Manan SS – Bff part 6

MaNan’s alliance was fixed and next day, the engagement took place. Manik’s house was fully decorated. He was ready in his room and was in the hall soon after all the guests arrived and Nandini’s family too arrived there, she sat beside Manik on the couch. Manik was dressed in off white sherwani with chicken karrhai and chooridar, Nandini was dressed in brownish yellow lehenga with chunri over her head and her hair were open and half were in front of her shoulder, they were curled. She was looking beautiful. Manik held her hand and she blushed hard.

“Manik, everyone are watching,” she said looking down. “So what? We’re getting engaged and soon we’ll marry too, so don’t worry,” he said squeezing her hand and she smiled. Soon the rings were exchanged and Manik took her for dance. They danced on jag ghoomeya with everyone dancing around them. Soon the dance and the engagement ceremony ended and it was time for Nandini’s family to head home. Manik held her hand and kissed it. “Love you,” he said. “I love you too,” she said and went. They weren’t allowed to meet till their marriage happened but Manik came to her balcony while she was busy in daydreaming.

“Heyyy,” he said loudly and she startled. “It’s me,” he said and she smiled. “Someone will see us,” she said. “We’re childhood friends ha, don’t react as if I am a stranger,” he said. “Han baba I haven’t forgotten you’re a monster, but it’s not allowed,” she said. “OK I am going,” he said and was about to go but she stopped him. “You really think I can live without meeting you? I have waited till eight years to meet you,” she said and he sat beside her. “Me too, are everyone asleep?,” he asked.

“Why does it matter?,” she asked. “Let’s go somewhere,” he said. “I also want to go, all are asleep, no one will know, let’s go,” she said and got down from the balcony. Nandini was about to fall, Manik held her, they had an eye lock. “Let’s go before we get caught,” she said and they sat on Manik’s bike and rode off. They arrived at the ice cream shop and ate ice cream. Manik’s ice cream fell on his lips, he ate like a child and she wiped it by tissue not caring about the crowd.

They continued eating and when they finished, they went and thankfully everyone were sleeping peacefully to notice Nandini gone. She slept and Manik went. After a couple of days and many ceremonies, finally the marriage took place, both the families were present there in the hall and they exchanged garlands and rings, took pheras, and the bidai was done after the elders blessings. MaNan sat on the backseat of the car and the car drove off. They arrived at the Malhotra Mansion and the couple got down the car. They held hands and went towards the entrance. A pot of rice was put before her feet.

She lifted her ghaggra and kicked it. Then she put her feet in the kumkum plate and stepped in their house. Then they were allowed to go to their room which was fully decorated. Manik lifted her in his arms and took her to their room, the light was already switched on and he made her sit on the bed and sat beside her after locking the door. “Now no one will see because we’re married,” said Manik to Nandini who only blushed looking down. “We did many promises before and during the marriage but today I want to do one more promise, I will give you every happiness, all the happinesses of the world will be under your feet, you will never ever cry, I will never let you, and even if you cry, I will cry along with you, we’ll laugh together and not on each other and I won’t even touch another girl because I belong to you,” he said and they shared a hug.

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