Manan: Shaadi With Devar Less Dost (Chapter – 1)


Heya guyz, I didn’t thought to cont but seeing ur response I think I should, n wid this story some new commenters r also wid me, so let’s get started⬇️

Chapter 1 – Hamari Bahu

It was marriage day in Murthy Mansion n in every marriage homes, hustle-bustle is surely there so was here too, it was their ek lauti beti ki shaadi, so everything should be perfect. Hmmm now guess who was the bride, of course our Nandini Murthy, the happy, chubby, cute n what not girl. It was now time of bride to come in mandap, everyone were waiting for her, n their she descended the stairs n here our hero was going all mad.

Manik’s POV
OMG!!! She is looking breathtakingly etheral, if I was what the hell Manik?? R u gone mad, what r u thinking, she is ur would be bhabhi, stop thinking such nonsense, how could u think such thing, stop thinking ………… better.
End Of POV

Now Nandini was sitting near the mandap, Manik’s dad said to Manik to bring his big bro for marriage, he nodded his head n went to his brother’s room but there he found a letter but not his brother, he hurriedly went out n gave the letter to his parents, it was

Dear Mom n Dad,

I am really sorry but I had to this, I could never express myself as Manik expressed himself to u both, I always loved someone else, but for both of urs happiness I let my love go, but when I got to know that whom I love tried to commit suicide, I coudn’t stop myself from leaving, I am really sorry n I know that both of u vil forgive me

Love, Your Son Harshad

Nyonika n Raj were angry at Harshad but were sad too that they could never understand their son, but now they gathered the courage n informed the marriage is cancelled but everytime many are there who blame the girl n some ladies started accusing Nandini but our hero aise hi nhi bana hero, Manik said Mai Shadi Karunga Isse n Nandu’s tears stopped.

Manik looks at his parents to which both nod, he then takes his place in mandap, n all the rituals r done, from garlands to mangalsutra, now they r tied in a relationship in which trust is needed, do they trust each other, love is not so imp but trust is more, so get ready to get part in their journey, after that they both take blessings from elders, Malhotra’s leave for their home which is now Nandini’s new home. The rituals r done, as she enters the home, she kicks the pot of rice slowly, then dips her foots in red water n enters the home, after awhile Manik leaves for his room n sees Nandu in her pyjamas n says

Manik: ur pyjamas r cute.
Nandini: thanx
Manik too changes n come near the window n without looking at Nandu says
Manik: I am really sorry for what bhai did
Nandini: cmon Manik, don’t be sorry, I knew this would happen someday
Manik: what? How?
Nandini: u know, I never liked ur brother, but whenever I tried to talk to him, he was always busy on his cell n sometimes seeing something he smiled or became sad.
Manik: if u knew then y u didn’t informed ur parents?
Nandini: bcoz they were happy wid our relation n I thought that Harshad would run on engagement day but on an imp day he ran but I am very happy he vil get love of his life.
Manik: if ur happy, then y u were crying in mandap
Nandini: that tears, they were khushi ke aansu?
Manik: God! Ur unbelievable.
Nandini: thanx n now I am sleepy
Manik: go sleep

Nandini went towards the bed n sat then she looked at Manik who was gonna sleep on couch, she shouted

Nandini: Manikkk
Manik: what?
Nandini: kyaa yaar, y r u behaving like daily soaps actor’s, who sleeps on couch n let the girl sleep on bed
Manik: toh kya karu?
Nandini(showing space beside her): yaha par so
Manik: k
Then Manik came n lied beside her, she too lied beside him then she said
Nandini: be aware of me
Manik: y is that?
Nandini: bcoz when I sleep it doesn’t looks like I slept, it looks like I did karate.
Manik(surprise): what?
Nandini: subha khud pata chal jayega
Manik: acha, toh ab careful rehna padega
Nandini: better be
Then they both switches of the lamps beside their sides n drifted to sleep.

Next morning Manik woke up n found himself on ground, he was shocked n looked on bed, the bed was messed up n Nandu was sleeping like kid on her stomach, holding a pillow, he was admiring her when she woke up, he immediately looked away, Nandu smiled at him n said

Nandini: mai tumhari wife hoo, u can look at me
Manik: sorry
Nandini: it’s k, I vil get freshen up, she went n after 10mins she came out, wearing a red colour Punjabi suit, Manik was staring at her when she said
Nandini: ab tareef bhi karoge, ya phir ghoor te rahoge
Manik: sorry, u r looking beautiful
Nandini: thanx n went near the mirror n was getting ready when came Manik behind n said
Manik(pointing towards vermillion n mangalsutra): lemme do the honours
Nandini: k, then he filled her maang n made her wear the mangalsutra, she smiled at him n then Manik left to freshen, she went downstairs.

Here Nyo n Raj were tensed how to face her but when they saw her smile, their tension flew away, Nandini came n said

Nandini: Good Morning Mom n Dad
Nyoj: a Good Morning beta
Raj: come sit
Nandini: no
Nyo: but y?
Nandini: Mom aap bhulgyi, it’s my first day means I have to make halwa(I got this from RITS3016?)
Nyo: but
Nandini: but wut kuch nhi, kal raat ki wajah se, u can’t stop rituals naa.
Nyoj smiled n nodded, she went to kitchen
Raj: we are very lucky to have her.
Nyo: we are indeed

Meanwhile Manik came out of washroom n saw his clothes on bed n smiled at seeing them, he too the shirt n a note fell from it, it read

Wear this sweet husband n come fast.

