Manan: Shaadi With Devar Less Dost (Chapter 3 – Conditions)

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Precap: Nandini informs Manik abt her condition
It was a beautiful morning, but as we all know, every morning has an end so was here, Manik opened his eyes juz to find he was again on floor n his wifey was on bed, he stood up caressing his hairs n found Nandini sleeping cutely juz as the other day, he went to her n pecked her forehead while she smiled cutely n said

Nandini: Good Morning Hubby
Manik(hands on hips): oh so madam is awake
Nandini(sitting): yup, now it’s my conditions time
Manik: what?? Subah subah
Nandini: yes, now let’s go down
Manik: but, first let’s get freshed    
Nandini: nope, first u vil prepare breakfast then freshing up
Manik: what, what did u say??
Nandini: I said ur gng to prepare breakfast
Manik: mee, no way
Nandini: y, dargaye
Manik: oo, Manik Malhotra kisi se nhi darta
Nandini: acha, then let’s see
Manik: yes, chalo    

Both came downstairs n Manik went inside the kitchen while Nandini sat near the dining table she saw Nyo entering the kitchen n she called her, Nyo came to her, Nandini took her blessings n said

Nandini: Mom, today Manik is preparing the breakfast
Nyo: y??
Nandini: simply, he wanted to so
Nyo: ohk, I vil get fresh till then n wake up Raj too
Nandini: k Mom                   
Nyo leaves, Nandini goes in the kitchen n finds Manik cutting carrot for salad, he looks at her n she smiles n by mistake he cuts his finger n hiss (typical filmy scene), Nandini runs to him n sucks the blood, while he smiles n she looks at him still sucking. She immediately leaves his hand n asks

Nandini: r u mad??
Manik: y??
Nandini: y were u smiling??
Manik: y, I can’t smile or what??
Nandini: u idiot, here I was worried n u were smiling
Manik: so, I said get worried
Nandini: God!! Y am I wasting my time in talking to u
Manik: so go na
Nandini: fine      

Nandini leaves stomping her foot while Manik smiles. After 15mins, Manik leaves the kitchen n goes to his room n find Nandini struggling with her cute baby pink frock’s zip n he asks
Manik: May I??
Nandini: Thank God, koi toh aaya, yes please

Manik goes to her n places his finger on her zip n takes it up slowly, as his finger touches her bare back, she shivers while he smirks, but zips her dress, n asks

Manik: wifey??
Nandini: yes
Manik: should I switch off the AC??
Nandini: y??
Manik: I thought u have cold
Nandini: me, no y did u think like that?
Manik: it’s juz that, u we’re shivering so
Nandini(stammering): shi-shivering..I-I..did-didn’t..shi-shiver             
Manik(smirking): what happen wifey, with shivering ur stammering too or what??
Nandini: leave this n go get ready
Manik: k madam (thinking) hmmm madam knows how to change the topic, impressive.

Manik goes to washroom n Nandini takes a deep breath Nandini was pampering her hairs when she heard a voice saying
Navya: heyy Mata Rani, ye din dekhne se pehle mar kyu nhi gaye hum, hume hamare hi ghar mein nhi aane derahe Nandini heard her n muttered agayi Bak-Bak Queen to which Manik who came outside from washroom looking like Greek God said
Manik: tum aise kyu keh rahi ho??
Nandini: khud pata chal jayega chalo

Both came downstairs to see a girl in Indian attire with a long tika on her forehead but one plait?, Nandini went n hugged her n said

Nandini: I missed u so much Navya
Navya: humne bhi kiya
They broke the hug n Navya again started
Navya: pata hai yeh watchman, hume andar hi nhi aane hi nhi deraha tha
Nandini: use nhi p she got cut
Navya: OMG!! Yeh hai jiju, itne handsome n she hugged Manik, he too hugged her n said
Manik: tha he got cut
Navya: jiju kesa watchman rakha hai, hamare sath badtameezi kar raha tha
Manik got angry n was gng to fire him but Nandini held him n whispered
Nandini: ye aise hi keh rahi hai, calm down
Manik: k

Later Nyo came n Navya took her blessings n Nyo said
Nyo: khush she got cut
Navya: anty ji apne kesa watchman rakha hai
Nyo: hum uska kar she got cut
Navya: yeh sab chodiya, hume bhook lagi hai Nandu

Nandini nodded her head n went to kitchen n Manik followed her, Manik said
Manik: sach mein she is Bak-Bak Queen or unstoppable
Nandini glared at him but both started laughing, Nandini then came with breakfast prepared by her hubby, juz then Raj too entered n Nandini takes his blessings n Raj says

