Manan : U and Me Make a Wonderful We – Chapter 18

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Chapter 17 : Chapter 17

After coming back from Nandini’s place, Manik had joined back his office and One fine morning….

“Hey, Manik Bhai. How’s work going?” Came my second youngest brother Harshad.

(Manik) “Not bad.”

(Harshad) “But you are the news of the organization. You sure know how to take your holidays. You take a long vacation after a long time and you don’t tell anyone how you spent it. Which hottie did you spend with?”

(Manik in a stern voice) “That is none of your business, Harshad.”

(Harshad) “That’s true. But why is that you have black rings under your eyes, though you just got back from your vacation?”

(Manik in a stern tone) “That is also none of your business.”

(Harshad) “Really? After a long business trip, I come home to stay for a few days and all I hear and see is how mom is worried and killing me to talk to you, since you never dropped by after your sabbatical.” Manik didn’t reply to him. If I went to see mom now, she would instantly know what is wrong with me. I don’t want her to know what her son did at least for a little time more.

(Harshad) “Manik Bhai, it is tough to talk when you don’t respond. By the way, have you been drinking daily? Not only you reek but you look sick. I know you drink but are you getting drunk every night?”

(Manik) “Do you have any problem with what I do and not. And yes I am drinking but it is just to get some sleep as I am having some sleep issues.. Now if your KBC is over can I work.”

(Harshad) “I guess that is also a result of your wonderful time off?”

(Manik’s POV) Harshad sure knew how to get his answers but I won’t be telling him anything. I couldn’t sleep. My head was full of thoughts about Nandini and unless I got drunk, I couldn’t sleep.

(Harshad continued) “I am not interested in having this mono dialogues anymore. Dad is calling for you. It is regarding you little long vacation. And I am coming over to your place.”

(Manik) “Why?”

(Harshad) “I can’t stand mom’s questions and I don’t want you to die of alcohol poisoning. I know for sure that you wouldn’t be back until late at night. So, give me the key.”

(Manik POV) I grudgingly gave him the key. If mom comes to know of my excessive drinking, I am in for it for at least a fortnight’s worth lecture. After he left, I finished my work and headed to Father’s room. I knocked on his door.

(Raj) “Come in.”

(Manik) “Yes, Sir.”

(Raj) “Sit down, Manik.” I quietly took my seat. We were taught never to disobey his words. He was raging mad, even though he looked quiet.

(Raj) “Did you handle this contract?” He threw me the papers. I saw it.

(Manik) “Yes.” Fear of my Dad for the first time conquered my mind. Never has there been a situation where I was reproached ever since high school.

(Raj) “I see. I would like you to look at the xxii clause. Read it.”

When Manik read it, he realized the mistake. How can he make such an apparent mistake?

(Raj) “As, you can see, you have failed to take note of the failure of contractual obligation. Care to explain why?” He asked sternly. I couldn’t think of any. It wouldn’t affect the company unless the contract is not fulfilled, which itself has almost nil possibility, but a mistake is still a mistake.

(Manik) “What I did is inexcusable.”

(Raj)“You understand that it is inexcusable.” He repeated my words coldly. I flinched.

(Manik) “Yes, Sir.”

(Raj) “Manik you are well aware that it is not going to affect the company but a mistake on your part cannot to be left unnoticed. You are being demoted. You are going to be Vice president of operations of the Malhotra Industries. Your other positions are going to be covered by your brothers till the time I decide you are fit to be back in the job.”

(Manik) “But,” He glared at me. “Sorry Sir. I accept the reprehension.”

(Raj) “You are to be present at home for dinner tonight.” Why so suddenly?

(Manik) “Is there anything special?”

(Raj) “Yes. We would be celebrating your demotion and your brothers’ promotion.” His sarcasm with an emotionless tone, no one would even think he was joking.

(Manik sadly) “Yes Sir.”

After I got out of the room, I let out a huge sigh.

“How rare to hear you sigh!” Aryaman and Harshad stood just by me.

(Manik sarcastically) “Congratulations.” They get to do my job without any effort on their part and complete mistake on my part.

(Aryaman and Harshad in confusion) “For what?”