Manik got irritated on reading sweet word, he wore the clothes n came down n said to Nandini

Manik: yaar Nandini, yeh sweet kya hota hai, u could have written handsome na
Nandini(came with a bowl of halwa): haa toh, u r sweet isiliye I wrote sweet
Manik: God, mai chota bacha ho jo sweet likha
Nandini: Manik, my wish I vil write what I want
Manik: no u won’t
Nyoj: chup hojayo tum dono
Nyo: chote bacche ho kya?
Raj: y r u both fighting?
Manik shows him the chit, Nyoj smiled reading it n Nyo said
Nyo: cmon Manik, isne chit toh likha warna koi aur hota toh kapde bhi nhi nikalta
Manik: Mom, aap iski side le rahe ho
Raj: hamari bahu hai, toh
Manik: toh apne bete ko bhuljaoge aplog
Nandini: cmon Manik, they r kidding n now taste the halwa, it’s getting cold.
Nyoj: oh yess
They all sat n had breakfast, Nyoj loved the halwa n gave Nandu neg(money) for such tasty halwa, she happily accepted it n took their blessings.

Raj n Manik left for office, Nyo n Nandini were busy with kitchen, it was lunch time now n asked Nyo vil Raj n Manik join them for lunch, she said no. Nandu got an idea n called at their office, the receptionist received the call

Receptionist: Good Afternoon, how may I help you?
Nandini: Good Afternoon, may I know where is Mr Malhotra n his son?
Receptionist: may I know, y u want to know?
Nandini: bcoz I am Manik’s wife n Mr Malhotra’s daughter-in-law
Receptionist: so-sorry Ma’am, they both r in their cabins.
Nandini: hmmm, r there any meetings now?
Receptionist: no Ma’am, all meetings are over.
Nandini: good n thank you for letting me know
Receptionist: its ok Ma’am.

She finished the call n made a conference call to both Raj n Manik, they received together n said (Imagine both said together)
Manik: Good Afternoon Wifey
Raj: Good Afternoon Bahu
Manik: Dad?
Raj: Son?
Nandini: Good Afternoon Hubby n Dad
Manik: Nandini u made a conference call
Nandini: yess
Raj: but y?
Nandini: u both r coming home for lunch
Manaj: but
Nandini: no buts, I want u both here
Manaj: k wifey bahu
Nandini*smirks*: let’s see who comes first to eat my hand-made food
Both reminisced the halwa n water came to their mouths, they both together cancelled the call n ran outside their cabins, they both saw each other n hurriedly went out, everyone were shocked on their behaviour, they both sat in their cars n drove off.

Here Nandu was near the entrance waiting for them n then she saw Raj’s car entering from left gate n Manik’s from right, she smiled at them, they both reached at same time n got down, Raj went to Nandini n said

Raj: beta pehle main aaya, right?
Manik: no dad, pehle mai aaya
Raj: son, first I came
Manik: no dad, I came
Raj: I came
Manik: I came
Raj: Sonn
Manik: Dadd
Nyo: chup, tum dono, chote baccho ki tarah jhagad rahe hoo
Raj: apne bete se kaho, I came first
Manik: maa, apne pati se kaho I came first.
Nandini: sshhh, I thought ki aplog lunch karne aaye hai, par yaha toh, she faked anger n went inside. Manaj were guilty now n Nyo too got angry n went inside. Manaj looked at each other n idea struck their mind, both went inside said together

One, two, three!

(Both sang together coming near Nyo n Nandu)
I am a fool, I am a fool
I am a fool fool fool!
You big heart, you big heart
You got very big heart!

(They r still singing)
I come near, I come near
I come near near near
You go far, you go far
You go very very far

(Manik sings alone taking rounds around Nandu n she crosses her arms)
Arey thanda rakh kaleja
Thoda baraf pe ghis le bheja
Sorry le ja, maafi de ja humko free

(Again they both sing together, making sad faces n holding ears)
One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bache ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bache ki loge jaan kya

(Raj sings alone going behind Nyo who is leaving from there)
I know you love me and You know I love ya
Hai apne understanding to phir locha-lafda kya
I want a big big smile and
I want it only only now
Are! andar se tu okay hai upar se khaye bhav

(Manik again sang making puppy eyes to Nandu)
Aise kaai ko atka
Tere ghar ka jhadu katka
Tu jo bole kar denge daily free!

(Both sang together holding ears)
One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bachche ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bachche ki loge jaan kya?

(Both sang together n taking rounds around both their wifes)
Final warning, final warning,
Don’t you break my heart
Automatic guilty feeling
One time over smart

(Manik sang looking at Nandu)
See, see, see can’t you see see see
Kitne deep deep deep mere dil ke jazbaat
Hai kaai ko naaraaz
Karle maandavli maharaj
Hum sab aaj ye teri khaaj khuja de free

(Both sang together holding their ears n puppy eyes)
One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bache ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bache ki loge jaan kya?

At last they started both started laughing at Manaj, they both got confused n then understood their act n started chasing them, they both started running, their laughs echoed in whole house.

So guyz, how is the first chappy??? I think many liked the promo, let’s see how many liked the chappy, waiting for all urs response………….

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