Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 9)


Neonika got frustrated “this boy can never change he stubborn as me we can never be together on one track if he gains his memory back I am totally finished so it’s better to give him his own space so that he can trust me again”

Soha is totally shattered she came in a horrified mood to neonika “aunty! He has thrown me out of his room”

Neonika gave a cruel smile “be grateful that he didn’t throw you in a jail remember what you did to nandhini so do as he says ”
“But aunty…”
“No ifs and buts just do what he says ”
Soha in anger shifted to guest room

Manik stood under shower he is still feeling irritated he closed his eyes kept his hands on the wall water is dripping from his body suddenly a flash scene of a girl dripping in water with him is seen in his closed eyes suddenly he opened his eyes for the girl but she wasn’t there. He closed his eyes and tried to recollect her face but he couldn’t manik came out of his bathroom. The December cool breeze touched his body and made him shiver still his thoughts are making him ignore the cold the reminded himself that he didn’t even ask the person he met that morning and the questions are same how? Why?

“I’ll meet him again”
There was a knock on the door he thought it was soha and screamed at her to leave. But it was his butler
He said “Sir, your black tea”
He opened the door took the tea kept it on the table dressed up and took his tea back started supping it and start to think about the music he made with druv

Druv called India he told everything about the information he collected about manik cabir gave a plan to make manik come to India Nandhini just wanted to see him ,she begged druv to show him once
“Don’t worry Nandhini when manik comes to me again I will make a video call to show you.”
“If he doesn’t come back?”
“Don’t worry Nandhini music will make him come”
“OK then I will be waiting for your call”

Manik came to meet druv in the evening druv welcomed him happily Druv gave him a seat took his mobile called the group and kept it on his hand so that manik can be seen clearly.
Seeing druvs call everyone were curious and excited
“Morning I didn’t ask your name do you remember or not I am manik malhotra you are?”
“I am Druv” both shook hands
“Morning because of my music passion I couldn’t get my answers can I expect them now ”
“OK you ask what you want to ask ”
“OK! Daily in my dreams I see a girl falling from a tree and then I hold her in my arms she keeps both of her hands on her face and I couldn’t see her face and the song which we played this morning ends it and a man playing the song with red shirt and black blazer is standing in front of fire.I don’t know who they are and how you know the exact song”
Druv smiled he knows that the the man was he himself and the girl is Nandhini.
“Buddy, sorry may I ”
“It’s fine”

“The song is famous in India so you might have heard it. it’s obvious and about the girl I don’t know boss”
“So I can I get that song from you”
“Sorry I only have lyrics no video”
“OK give those lyrics I have one more thing to ask can you help me buy a guitar for myself”
“If you don’t mind can I gift you?”
“I think we are friend now so I can”
“OK then I will accept”
Druv bought a new guitar and gave it manik and asked him to play manik started to play

By seeing manik aliya mukthi and cabir felt so happy and started to miss him a lot
Nandhini got tears in her eyes and couldn’t see him perfectly she wiped her tears and tried to see him again but the tears were flowing like hell Navya hugged her wiped her eyes perfectly and signaled to smile Nandhini smiled she again looked into to video where manik was playing guitar

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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