Manan TS-Her Quest For Happiness-Prologue

Hey guys!I’m back!I have updated the next part which is the prologue as promised..I’m really happy that you guys liked my story and your comments really made my day!I hope you guys continue liking my story..It’s kind of difficult for me to update regularly because I’m a 10th grade student and I have a lot of assignments to do and study.I hope you guys understand.Please do continue commenting and spreading love..
Here,I present the prologue to all of you..

It was raining heavily.The trees were swaying in motion to the tunes of the wind and rain.The wind did not show sympathy towards anyone today.It roared loudly.The leaves were rustling.Only screams of a woman could be heard.It appeared as though an accident had taken place.There was a woman who was trying to help the injured person.The person was hit by a speeding truck.She was the only witness of the tragedy.She was shouting for help unaware of the fact that no one would respond to her shouts for help.Finally, she decided to take the person to the hospital where she worked.She was a doctor.She was none other that Dr. Nandini Murthy. She was known for her perfection.She was a careful and cautious doctor.She loved her profession immensely.

She reached the hospital on time.She made sure that the person was admitted and taken to the operation theatre. Everyone was surprised to see her since she finished her work and left some time ago.After a few hours of waiting ,she was informed that the person survived and was out of danger.

She was passing through the corridors of the hospital when she heard someone talking and peeped into the room of the voice’s owner.She was startled to see the person.The emotions she was going through were unexplainable.

Who was the person?Does she know he/she?
You guys have to wait for the next update to know about the person so till then keep guessing.Au-revoir guys!See you soon..Love all of you!

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  1. AMkideewani

    Amazing but short

    1. DreamerForever

      Thanks!I will try to update a longer one next time.I actually wanted the prologue to be short.??

      1. AMkideewani

        Hihihi Awesome?

  2. Fenil

    Perfect prologue for the Nandini’s character.

  3. Awesome but short waiting for next part and take your time to update

    1. DreamerForever

      Thanks dear!?Thanks for understanding me!

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