Manan TS-Her Quest For Happiness -Shot 1(A)

Bonjour! I’m back!I couldn’t post due to my exams!I’m sorry for the delay in posting the first shot.Please continue to shower your love by commenting.Your comments are really precious.So coming to the prologue, Nandini was startled upon seeing someone.Let’s find out who it was.

The shot begins…

The time had come to a halt for Nandini. Emotions were overflowing inside her.She just couldn’t react.All her past memories were roaming in her head.The person in front of her was a crucial part of her past.The person was Manik. After all it had to be him.His presence brought back all the moments and time they spent with each other.She wanted to know why he was in the hospital.

Nandini’s POV

What is he doing here?I have to find out.I think I should ask that nurse standing over there.I can’t let my past affect my present.He was my best friend.We were best friend goals in our college but one day our friendship broke just because of a misunderstanding.I don’t want to face him but maybe God wants me to meet him.

Nandini’s POV ends

Nandini called the nurse to ask her about Manik.(Nandini will be written as ‘N’ in a conversation)

Nurse:Why did you call me Dr.Nandini?

N:I want to know about the patient in room no.25.The room opposite to us.

Nurse:Oh!His name is Manik Malhotra. He is the heir of the Malhotra Industries.He is the CEO.He has been admitted here because he is suffering from…

N(cuts her in between):(anxiously)What is he suffering from?

Nurse: Umm..Blood cancer.

N: Blood cancer!(In her mind: God! What is this?!He is suffering from a deadly disease.It’s difficult for him to survive.I have to help him.How can God be so cruel?!)(worried)Did he get admitted today?

Nurse:Yes.Can I take your leave now?I have to attend to other patients.

N: Okay!You can leave.

The news of his disease shattered Nandini. She never imagined the occurrence of something like this.Finally she was going to face him.When she first saw him, he was talking to someone on the phone.He didn’t notice her.Her heart wrenched to see him in that condition yet she decided to be strong.As soon as she entered the room, his eyes turned to her direction.His eyes locked with her eyes.They had an eyelock which was full of the pain of their separation,misery and happiness.They broke the eyelock after a minute.He was perplexed and flustered to see her.They were meeting after a long time.

N:Hello!I’m Dr.Nandini Murthy.

M(happily):Hi Kitty!

N(Cuts him in between):Who is Kitty?I’m Dr.Nandini.

M:You are my Kitty..My best friend.

N(With teary eyes):If I was your Kitty then you would have told me about your condition!

M:(In his mind:She knows about me.)What condition?I’m perfectly fine.

N(angrily):You are suffering from blood cancer dammit!

M:I know.I also know that it is difficult for me to survive and I don’t have much time left…

N(cups his mouth to stop him from talking):I won’t let you die okay.You will survive.After all I’m your doctor.I’m the top cancer specialist of this hospital.

M:I’m worried because you are my doctor.I really have no idea about how you became the top cancer specialist.

N(acts as if she’s crying):You really think that I’m a bad doctor..

M(consoles her):I didn’t mean that.I was just joking.

N(laughing):Haha!Happy April’s Fools Day!I was just kidding Manu.

M:Not fair!I didn’t know that today was April’s Fools Day!(realizes that she called him Manu and tries to annoy her)What did you call me?

N(terribly attempts to cover up):Nothing.

M:You called me Manu right?

N(gives up):Yeah I did!After all I can’t be angry with my best friend for long but I still can’t forgive you for what you did 2 years ago.

M:Please forgive me !I’m so sorry for taking the wrong decision!

N:How did you get to know the truth?

M:I will tell you later.So best friends?(Hugs her)


M:How’s your life going on?

N:My life has been terrible ever since we separated.BTW I’m going to get married soon.

M:Who is the unlucky guy?Who can tolerate you except me?

N:Whoever I wed will be luckiest person in this world.

M:Yeah true!

N:Finally you agreed.My fiance’s name is Aryaman. We got engaged last week.He is nice.We are perfect for each other.(Author-Sorry Nandini!Only MaNan are perfect for each other!)

M(his heart wrenches to hear that she is getting married):Okay!

N:Let’s talk tomorrow!It’s getting late.Mom and Dad must be waiting for me.Bye!!


That’s it for today.I can’t type more. I will write Manik’s POV in the next shot.Let’s see if this friendship ever blossoms into love.Wait!Someone has already realized his/her feelings.

Guess the person.Au-revoir guys!

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  1. I think it’s Nandini who has realised the feelings , she wants to make Manik feal jealous??

    1. DreamerForever

      Maybe!☺You have to wait for the next shot to know about it..?

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