Manan: Shaadi With Devar Less Dost (PROMO – 1)


As I said I am back wid a new ff…. Its a Christmas Gift for all my Lovely Readers….

It was marriage day in Murthy Mansion n in every marriage homes, hustle-bustle is surely there so was here too, it was their ek lauti beti ki shaadi, so everything should be perfect. Hmmm now guess who was the bride, of course our Nandini Murthy, the happy, chubby, cute n what not girl. It was now time of bride to come in mandap, everyone were waiting for her, n their she descended the stairs n here our hero was going all mad.

Manik’s POV

OMG!!! She is looking breathtakingly etheral, if I was what the hell Manik?? R u gone mad, what r u thinking, she is ur would be bhabhi, stop thinking such nonsense, how could u think such thing, stop thinking ………… better.

End Of POV

Now Nandini was sitting near the mandap, Manik’s dad said to Manik to bring his big bro for marriage, he nodded his head n went to his brother’s room but there he found a letter but not his brother, he hurriedly went out n gave the letter to his parents, it was

Dear Mom n Dad,

I am really sorry but I had to this, I could never express myself as Manik expressed himself to u both, I always loved someone else, but for both of urs happiness I let my love go, but when I got to know that whom I love tried to commit suicide, I coudn’t stop myself from leaving, I am really sorry n I know that both of u vil forgive me

Love, Your Son Harshad

Nyonika n Raj were angry at Harshad but were sad too that they could never understand their son, but now they gathered the courage n informed the marriage is cancelled but everytime many are there who blame the girl n some ladies started accusing Nandini but our hero aise hi nhi bana hero, Manik said Mai Shadi Karunga Isse n Nandu’s tears stopped.

So how is the gift, liked it?? Do support me wid dis one too….

Lots Of Love ❤❤❤

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  1. Superb dear

    1. Naaz21

      Thanks …. Take Care ….

  2. Welcme back dear… thanx a lot fr nothr story ….. nice start

    1. Naaz21

      Thanx Tanu …. Take Care ….

  3. Naaz is back I am really happy and awesome start take care

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      Thanks …. n u too Take Care ….

  4. Merry Christmas di didn’t expect you to come so fast and missed you soooooooooooooooo much

    1. Naaz21

      I missed u too …. Merry Christmas …. I am bak early but won’t update daily …. Take Care

  5. How are you dear gd to see you back. awesome gift dear
    Soooooo excitinggggg promo
    Gd to see you back missed you sooo much ,and Merry Christmas dear naaz
    Sooooo amazingggh marvelous promo take care love you loads

    1. Naaz21

      Thanx Piya …. Merry Christmas …. Yup I am back …. Love u Loads …. Take Care

  6. How are you Di ? hope you are fine .and han me superb fine except my cough and loads of love take care

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      I ma fine as u assumed …. N don’t eat cold things …. Dekhna bhi mat ice-cream, cold drinks, etc ki taraf …. Take Care …. Love u too ….

  7. Episode was wonderful and superb

    1. Naaz21

      Promo hai ep nhi …. N itne comments kyu ?? Be careful abt ur health ….

  8. Naaz21

    Promo hai ep nhi …. N itne comments kyu ?? Be careful abt ur health ….

  9. Wow superb dear….keep going…..

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      Thanks …. Vil cont soon …. Take Care

  10. Superbbb yar…
    Continue it….
    Eagerly waiting for d nxt update

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      Thanks …. Vil cont soon …. Take Care …. Merry Christmas

  11. Ohh woww…keeping words ha…back soon….reallly missed u dear…nd about d promo is realllly suprb….i was lil surprised less bt shockd more by reading bhabhi of Manik…bt hamara hero herione ka hi hoga….really good….waitng 4 chapppy..t c

    1. Naaz21

      Yup kept the words …. I missed u too …. Ikr, Nandini bhabhi …. Yup he vil be …. Vil cont soon …. Take Care

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