Manan SS – Bff part 2


The sun shone and Nandini’s alarm rang, she turned it off and smiled sitting up stretching her arms. “Finally going back to Mumbai to my childhood friends, I will miss my US friends too, I will meet them before going,” she says to herself and messages her friends to meet her at her house after one hour. She goes to freshen up and comes out wearing a casual red dress that reached her mid thighs, she smiles at herself. “Manik used to say I look cute in red,” she says and combs her hair keeping them open. She goes out of her room and looks at the clock, only thirty minutes were left for her friends to come. She goes to the kitchen to her mom. “Mumma, my friends are coming here to meet me, so should I make the breakfast today?,” she asks and her mother nods in positive. She thanks her and her mom leaves.

Meanwhile in Mumbai, a man was looking at a pic in which there were two children, they were wearing sunglasses. “I am just so desperate to meet my childhood friend once again, I should call her,” he says and picks his phone and calls Nandini, the man is none other than Manik. She picks the call. “Hallo,” she says. “It’s me Manik,” he says. “Monsterrr, I missed you, today I am coming back, my flight is in two hours,” she tells and he smiles. “Oh, at least send me your pic, I want to see you,” he says. They never saw each other’s pic on social media as they wanted to see each other face to face. “I am coming today yr, so wait till then,” she says. “I also waited to see how handsome my monster has become.”

“Handsome, you should say hot,” he praises himself. “Awww, this habit of yours didn’t go right? He he,” she says and laughs. “Your habit also didn’t go of laughing on everything,” he says. “Nandini, your friends came,” says Nandini’s mom to Nandini. “Coming,” she says out loud removing her phone from her ear and then bids bye to Manik and goes to her friends with breakfast. A girl with blonde shoulder length hair, blue eyes, fair skin, thin lips, thin figure wearing a sleeveless tee and jeans with a check shirt tied around her waist stood up and hugged Nandini. She hugged her back. “We’ll miss you Nandini,” she said. “I will miss you too Mary,” she said and served her.

Two more girls were there, one of them had black long hair similar to Nandini’s, she had dark brown eyes and was wearing a short purple dress, her name was Emily. Another had black eyes and black short hair and was wearing a black dress, her name was Rose. She served both of them and sat beside Mary. After a lot of chit chat, they went bidding her bye. She went to her room and double checked everything. After two hours, she went to airport with her family and sat in plane. It took off and after three hour long flight, finally they reached Mumbai. They got down the plane and took their luggage. Manik waited at the airport and collided with someone, a girl with long black hair

The suitcase and the luggage fell from her hands. He bent down to pick the suitcase along with the girl and their hands touched as they held the handle of the suitcase together, they look at each other. The girl was Nandini, they had an eyelock for one minute and he took off his hand from the handle and as soon as she picked the suitcase, he saw a familiar photo sticker on it with the letters N.M. It was the same childhood pic of him and Nandini he had kept in his room. Nandini was about to go. “Are you Nandini Moorthy?,” he asked. “Yes but how do you know? Your voice seems familiar,” she says. “Even yours is familiar,” he says and she thought for a second. “Manik, is it you?,” she asked. “Yes,” he said and she dropped the suitcase and hugged him, he twirled her. “I missed you monster,” she said. “I missed you too,” he said and put her down. “You are beautiful more than I thought,” he praised her. “Even my monster is handsome,” she said and they laughed. “Mumma, papa,” she called out her parents who were busy in talking. “Meet my monster,” she said and they recognized Manik and he immediately took their blessings without wasting a second and they sat in Manik’s car and drove off.

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