MaNan TS-Her Quest For Happiness- A glimpse

Hey guys!I’m new here!This is my first story!I’m sharing a TS written by me on my favourite couple which is MaNan.I really love them.I hope you guys like the TS.Please drop in suggestions and comments if you like it.Your comments mean a lot to me.They really encourage me.You can PM me to know more about me.I would love to talk to you guys.So without any further ado.let me present to you the amazing journey of MaNan.

Nandini Murthy has a loving family and well paid job.She has an understanding fiance,Aryaman.They’re going to get married soon.Aryaman loves Nandini but Nandini’s feelings are still unknown.She seems to be having a happy life yet she is not genuinely happy.She feels like she is incomplete and something’s missing from her life.Will she ever meet the emotion called genuine happiness?Where is her happiness?Will she find her happiness herself or will her happiness come to her doorstep?Will her life be complete?

To know the answers to these questions,please wait for the next update.


Nandini Murthy:She is engaged to Aryaman Khurana.She is 24 years old.She loves her family a lot and can do anything for them.She agreed to marry Aryaman on their insistence.She knows him since childhood yet they were not the best of friends.She loves her occupation deeply.(To know about her occupation you have to wait for the next update)She is very generous and loves helping the people around her.She is the most loved person in the family.She has always achieved her goals.

Aryaman Khurana-He is Nandini’s Fiance.He is 24 years old too.He genuinely loves Nandini.He thinks that Nandini loves him too and that’s why she has agreed to marry him.He is really understanding and supportive.He believes that both men and women are equal and respects Nandini a lot.(I can’t reveal if he’s a positive character or not.)

I have just written the character sketches of 2 people for now.Aryaman is a crucial character in the story.Please don’t be furious at me for giving Aryaman the role of Nandini’s fiance He is necessary for the story.

The next update may be the prologue.Please do wait for it.I assure that you guys will like it.

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  1. Ishuyamjha

    u just now joined the sight and u started a story dear but the story introduction is nice post next part soon

    1. DreamerForever

      Thanks dear!I will continue soon!

  2. AMkideewani

    Awesome my dear Meg

  3. Update soon ?
    And complete your story plssss

    1. DreamerForever

      I will update soon when I’m free!

  4. Fenil

    Nice start.
    Welcome to TU family.
    Will wait for next.

    1. DreamerForever

      Thanks!I will update soon!

  5. Update soon

    1. DreamerForever

      I will update soon!

  6. Good start please update the episode soon and a small request update regularly

    1. DreamerForever

      Thanks!I will try to update regularly!

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