Raj: today someone is looking too cute too handle
Nandini(blushing): Daddd
Raj: awww mera baccha, u look even more cute when u blush
Nandini(hiding her face in Raj’s chest): Dad aap bhi na, but u know ur son is very bad
Raj(caressing her hairs): kyu, what did he do??
Nandini: he didn’t compliment me today
Raj(now side hugging Nandu): oye, meri bahu ko compliment kyu nhi kiya?
Manik(having a morsel): mai bina baat ke tareef nhi karta
Nandini(hands on hip): what do u mean??
Manik: I mean ki u aren’t looking that good today (thinks) but reality is she is looking like an angel, beautiful but I am gonna tease her n I juz wanna kiss her like there is no tomorrow, wait….what r u thinking Manik Malhotra, get a grip of urself.
Nandini(snaps her fingers): oo Mr, kaha kho gaye
Manik: kahi nhi n please let me have my handmade tasty breakfast
Nandini: I am no—
Navya: Nandu, tumne hume uncle se milaya hi nhi
Nandini: right, Dad she is my best friend Navya n Nav—
Navya: I know n she takes Raj’s blessings while he happily gives her.

All have breakfast in peace but not that bcoz where giggles are heard on a dining table then a family is a complete one n where there is silence there are complications in life, so have fun n don’t let ur probs affect ur family.

Manaj leaves for office n the three ladies sits gossiping when Nandini says

Nandini: Mom
Nyo: haa
Nandini: actually….I want to go shopping for the reception
Nyo: then go
Nandini: but u??
Nyo: I have a meeting in the NGO so
Nandini: k
Navya: yayy, hum shopping jaa rahe hai
Nandini: has now g—
Navya: Nandu hum bacchi nhi hai, so take a chill pill(acts same as SRK)
Nandini: k

Nyo leaves for NGO n Nandini gets ready n makes a call to her hubby

Manik: itni jaldi yaad agyi meri
Nandini: haa agayi, now cancel all ur meetings n reach home in 10mins
Manik: what n y??
Nandini: fyi patidev, today is our reception n I need to shop
Manik: I know that n u can take driver naa
Nandini: wo Manik, I gave him holiday n yah this is part of my conditions, so reach fast or forget “maafi”
Manik: k k, coming
Nandini(smirks): good
Both hung up n as Nandini said 10mins, he came 30secs earlier n Nandini who was standing with Navya outside (thinks) 30secs early, impressive Mr Patidev.

Navni sits n three leave for the mall, Nandini doesn’t likes anything nor Navya so they literally buys the whole shop n Manik is shocked as imagine him as he was having six shopping bags in his each hand n 2 in his neck (lol), all were literally laughing on him, The Manik Malhotra. Navni themselves chuckle seeing Manik. They could have send everything to the car but Nandini’s conditions were somewhat like Manik should carry all the shopping bags till their shopping ends.

Now it was lunch time n Nyoj were already waiting for them n they chuckled seeing Manik, this was too part of Nandini’s “conditions”. Raj said

Raj: ye mera hi beta hai ya padosi ka??
Nyo: Rajjj
Raj: sorry, ise dekho toh sahi, agar iske koi employee ne use wise dekhliye toh wahi behosh hojayega
Navya(sitting beside Raj): aisa kyu uncle?
Raj: arey, he is an strict boss n everyone r scared abt him but if they see that there “arrogant” boss is bossed by his wife, they all will literally die
Manik: Daddd

All chuckles while Manik pouts n Nandini (thinks) he is looking so cute, i juz wanna kiss him, wait….what r u thinking Mrs Nandini Manik Malhotra, get a grip of urself.

Navni along with Nyo went to kitchen for preparing lunch while Manaj went to freshen up. After 1hour the “preparing” lunch was over n Nyo called Manaj for lunch. Manaj jumped to have lunch as if they were hungry for ages n the three ladies chuckled, all had the lunch talking abt reception which is tonight at xyz hotel.

It was evening n Manik was waiting for Nandini downstairs alone as Nyoj n Navya left there she appeared like the Queen of Blacks as she was wearing a black gown looking extremely hot. Nandini smirked seeing him ogling at her n couldn’t stop herself too from ogling at him as he was also looking damn hot (but not more than Nandu) in his black suite, dress code black fyi. They were still lost n would have lost whole night before the evil-twins jumped b/w them making startled n both shout

Manan: paagal ho kya??
Mukbir: Oooooo
Manik: what??
Cabir: tu hume jitna bewakuf samajtha hai, hum hai nhi utne
Mukti: hume pata tha aisa kuch hone wala hai isilye hum pehle hi agye
Manan (thinks) God/Aiyappa kyu bhijaya in he, sab bigaad diya inhone
Mukbir: kaha kho gaye??
Manan: kahi nhi

They all leaves for the hotel where Manik’s gaze was juz at rear view mirror n her’s too. They reaches the hotel n Manan’s trance broke, Mukbir left first as couple are gonna enter together, Manik reached to Nandini n she held his arm n both went inside n flashes already have started their work.

