Manan: it’s nandu in my dream girl (Episode 1)


Manan : its nandini my dream girl Navya says to nandini “look he is trying to remember everything this is the happiest moment don’t cry nandu”
“These tears always bluff us you know the situation which Manik was talking was fusion concept night that was me who climes the tree for decoration and fell into his arms so he is trying to remember me and look he is back to his getup”
Everyone hugged her
“Nandu he remembers our song Manik will come back within no time”
“Iss love guru ko chodke vo rah nahi saktha and he promised me that he will arrange a good guy for me so all set”
Everyone smiled.

Druv asked Manik “why don’t you google places and check the place you see in your dreams maybe that will help you to know the person”
“Yeah I actually tried many places but I couldn’t find her”
“Did you try India”
“Yes I tried Delhi Rajasthan Maharashtra but I didnot find”
“Check Mumbai its a place where dreams come true all young people go there for their dreams and there are many music colleges in Mumbai check them out”
“Do you have a laptop now should we try”
“Yeah I will be back in a moment”

Druv opened the laptop and changed the wallpaper from fab 5’s pic to a some scenery
Both started searching Mumbai Manik was very curious he everything keenly he doesn’t know why but he likes the city
“Druv shall we go to Mumbai” Manik asked spontaneously all the fab 4 plan was to bring him back and him asking that fast shocked him then he remembered nyionika and asked ” yeah sure but will your mom send you to Mumbai on your wish?”
“Yeah you are correct I will think about her but do you have problem joining me ”
“Not a problem I was also preparing to go to Mumbai as one of my friend who was missing from 1 year returned and I am eager to see him ”
“By which time you want to fly”
“I soon as my tickets are confirmed I will go”
“Do one thing book a ticket for me too do you have my number”
“No ”

“Ok then here it is ring me when your tickets get confirmed tommorow morning can I come to your home I feel fresh jamming with you ”
“Yeah no problem don’t be formal be like family”
Manik hugged Druv”thanks buddy ”
Listening ‘buddy’ from Manik Druv went emotional but he controlled himself

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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