Manan SS – Bff part 1


(A/N: hi guys, Salley here, this is a seven chapter story on Manan who are childhood friends, hope u like it)

A little girl was finding someone in the playground, she looks behind trees and every bush. “Manik,” she calls out. “Time over, please come out now,” she says cutely as she was playing hide and seek with her best friend Manik. The girl was none other than Nandini. On getting no reply she continues searching for him and approaches a bush. “Bhoo!,” a boy shouted coming out from behind the bush and laughed as she startled. “Cutty, I won’t play with you again, you always scare me like this, monster Manik!,” she shouted angrily. “Ok sorry baba, I won’t scare you again,” says Manik. “OK fine,” he says and pulls out a chocolate from his pocket and gives it to her, she smiles. “You know how to calm down my anger na,” she says and he smiles. “Any doubt?,” he asks and she nods in negative. He keeps looking at her. “Eat it, I don’t want to wake up the monster inside you, who knows you may eat me if you get hungry,” she giggles and they eat the chocolate together.

Later that day, Manik’s and Nandini’s family with Alia, Cabir, Dhruv and Mukti do lunch together. Kids were on one side and elders were on one side. Kids were doing mischief all the time. Nandini saw Manik’s hand near her on the table and she takes out the toy spider from her pocket which she put there in a hurry and keeps it on his hand and asks everyone to be quiet. Manik’s gaze goes on his hand and he shouts. “Spider, spider, ahh, mom,” he keeps on shouting while the kids laugh and Manik stops shouting and gets to know it’s fake and Nandini stands up and soon the room was as if live tom and Jerry is going on there. Nandini runs to her room and Manik too runs behind him.

She was laughing a lot. She falls on the bed while running and he takes a pillow, she too takes a pillow and they keeps hitting each other. “Why did you do this?,” he asks angrily. “Awww the monster is acting as if he’s very sweet, you never scare me right?,” she asks and he hits her on her head with the pillow. “But this was too much, spiders, ugh,” he says and she sits up. “Don’t anger too much, you will burn,” she says putting back the pillow and tickling him. “I don’t feel tickles, ha ha ha,” he says and tickles her, she laughs a lot. Cabir, Alia, Mukti and Dhruv comes there. They join Manik in tickling her. “Stop guys stop,” she says and gets up from the bed.

“I want to tell something, mom wanted me to tell you all that I am going to US and will come after eight years, it won’t feel good to be without you all but I will call you all five times a day,” she said and they all shared a teary group hug. Next day Nandini goes to US after bidding bye to everyone.

After Eight years:
It was night, next day Nandini had to go back to Mumbai. She looks at her childhood pic with Manik in which he was kissing his cheek and smiles. “I will come tomorrow, then we will have fun, very much,” she said and slept hugging the pic.

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  3. Soooooo cute and adorable part dear pls continue

  4. Hiiii!!!!!it was realllly reallly cute…too cute..manan childhood frnds awwww…..i hop Manik too recognises her….plzzz update sooonnnn….t c nd waitng

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