Manan : U and Me Make a Wonderful We – Chapter 31

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Chapter 30 : Chapter 30

(Nandini’s POV) A week later, thankfully, the next day was off after ER night shift. I was sleeping when suddenly someone rung the bell. Who was it? The maid knew that on the off days I sleep late. She would silently slip in through the back. I threw the bathrobe over me and went to open the door. When I opened the door, I was stunned to see Veer Malhotra all ready to go out, looking at me in the same eye level.

(VD) “Good morning Beta. Did I disturb you?”

(Nandini) “Not at all. Do come in.” I showed him inside the hall. “Would you like to have something?”

(VD) “Not really. I was thinking if you would accompany this old man for the day?”

(Nandini) “Excuse me?”

(VD) “Well, it is boring sitting at home and it would be even more boring to roam around the town all by myself. I don’t know my way around the place. Since Dr. Callen introduced me to a beautiful acquaintance, I was hoping that I would be accompanied by a charming girl as yourself. If it is troublesome, don’t bother.”

(Nandini) “I am not even ready for my usual day.”

(VD) “I can wait, Beta. It is after all something men must get used to when they get married and I have much experience in waiting.”

(Nandini) “What about breakfast? Shall I make for both of us”

(VD) “I was hoping we could catch some in the town, visit some tourist spots, go shopping and walk around. If it is a problem, you can tell me.”

(Nandini) “Its not a problem. I haven’t visited whole of the town anyway. So it would be nice even I get the opportunity to explore the town. Give me some time.”

Nandini immediately jogged back to her room, got freshened up and came back. She wore a normal knee length jump suit.

(VD) “Really, that is all the time you take to get ready? You are not wearing your makeup? You are not interested in going out?”

(Nandini) “Well, its not that I am not wearing it on purpose, but I just got tried of doing myself up. It doesn’t seem to be fun anymore.”

(VD) “Why do you have to cover your face up with such paints when you look good naturally?”

(Nandini) “Thank you. Shall we go?” I smiled back at him.

(VD) “This is the smile I was expecting. Head the way”

(Nandini’s POV) We walked down to a small cafe and ordered breakfast. Somehow, that breakfast seemed excellent to what I had there previously. We then visited the beach, the
church, the lighthouse, the cliff and shopped in the main market. I didn’t think Manik’s Dadaji would actually enter the market area. Manik though now is subdued, he still refused to wear non brand clothes and refused to enter places that don’t seem up not up to his mark. It is very hard to drag him to flea markets. He calls them garbage sales.

(VD) “I wonder who told me that you are like every other girl he dated.”

(Nandini) “I already know that.”

(VD) “Really? But you are nothing like them. Those stuck up, money hungry girls. You don’t make faces entering the bazaar with me. I never imagined you would even buy things there.”

(Nandini) “As long as things are good, I don’t go behind brands or expensive items. If you stick to high class items, then you can never find something worth.”

(VD) “At least, he knew that they are not for him. Did he call you or meet you in the past few days?”

(Nandini) “He did call few times but it was not for very long.”

(VD) “You didn’t call him, Beta?”

(Nandini) “Well, I can see that he is in some serious problem. I don’t want to disturb him.”

(VD) “He never told you that problem?”

(Nandini) “No”

(VD) “And you didn’t ask?”

(Nandini) “I asked him. He just wouldn’t tell me what it is.”

(VD) “And you let it go?”

(Nandini in angered but calm tone) “Yes. What do you want me to do? Pester The Man? No nagging can get me answers nor ease my worries! He always cut the calls whenever it got to the topic of his ‘problem’. What am I to do?”

(VD) “Ha ha ha. You got a good head. Well, he got into trouble with his Dad. He is in the middle of sorting things.”

(Nandini) “What kind of trouble?” I asked doubtfully.

(VD) “Well, first off, he took too many days off unannounced.”

(Nandini) “Then?”

(VD) “Well, the one he took about two months back was the last straw. I know that the sole reason for it was Navya. You see, Raj was not against Manik doing what he did but he didn’t like the careless attitude maintained towards work even after the demotion. I wouldn’t call it careless, Manik did do his job but not as devoted as before. Now, he has been dismissed and his projects are to be solely handled only by him.”