Manan gives a damn n reaches the stage without stumbling. All smiles at the new couple in Marriage’s hashtag.
After meeting some imp guests, an announcement is made for couple dance, where all pushes Manan on dance floor n the song started

Saawali si raat ho, khamoshi ka saath ho
hmm Saawali si raat ho, khamoshi ka saath ho
Bin kahe bin sune, baat ho teri meri
Neend jab ho laapata, udasiyaan zara hata
Khwabon ki razaai mein, raat ho teri meri
(Manik held Nandini’s waist n she held his shoulder n both went with the flow)
hmmm mmm…

Jhilmil taaron si aankhein teri
Khare khare paani ki jheelein bhare
Hardam yun hi tu hansti rahe
Har pal hai dil mein khwahishein
Khamoshi ki loriyaan sun toh raat so gayi
(Both got lost in each others eyes, still dancing)

Bin kahe bin sune, baat ho teri meri
Saawali si raat ho Khamoshi ka saath ho
Bin kahe bin sune, baat ho teri meri
(Nandini turned n was leaving but Manik pulled her n her back hits his chest

Barfi ke tukde sa, chanda dekho aadha hai
Dheere dheere chakhna zara
hmm Hansne rulane ka aadha-pauna vaada hai
Kankhi se takna zara
Ye jo lamhe hain lamhon ki behti nadi mein
Haan bheeg loon, haan bheeg loon
Ye jo aankhen hain aankhon ki gumsum zubaan ko
Main seekh loon, haan seekh loon
Ankahee si guftagu, ansuni si justajoo
Bin kahe, bin sune, apni baat ho gayi
(He lips the song as if he is saying n Nandini smiles n Manik twirls her)

Saawali si raat ho khamoshi ka saath ho
Bin kahe bin sune, baat ho teri meri
(The song/dance ended with lots of hooting, juz for Manan)

Manan reached the stage n all teased them while they blushed but Manan (thinks) what is happening to me?? Y am I blushing/am I a girl to blush, whenever they tease us we smile but never stop them, do we want this relation??

All were seated when a waiter came n informed

Waiter: sir
Cabir: haa bol bhai kya chye??
Waiter: wo aapke saath jo madam thi na, wo waha kisi se fight kar rahi hai.
Alya: kon??
Dhruv: guys, Mukti kaha hai??
Nandini: aur Abhi bhi nhi hai, in dono he phirse ladai shuru kardi
Manik: come guys

All reached outside of the hotel, there stood the angry birds, Abhi’s clothes had alcohol while Mukti had orange juice on her gown n both pair of eyes were red blooded, Alya came to Mukti n said

Alya: Mukti, how did this happen??
Mukti: ask him
Nandini: Abhi how could u??
Manik: Mukti, u too
Mukbhi: toh kya karte
Mukbhi looked at each other, while others looked at each other when Cabir said
Cabir: aisa kya hgya ki tum dono fight karne lage n that too at reception
Abhi: ask her
Mukti: ask him
Abhi: ask her
Mukti: ask him
Waiter: shhhh, mai batata hy kya hua??
All looked at him n

Mukti was surfing insta n was walking while Abhi was also busy with his cell but playing clash of clans n BANGGG, they both again bumped into each other, n fell down, both looked at each other n stood n said

Mukbhi: r u blind??
Mukbhi: what the??
Mukbhi: forget it!!

They both turned back n Mukti saw a waiter coming n Abhi too saw a waiter, both stopped the waiters n asked for drinks, they took the glasses, turned n SPLASHHH, one waiter ran n the second went to call others.
(Flashback Over)

Cabir: sirf itni so baat ke liye, u both did this(pointing towards their clothes)
Mukbhi: sirf itni si baat??
Mukti: jab tu kisi ke takrayega na, tab pata chalega
Cabir: whatever
All were surprised on their kiddish behavior n left from their but not before Mukbhi throwing daggers at each other.

Cabir was gng inside n BANGGG, he looked at the person n got lost in her, yup it was his soon-to-be-children-mother(??)the Bak-Bak Queen. She shouted n he came back to his senses

Navya: andhe ho kya
Cabir: tha toh nhi ab hgya h—
Navya: jo bhi ho, pehle hume sorry kaho
Cabir: what?? Mai aur sorry, nev—
Navya: jaldii
Cabir: nhi bolun—
Navya: agar nhi bole na toh—
Cabir: kya karlogi??
Navya: jiju se shikayat karenge
Cabir: awww, choti bacchi jiju se shikayat kareg—
Navya: tum hamare jiju ko jaante nhi ho
Cabir: janna bhi nh—

Navya already left n Cabir was shocked, he (thinks) who was she???
While two pair of eyes witnessed their fight, they were none other than Manan, they (thinks) wo do kam the jo inhe bhi bhijaa diya hamara sir khaane, God/Aiyappa help us.

So how was the chappy??
How was Nandu’s conditions, liked them??
Liked DIL n FIL’s bond??
Liking Mukbhi’s cat fights??
How was Cavya’s scene??
Waiting desperately for comments….

Lots of Love ❤❤❤

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