Manan: Shaadi With Devar Less Dost (Chapter – 2)

Hey lovelies, how r u all? Missed this story, so here is the chappy for my friends n readers

Precap: Manaj were chasing Nyo n Nandu
(Present Same Day)
The all were tired n collapsed on couchs, Nyo n Nandu were still laughing. Nandu said

Nandini: sab chaliye, lunch thanda hojayega
Nyo: haa beta, lets go
Nandini was running towards the kitchen n her foot twisted n she was going to fall but two protective arms held her, yup it was our Manik, they both got lost in each others eyes, their trance broke when they heard *coughs* of their parents, they straighten themselves n Nandu was again gng towards the kitchen but couldn’t move as it was hurting, Manik held her by her shoulder n took her to the kitchen, Nyoj smiled on his care, here Manan reached inside the kitchen n Nandini again was gng to take the dishes but Manik stopped her n removed the plates from shelf, then Nandu served the food in the dishes from utensils(u all know na in what we cook n then we serves it) n then Manik went n placed the dishes on dining table with servants too n Nandini was standing there, then Manik came n giving her support both went out. Manik made Nandini sit n he too sat, all had lunch talking about office work, after lunch Nandini stood up but Manik got angry n immediately stood up, he said

Manik: Nandini ye tum kya kar rahi ho?
Nandini: kya matlab hai tumhara, I am gng to kitchen
Manik: u can’t walk, u should ask me na
Nandini: cmon Manik, u were having lunch naa, how can I disturb u?
Manik: it’s not imp then u
Nandini: Manik, have the lunch
Manik: first let me help u
Nandini: Manik, lunch se aise nhi uthte
Manik: I said na I vil
Nandini: Manik
Manik: Nandini
Nyoj: stop it u both, Ramu kaka

Ramu kaka in no time came there n after instructed by Nyo, he carefully took Nandini in kitchen, Manik was relieved but angry too on her. After the lunch, Nandini washed the plates n was moving n her foot was better, she came till the kitchen entrance when Manik shouted

Manik: Nandini
Nandini(scared): what the hell Manik? Koi chillata hai aise, I got scared
Manik: u better be n what were u trying to do?
Nandini: what do u mean, should I sit whole day in kitchen?
Manik: stop acting innocent n u could have called me to help u
Nandini: I am not a kid, I can manage
Manik: oh really
Nandini: yess
Manik: k, then go to our room without support
Nandini: of course, I can go

Nandini walked till stairs n climbed two stairs but again the pain started n she lost her balance but again he held her, she closed her eyes on fear n he too had fear on his face, then he took her in his arms, she slowly opened her eyes n was embarrassed for not listening to him, they silently went to their room n placed Nandini on the bed n was gng but Nandini held his hand, he turned n Nandini said

Nandini: sorry Manik, I vil never say no to u
Manik: promise
Nandini: can’t promise but vil never do this *puppy eyes*
Manik immediately sat n hugged her tightly as he could n said
Manik: never do this, I was so scared
Nandini: I am sorry naa
Manik: it’s fine n get ready my friends r gonna come to meet u
Nandini(breaking the hug): what? When? Ur informing now
Manik: calm down, they vil be here by evening
Nandini(surprised): what evening? How vil I get ready in such short span?
Manik(whispering near her ear): waise without getting ready also, u look beautiful
Nandini(blushing): Manik
Manik: what Manik, I am saying the truth
Nandini: k now go, I vil get ready
Manik: k

Manik left n after 1 hour, Nandini came looking amazingly beautiful in blue n white sari, Manik was juz ogling at her shamelessly n Nandini smiled at him n said

Nandini: shameless creature, I am ur wife not gf, y r ogling at me?
Manik: I can, I am ur husband
Nandini: acha
Manik(leaning towards her): yess
Nandini: Manik
Manik(pecking her forehead): ur looking amazing, juz then *coughs*, they immediately turned towards the voice n their stood the evil twins with evil smirks, Manik smiled n hugged Fab4 one by one, they also hugged, then introduction session occured(now u all must be thinking y Fab4 don’t know Nandini, that’s bcoz they didn’t came in any functions of Harshad’s marriage as they never liked him) then all settled in Fab5’s jam room talking when Mukti said

