Manan SS – Bff (epilogue)

Nandini was laying in the bathtub to relax herself. The door wasn’t locked and Manik entered, his gaze went on her, she was wearing a white frock and churidar. She looked hot in drenched clothes. “Manik I..,” she said but was cut by him in between. “You’re clothed, OK so relax,” he said and turned to go. “Manik,” she called out and he turned. “Let’s sit together in here,” she said and he was shocked on her sudden approval. “Come na,” she said sitting up and moving back bending her knees making space for him. “No, you relax,” he said.

She laid back as he closed the door behind him and stared at the ceiling. He heard the shower sound as he worked on his laptop. It was night and cold too, he knew she loved cold showers at night. He went towards the door. She had stripped off her clothes and stood under the shower as the cold water ran down her body. She was in deep thoughts and startled as the door opened. She quickly took the towel from the rack and wrapped it around her naked body before he could set his eyes on her. She blushed.

“He came closer and put his hand under the shower to see the water’s temperature. “God! I always say not to bath with cold water. Bath with hot water else no showers at night,” he said a little sternly. “Aww you care so much for me, as you say hubby,” she said looking up at him and cupped his cheek smilingly. He was about to go but she held his forearm. “But on one condition, fulfill my wish,” she continued. “What wish?”, he turned back. “Kiss me,” she said. “I am busy,” he said. “Fine, I will take cold shower only,” she said and smirked.

“OK,” he said and turned to her, she pulled him closer and he too got drenched, he couldn’t take his eyes off her as he saw her milky white shoulders and legs, she looked too beautiful. Within seconds she stood on her toes drawing her face closer to his face and their faces were now just inches apart, she kept his tiny hands on his shoulders and encircled them tracing her hands on his neck and running her fingers in his hair and he held both her waists and encircled his arms around her delicate figure.

She sealed her lips with his lips and he sucked her lower lip, they kissed each other passionately with the cold water running down them. They broke the kiss panting heavily but didn’t lost their grip on each other, the feeling of holding each other this close was the best feeling ever, he moved all her hair to left shoulder after planting a kiss over there and kissed his right shoulder and her neck, she tightened her hug as he kissed her back. He hugged her tighter and she tightened her hug even more. “I love you monster,” she said.

“I love you too,” he whispered. She shivered and realised it was the cold water that was making her shiver. “Manik…room,” she said. “OK,” he replied and parted away from her, she turned off the shower and he picked her in his arms and walked out. He laid her on the bed on her side, all she was wearing was a wet towel. He shut down his laptop and kept it aside and switched off the light turning on the bedside lamp. She knew that even in dim light, the most beautiful girl for him is just her. He turned on the AC on fan speed and laid beside her. “So?”, he said.

“Umm, nothing,” she said turning on her right and hugging him, he hugged her back. “You shouldn’t have taken a cold shower,” he said tracing his fingers on her back. “Umm I couldn’t as you came, remember?”, she said naughtily. “Oh, well I didn’t knew it was a mischief to make me do all this,” he replied smilingly, he really loved all that. “I had to, I knew you won’t give me one till I agree, but we had one on swing, it was our second, but first time under the shower, well thank you,” she smiled snuggling into him.

“I think you want more,” he said touching her back. “Yes,” she replied shyingly and they continued from where they left. Next morning, the sunrays disturbed their sleep, they were sleeping in each other’s arms, she had a white bed sheet wrapped around her, Manik was shirtless. As he woke up, first thing he saw was her, how beautiful she looked. He caressed her hair and kissed her forehead. Her hair was wet. He wiped them slowly trying not to disturb her sleep.

He changed her clothes, he knew she won’t mind it and that he cares about her. He covered her with a blanket and kissed her cheek. She smiled, he knew she could feel him even if she was deep in sleep. Later that day, Nandini was working in kitchen and Manik came and hugged her from back. “Monster,” she said recognizing him and he parted away from her, she turned around and he picked her up, she wrapped his legs around him and they shared a quick yet passionate kiss, he made her stand and he pulled something out of his back pocket and handed it to her.

She took the long envelope pulling out the paper and smiled brightly. “Honeymoon tickets, to California, I love that country,” she exclaimed and hugged him, he hugged her back. “We’ll have every kind of fun over there,” he said and she blushed.

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