Manan SS – Bff part 4

Manik makes Nandini stand by the support of car and opens the door of the car, he makes her sit inside and buckles her seatbelt. “Listen,” she says and his head accidentally falls on his shoulder. “Uhm sorry, you come inside then I will say.” He sits on the driver seat and she gets closer to him. “Monster, look you got a girl, you were saying you won’t get anyone, so you became her bf?,” she asks tracing her finger on his face. “No no, we just danced,” he says. “Hiding something from your best friend?,” she asks faking anger.

“No, why will I?,” he says and starts the car and starts driving. “Avoiding me?,” she says making a silly face. “No, we’ll talk later about this,” he says and it continued the whole drive. The car stopped after a long drive outside Nandini’s house. She comes out of the car and stumbled, Manik holds her immediately and picks her up. He goes to the door of her house and rings the doorbell. “I have the key,” she says and takes out the key of her small purse and he puts her down to open the door. “I will open,” she says and inserts the key in the keyhole and turns it and it opened.

“Bye,” she said loudly and closed the door. He goes to his car and drives off. She looks at him from her window and goes to sleep annoyingly. Next morning, she gets a call by Manik, she was sleeping so she picked it on third ring. “What?,” she says over the phone. “Sorry for disturbing your sleep, but we all are going for our admission in college, so I am saying have a cup of black coffee and I will pick you in an hour, bye,” he says in a go and disconnects the call.

She pushes the bedsheet off her body and goes to freshen up, she comes out wearing a casual dress and haves a quick breakfast. After sometime she gets a message of Manik to come outside. She goes and sees him sitting in jeep and sits beside him. “Hello monster, I see you are really rich,” she says teasingly as he always brings different cars. “You should be happy you get rides of different cars,” he says. “No ways, I enjoy but I am not greedy,” she says and he smiles. “I know I know, so you remember last night? You were so annoyed by me,” he tells while driving. “Partially, but why was I annoyed?,” she asks cluelessly. “Because I was dancing with a girl who was kissing me again and again,” he tells her expecting her to be jealous. “Oh he he, I am happy you got a gf,” she says playfully punching his arm.

“Oh hello, I don’t want her to be my gf, chipku,” he says annoyingly. “Oh let it go, you’ll get more, we’ll go again today,” she says and he agrees. After they fill their form in Space Academy, they are told that they got admission and after a lot of happy hugs with the fab4 and Manik, Nandini goes back to her home with him. Later at night, Manik and Nandini along with others enter the bar and drink. After sometime everyone got drunk except Nandini and Dhruv. Everyone were dancing on the loud music, Manik was dancing with the same girl in a fully drunk state. She sees the girl taking advantage of his drunk state and goes there. She slaps the girl and takes him away. They all go home.

A year passed by like this, Manik and Nandini had developed feelings for each other but they didn’t realized it yet, she would get jealous when girls came near him. It was the day for Nandini’s birthday, her 18th birthday. Everyone were there at her house. Nandini comes down in a white maxi with a crown on her head, her hair were curled from down. Everyone wished her and cut the cake. She got gifts by everyone and a beautiful dress by Manik. After the party was over, she went to her room and saw the same pendant she gifted to Manik and asked her to keep his gf’s pic in it with a letter. She opens it and sees her pic and opens the letter. It said:

“You must be wondering why is there your photo in the pendant, that’s because I want a girl like you, I want you to be my girlfriend, I love you Nandini. Manik.”

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