Mukti: Nandini, don’t forgive that Harshad ever
Manik chuckled listening her while Mukti glared at him n Nandu said
Nandini: Mukti, I already forgave him
Mukbir: what?? Y??
Nandini: guys calm down, it isn’t his fault
Cabir: so it is urs fault naa
Nandini: no, it’s all about love, it can make anyone do anything to any extent
Dhruv: acha, u know much about love, did u ever loved anyone?
Nandini: no, but have seen love stories
Alya: hmmm
Mukti: what hmmm Alya, she should not have forgave him
Manik: I know, I was also shocked, she said me she wasn’t angry on bhai but was happy for him
Mukbir: what??
Manik: yah
They left that topic n started talking on random topics n all started a liking for Nandini, then they heard door bell n Nandini said
Nandini: I vil go n check
Manik: I vil go
Nandini: I said na, I vil go
Manik: I am going
Nandini: I am
Fab4: guys stop it,
Mukti: y u both r fighting?
Alya: Manik she said na she vil go then
Manik: but
Cabir: chup saale, choti choti baat pe ladoge kya? She said first then she vil
Manik: fine
Nandini went to open the door n was surprised to see her best friend n said
Nandini(happily hugging him): tum kab aaye?
Abhi(hugging her back): abhi aaya seedhe airport se
Nandini(breaking the hug): bhut bada kaam nahi kiya aakar, shaadi par toh nhi aaye na
Abhi: oh! Toh princess naraz hai
Nandini(crossing her arms): yesh
Abhi(looking at gift box): toh phir ye gift kise doon
Nandini(happily): gift? Konsa gift?
Abhi(handing her the box): ye lo
Nandini: thanx n pointing toward a room said Manik n his friends r in that room, go meet them
Abhi: as u say Ma’am
Nandini chuckled n went to kitchen for snacks.

Abhi went towards the room looking at Manik’s gift but THUDD, he banged his head with someone, n the someone shouted

Mukti(yes it is our tomboy): What The Hell? Can’t u see n walk?
Abhi(angry): oh hello, can’t u see n walk?
Mukti(angry): do u know whom ur talking with?
Abhi(angry): do u know whom ur talking with?
Mukti(angry): I am Fab5’s guitarist
Abhi(angry): so what? I am only heir of Thakkar Industries
Mukti(angry): we have huge no of fans
Abhi(angry): we have more deals than u
Mukti(angry): we get more love than u
Abhi(angry): we get more money
Mukti(angry): money is not everything
Abhi(angry): love is also not everything
Mukti(angry): Oh God!!!
Abhi(angry): forget it
They both goes in opposite directions n Manan were shocked
Nandini thought what juz happened???
Manik thought what juz happened???

Here Fab4 were shocked n Cabir said
Cabir: kya tha wo?
Alya: God knows
Abhi(entering): hello guys
Manik(standing): hii, ur Abhi right? Nandini’s best friend
Abhi(shaking hands): yess
In Kitchen
Mukti(angry): who is he?
Nandini: my best friend
In Room
Abhi: what how can such rude girl is all yours best friend?
Alya: what did u say? Oh Mr who ever u r, u can’t talk like this about our friend n she stormed out of the room
In Kitchen
Nandini: u should see his good side
Mukti: good side, like seriously
In Room
Abhi: waise bhi, y r we talking about her
Cabir: yah ur right
Manik: haa right, ye ladkiya aisi hi hoti hai, moods bhi pata nhi kese hoge hai, kabhi happy to kabhi daayan jaise, aur Nan he got cut when he saw Nandini giving angry glares to him n she came inside n banged the tray of juices on table n went.

Manik’s POV
Oh God!!! Ise bhi aana tha, mai toh sirf Abhi ka mood change karne ke liye aise keh raha tha, but ye galat time par agyi, ab ise kese samjhao
End of POV

Everyone left after having dinner n Mukbhi gave glares to each other which didn’t go unnoticed by Manan, Manik looked at Nandini n she too gave glare to him. Everyone left n Manan went to their room, Nandini changed into pyjamas n lied at bed. Manik was sad that she isn’t talking to her n idea hit him, he went to couch n lied there. Nandini turned n saw Manik wasn’t beside her, she sat n saw Manik on couch, she said

Nandini: mai gussa ho iska matlab ye nhi hai, u sleep on couch
Manik: my wish, waise bhi hum dono ke beech aisa kuch nhi hai, that we should sleep together
Nandini: Manik it vil hurt
Manik: so what?
Nandini: don’t be stubborn
Manik: k, I vil but forgive me
Nandini: no, what u were saying to Abhi about me
Manik(sitting): I was calming him n u came at wrong time
Nandini: acha
Manik: n waise bhi we are fighting over nothing
Nandini: oh really
Manik: yes
Nandini: k I vil forgive u but not without condition
Manik: k, what is it?
Nandini: u have to do what I say till tomorrow night.
Manik(saluting): k madam
Nandini: joker, come n sleep now

Then Manik came n lied beside her, both turned opp sides n smiled.

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