Manan SS – Bff part 5

Someone rings the doorbell of Manik’s house. His mom Nyonika opens the door. “Aunty, is Manik here?,” she asks. “Yes beta, he’s in his room,” she replies and she goes to his room. She sees he’s not there and she keeps a note with a red rose on his table and goes. He comes out and sits on the bed and his gaze goes on the rose and note. He unfolds it. It said:
I love you too monster, I would love to be your girlfriend, not only that but I would love to spend my whole life with you.

He smiles. Later, Nandini gets a message by Manik to come in back garden. She goes there and Manik was hidden behind a bush to scare her. On not seeing Manik, she calls on his number, he had his phone on silent and receives her call. “Hallo, where are you? Behave yourself ha, don’t play hide and seek with me,” she says over the phone. “Find me,” he says. “OK,” she says rolling her eyes and starts finding him behind every bush. While she was busy, searching in the bushes which were a little far, he changes his hideous place and grins.

She keeps on finding him and gets a glimpse of him and smiles naughtily as she had a naughty idea. She slowly approaches him and scares him. He startles and stands up, she laughs. “Will you hide more? Tell na tell tell,” she says naughtily and laughingly. He hugs her from back while she was laughing, her laughs increased as his tight hug around her waist tickled her. “Will you scare me more? Tell na tell tell,” he says while she continues laughing asking him to leave her. She stops resisting all of a sudden and turns her head to face him, they have an eye lock. This was the first time Manik was hugging her from back.

His grip loosens and she turns to him. “Why you called me?,” she asks. “To tell you that we are getting married soon,” he says and picks her in his arms twirling her around. “But when did our families decided this?,” she asks. “They haven’t but they will, I am sure, let’s plan something about our married life, let’s sit” he says and they sit on the grass. “We’ll go on honeymoon wherever you want, and we’ll never fight, we’ll be like this only, bffs too and the best couple ever,” he says and Nandini kept looking at him with a smile. He continues telling, they lay down on the grass beside each other. She keeps her head on his chest, they smile.

[A/N: sorry guys, I updated late and that too so short, I will try updating longer next time, one more thing, I updated the promo of my new story Manan horror ff: Alone, chps coming up in Feb, do check it out and yeah tell me if u like it, thnx]

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