(Nandini) “What do you mean by dismissed and his projects?”

(VD) “He has been dismissed means what I meant. By projects I meant, there are some projects he initiated and in his care. So, Raj decided that those companies and projects will still be a part of the Malhotra group but none of the responsibilities will be borne by the group. They will be changed to personal guarantees given by Manik. So, if anything happens, its Manik’s head that will roll.”

(Nandini) “Isn’t that horrible?”

(VD) “It is. But Raj is someone who likes perfection and discipline. Manik, how he is now, even I would throw him out of my company.”

(Nandini) “Well, it is his fault. Who asked him to be wilful?”

(VD) “Even though he did it for you?”

(Nandini) “Hey! I never asked him to drag himself to me. He refused to leave me alone saying that he loves me.”

(VD) “Is that what you really feel?”

(Nandini) “What I feel is not the problem. The problem is his actions. He is suffering for what he did on his own. Don’t try to blame it on me. I know how the guilty game is done especially in the business field.”

(VD) “You are really one of a kind. Well, what you say is correct and spoken like a true businessman. Anyway, I had a wonderful time today. Thank you for accompanying this old man.”

(Nandini) “That is not a problem.”

(VD) “Come over anytime to Meadow Manor.”

(Nandini) “Meadow Manor?”

(VD) “It suits the house, doesn’t it? You don’t need to have a fixed time to visit. You can come even if you are bored. Whether you are bored or not, I am surely bored. So come anytime. Good night then.”

(Nandini) “Good night.”

(Nandini’s POv) I felt awkward at his invitation. He is not as intimidating as he looks instead he is very friendly. But first of all, Manik got into a big problem. He didn’t even tell me! Am I really that untrustworthy?

(Manik’s POV) After a long three months, I rushed out of the office before someone could give me work again. Cooped up in office is hell! How did I work like this a year back? I escaped right away before anyone could catch me and give me more work. Where will I go? Straight to my oasis. I just hope that she won’t shut the door at me. When I rang the bell to her home in the evening, I had doubts whether she was at home. Usually, she got home only after seven. I should have asked her for a key for such situations. Looked like she was not at home. I was about to sit down when the door opened wide.

(Nandini) “Who is it?” First softly. After seeing my face, “Manik….”

(Manik awkwardly) “Hi. Long time no see.”

(Nandini) “Come in.” She said grudgingly.

(Manik was surprised by her invitation as he thought she would slam the door right on his face) “Really?”

(Nandini) “I don’t mind it if you stay outside.” She barked.

(Manik) “No No, Wait! I will come in.” I put my bags on the floor when I opened my mouth to talk.

(Nandini) “Do You Know How Stupid You Are? You said that we will talk and just like that, you didn’t come again. Did you think I will wait for your every call and visit? What am I, your butler? You didn’t tell me anything. And after three months, you even have the guts to show your face to me! Had your Dadaji not told me what was really going on, I would have shut the door right at your face.”

(Manik’s POV) Okay. I did not expect this.

(Manik spoke) “I see. You know. Wait! Did you say Dadaji is here?”

(Nandini) “Yes. He says it is a complete coincidence.”

(Manik’s POV) She looked at me suspiciously. Anything involved with Dadaji is never a coincidence but she will kill me if I tell her that.

(Manik) “I heard that he was buying a winter house. I swear I didn’t know where.”

(Nandini) “That doesn’t really answer my point. Anyway, if you want you can stay at your Dadaji’s place.”

(Manik) “Why?”

(Nandini) “It is not why. If you feel comfortable there, you can stay there. And I won’t accept responsibility for the internal split in the company but I am also a reason why you are in that position.”

(Manik casually told) “Its nothing new. I was expecting this to happen soon enough. Unlike my dad who is an only child, we are four brothers and of course, there is Mukti. Dad always wanted me to take charge of the companies I started. He hinted it when I started the project with your company. Its not really a problem but the transfer work was hectic. But things should ease out from now on. Navya also volunteered to help me. I guess that is that. Dinner done?”

(Nandini) “No. I was going to home visit. I will be late.”

(Manik) “Come here for dinner. It will be ready soon.”

(Nandini spoke sarcastically) “Manik, you would make a great house husband.”

(Manik) “ I don’t mind cooking but rest of the chores is your headache.”

