MaNan – Reflection of EmirFeriha – Intro

Hi guys! This is my first ff on MaNan & it is based on the Turkish T.V. drama Feriha. I hope u all will like it. It will not be same as the original show there’ll be some changes in the story & characters.

Manik Malhotra – Emir
Nandini Sharma – Feriha
Cabir Dhawan – Koray
Alia Saxena – Hande
Navya Sharma – Gulsum
Dhruv Vardhan – Yusuf
Mukti Anand – Lara

So in my ff Nandini & Navya r cousinscousins or say best frnds forever & frnds with Mukti. Manik, Cabir, Alia and Dhruv r best frnds especially ManBir. Dhruv loves Alia but she considers him as a frnd but as the story evolves the relationships will also get evolved.

Nandini & Navya belongs to a middle class family living at a residential complex of Bandra, Mumbai in the servant’s quarter as Nandini’s father is a clerk of Mr. Rakesh Diwan’s office who lives on the 4th floor of the complex. She has a twin brother Rishab & a 8 year old brother Aman. Navya is Mr. Sharma’s brother’s daughter, her parents died when she was young so Mr. Sharma brought her home.

Manik is the son of the biggest hotelier of the city Mr. Jaideep Malhotra living in Andheri E., Mumbai who also owns many nightclubs & is known as the ‘King of Nightclubs’ so father being the king the son will be called ‘Prince of Nightclubs’. He changes his girlfriends everyday. His parents r divorced & his mom married Mr. Yash Sinha with whom he has a son RohanRohan of 10 year old. Manik & Rohan r very close but Mani don’t share a good relation with either of his parents.

Cabir’s dad is big businessmen & a politician. Alia’s parents r also businessmen settled in London & Dhruv’s in the USA.

Mr. Rakesh Diwan’s wife is dead & he married Shruti Verma (now Mrs. Diwan) in order to give a mother to his daughter Ria Diwan (from first wife). Ria is a normal girl but she is depressed most of the times reasons being her mother’s death & her dad’s second marriage. Mr. Diwan has also a sister Preeti Diwan, 32 year old a self made businesswoman (tourism industry called Musafir). She also lives in the same building but in 1 bhk apartment on the 5th floor. Ria, Nandini & Navya r childhood frnds. Preeti is also fond of Sharma sisters especially Nandini. She provides Nandini with dresses, money (whenever she needs) so Preeti is a kind hearted lady. She never married but considers Nandini as her daughter.

So how’s it. Pls do comment.

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  1. kavipriya venkatraman

    Superb yaar ..update soon

  2. Interesting intro dear…..plz continue……

  3. Great story
    Pls continue
    And also update soon

  4. Awesome this is amazing wuld low to read it plzz post nxxt fast

  5. Adini friha koydum

  6. Interesting yaar keep going

  7. nestle joseph

    interesting.pls continue

  8. As I haven’t seen that show I don’t Lyk the concept!! I will read few episodes n if I feel to read more than I will continue…. By frankly speaking… I don’t like the show fariha…. Soo maybe I won’t lyk this also….. By at the same tym it’s different as it’s Manan…. Soo I will try to read….?✌✌✌✌✌✌. Don’t mind haan

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