idea to look as you are since you have already pushed some people here not to like you. In any case, I am just warning you. If you have any yearnings, feel free to knock my door.” I grinned at her while opening the door to my room.

(Nandini) “I won’t ever be knocking yours and don’t you dare knock mine!”

(Nandini’s POV) Ha! Trying to act controlled. I will get what I want. I never let it go. That arrogant stupid womanizer went into his room. It is not like I wore it deliberately. I didn’t plan to come out of the room but since no one was there I thought I would step out for some fresh air. The fourth floor is secure and without the card, no one can enter. I know very well what would happen, but it feels so bitter to be told off by him. Why did I give him the chance to speak that way? By the time lunch came, I bathed and dressed up in my sweats to have lunch outside.

Precap : Continuation of their so called lunch date 😛

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