manan ,the love – Part 7

Manan r at home.
Nandini is sitting at one end of the sofa while mania at another end. Silence was in the air.both stayed quite for a few minutes. Just then to break the silence manik started a convo.
M-can we watch some movie
N-fine but a horror film. Is it OK
M-but don’t be afraid as it’s a terrible to watch.
N-I m a strong girl I won’t get scared of this petty movies.
M-fine. Manik puts on the movie. First few minutes she was fine but as the movie proceeds she was sweating very badly and by now from one end came to the middle of the sofa. Further moved closer n closer. By. Now she was beside manik who was busy watching the movie. She pulled her both legs on sofa her eyes were placed on top of her knees and which were frequently closing due to now their was an entry of the ghost. As soon as ghost appeared on screen she closed her eyes
quickly and threw her hands around manik neck and slammed her body on his and hugged him very tightly manik knowing her fear he too hugged just to get her out of fear. After few minutes manik withdrew his hands. But nandini wasn’t ready to leave him as she it as the most comfortable, warm n safe place in the whole world.
Manik _if u leave me I will off the tv as u r hell scared.
Nandini_who is scared. I m not
Manik -so who was hugging me tightly sorry is hugging me now
Nandini withdrew the hug and says I thought you might be afraid so came to support you that’s it nothing more than that OK
Manik _so I m afraid so watch the movie
Nandini -oh god y did I say that now who will save me pls save us from these terrible ghost.
Manik-did u say anything
Nandini-no no I didn’t y u heard anything.
Manik -no nothing
Again nandini was hell scared now she held manik hand firmly and hid her face behind his shoulder. Manik could sense her fear so switch off the tv.nandini was relieved from this fear.manik was going to his room. Just then nandini held his hand and requested him to be with her.
Manik-but nandini how will be in w room.
Nandini -not whole night till I get some
courage of sleeping. Alone. Plssssss
Manik-fine. They sat down on,the sofa. And nandini was holding his hands firmly and slept. Manik too slept in the same position. Morning they woke up and their whole body was paining due to their sleeping position.
Nandini -thank you for trying to cheer me up.
Manik-it’s my duty. Let’s go n fresh up. Both came down wearing same color of dress.
Manik-today let’s go to mall
Nandini -fine.
They reached mall n was shocked to see someone.

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