(Manik’s POV) I was bad at any other chore except cooking. Somehow, this week went on as usual. We never asked each other ‘about us’, nor did we voice it out loud. Fear conquered my heart. She had rejected me before and I don’t think I could take being rejected again. If I was, then, I would never be able to see her. The way we are, I know that she wouldn’t reject me but I feel happy in the place that we are in right now. The afternoon that I was about to leave,

(Nandini) “Hi Jack! Is it finally over? Very good. No need for thanks and all. You are coming over to celebrate? Sure. Would love it. Bye. See you soon. Love you too.”

(Manik was standing right behind Nandini when she was on call.. He felt super jealous, when Nandini turned she bumped into Manik and Nandini spoke) “Can’t you stand a bit away? Do you have to stand so close?”

(Manik) “What was that all about?”

(Nandini) “What? It was Jack, calling to say that the work is finally approved.”

(Manik) “What is that coming over part?”

(Nandini) “To celebrate since I didn’t take any money for the work I did. You have a problem?”

(Manik) “I do. Why do you have to meet him and go out with him?”

(Nandini) “What is wrong in going out with a friend?”

(Manik) “You even say ‘Love you’ and that too in front of me?”

(Nandini) “Its Just An Expression! What Do You Mean When You Are There? You Are Always Here! You Don’t Go Back Or Forward! What Am I Supposed To Do?”

(Manik’s POV) She shouted in anger. I realised, it was just my selfishness that held me back. I am just scared of being rejected but she is scared of everything. Her phobia makes things worse for her. Why didn’t I realise it? Her insecurities keep growing with my actions. Am I even right when I tell that I love her? She looked upset as if she said something she shouldn’t have.

(Nandini) “I am sorry, Manik. I just lost my mind.”

(Manik’s POV) She apologised. No. She is not wrong. I hugged her slowly, taking her into my arms, I cuddled her.

(Manik) “No. I am sorry. I shouldn’t have kept quiet because I was scared.”

(Nandini surprised by his words) “You were scared?”

(Manik) “Yes. I didn’t want you to reject me again. I couldn’t bear the fact of not seeing you again. But I am idiot not to see how much you love me. You still love me and trust me after all I have done, I shouldn’t put you through anymore worries.” She just hugged me. I kissed her softly on her head.

(Manik) “Nandini, I would propose to right now if I could. But right now, I am a man with nothing. I am not sure what Dadaji told you, but right now, I am integrating the companies, projects started by me. I am to take over even the loss making companies. They are my share of companies in the Malhotra Group. Dad has split me from the company. I only have people to help me. I am not aided in any other way, not by finance, no resources, nothing. I am sure you understand what I am saying. Right now, I can’t give you anything.”

(Nandini) “I don’t want anything. I never did ask you for anything.”

(Manik) “I know, but my pride doesn’t allow me….. It stops me from marrying you right away. I know I can’t ask of you this but will you give a year’s time.”

(Nandini) “What can you do in a year? Even I know how tough the work is.”

(Manik) “Just give me a year. I will have everything settled. Will you?”

(Nandini) “I waited three months just to talk about this, what is a year going to do?”

(Manik) “Don’t become someone else’s before that.” I gave a gentle peck on her lips and Nandini did not resist.

(Nandini) “Don’t make me wait too long.”

(Manik) “Don’t worry about that. I have not one but two miracle workers on my side apart from you. You are my confidence and my pride. I do not want to lose you at any cost.”

(Nandini) “ I am elated Manik. I would wait for you. But are you sure about your two miracle workers?”

(Manik) “Yeah. You have already met one who has graciously decided to help me while the other one has no choice.”

(Nandini) “One is Navya I get it. Who is the other?”

(Manik) “My brother Dhruv. The only one who you haven’t met. I have to start now. I will drop by when I have time and call you. Take care of yourself.”

(Nandini) “Yes. Take care.”

(Manik’s POV) She saw me off with a happy smile on her face. I am super excited to finish the transfer work. One year to integrate my companies to one management. Its going to be chaos, but once that is over, I don’t have to report to anyone. Finally, I will have Nandini by my side, always. I decided to meet Dadaji the next time I am here and it would be very soon too.

Precap : Introduction of Dhruv and Manan moments

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