(Manik) “When you go in, you will know.” It is not that I hate Aryaman and Harshad but to think that I made a mistake and my positions are being given to them……… All because of my stupid fault! What should I do to get back my calm and composed self? I knew it was possible only if I had Nandini by my side. It is not a simple thought of having her by my side for my pride, I want to be with her whether I have this company and money or not. Somehow, my priorities changed to Nandini than expanding this company. I really wonder if it would change back if she accepts me. No, I shouldn’t change even she accepts me. Sigh, firstly, she has to accept me.

Before leaving to their dad’s office, Manik asked
(Aryaman) “Also, what happened to Nandini you brought for dinner long back?” Out of nowhere, Aryaman asked. What? Didn’t they know the engagement is no longer?

(Manik disappointedly) “We are not engaged anymore.”

(Aryaman) “We know that. We will talk later. Otherwise, who knows what Dad will do, if we keep him waiting.” It is not just me but everyone is scared of Dad as much as we respect him.

(Manik) “Good luck.” I didn’t wait for their reply. How am going to bear this downgrading?

When I entered the house that night, mom was surely surprised to see me there. I couldn’t avoid going after Dad ordered me to. Mom instantly knew I was drinking and started her lectures. I am still not in my best moods. Like Dad said, it was celebration for brothers’ promotion. All were present and Aryaman was without his wife. Mom was thrilled and worried at the same time that my jobs got taken.

(Nyonika) “But Manik, thank god, for what your dad did. I was worried sick about you. First, you disappear for two months and after coming back, I hear that you spent almost whole of the week in office and didn’t go out anywhere, didn’t talk with anyone, I was afraid you would collapse. Now, you can take a break and look after yourself.” One could say I wanted to collapse. I didn’t want to think about anything. “Honestly, I want you to stay here. I am sick of your apartment. Inorganic place.”

(Manik) “Mom, I like it there.”

(Nyonika) “It is too cold!”

(Manik) “It has central heating, and a stylish place with enough rooms. What are you unsatisfied about it? Harshad is also staying there today!” She pouted. Really, who is the child and who is the Mom here?

(Harshad) “Yes, I am staying there to look after you. But when dinner is here, how could I possibly go stay in that cold, inorganic place?” He joked.

(Nyonika) “See, even he thinks that!” Mom sulked. I glared at Harshad.

(Manik) “If he thinks it is such a place, why stay there? Give me back the apartment keys. You can stay where you are feed properly and in a warm place.”

(Harshad) “Hey! Sorry. I got it. It is a nice place to relax when you are tired. But I was really surprised when Dad told me that Aryaman and I were taking your positions. Not to mention, you suddenly went AWAY for almost two months. What did you do, Manik Bhai?”

(Manik’s POV) Dad glanced at me from the food for a moment and continued with dinner. I didn’t want to reply that I was nursing Nandini from the shock of losing our child.

(Manik) “Let it pass. It won’t be too long before I get back to my form.”

(Aryaman) “I hope so. You shouldn’t let us get used to it. Otherwise, you won’t get your position back.” Aryaman joked. Somehow, it didn’t seem like a joke to me. If it really takes that long to recover, what am I going to do?

(Raj) “If such would be the case, then I don’t have to waste money paying for a pacifier to accompany Manik everywhere.”

(Manik’s mind) When Dad said this, I was shocked. Just for a second, the expression covered my face and Dad noticed it. He smirked. This is the first time that he joked while taking as a family.

(Manik) “I don’t need a pacifier.”

(Aryaman) “Oh please, Manik Bhai! You always need someone with you. You are too demanding and authoritative. Even the last deal, Navya had to come with you.”

(Manik again in his thick brains) She also said it, but I thought she was joking. Am I really like that?

(Harshad) “It would be a wonder if any girl can keep up with you. No wonder you are not yet married.”

(Nyonika) “Harshad!” Mom reproached him.

(Manik) “I don’t care about it. If a girl is not upto my standards, then I cannot marry her.”

(Raj) “Did you find one?”

(Manik shocked with the statement, didn’t know what to say) When Dad asked this, everyone was surprised. Generally, he never joined in the dinner conversations. For a moment, I was taken aback. I answered hesitatingly,

(Manik) “Not yet.”

(Raj) “I see. Manik, after dinner, come to my study.” There was no question of a refusal. It was an order.

(Manik) “Yes.”

Precap : SLAP!!!!!!

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