Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 7)


Manan;its nandini my dream girl

Cabir not yet totally recovered. All together visited him, he is silently thinking something
“What cabir what are you thinking?” Mukhti sat besides him asking
“According to you all Manik forgot everything? So iam trying to recollect everything did I too have same problem? Do one thing randomly ask questions about my life which you know. We will check”
“Are you serious cabir?” Aliya asked
“Yes! Start”

“Ok! Our school?”
“Warrior high”
“Your bday?”
11th Feb
Your love
R I mean Raghav

Manik’s bday
11th March
When did druv and Manik fight?
At fussion concept time I mean before and at fussion concept
Mukhti’s fav thing?
Druv and Manik are?
Our fav band song?
Yaro dosti
How many times did we win musicana?
Two times
What hpnd at musicana night?
Harshad exposed me and Raghav and injured me
Who is Soha?
Soha khurana who tried to kill nandini
Good cabir all clapped
“So I have good memory”
“Wait I will ask some” navya came
“What is the one thing which we used to fight for?”

“How do I make you accept my wishes?”
“By making jelabs”
“Once I lost bet for what?”
Manik will stop nandini from not going
“What drink did Manik have to nandini to drink on that night?”
Who is the father of abheer?
Navya got tears
She clapped
“Oh ho! So iam back” cabir shouted
” yes and your fav jelabies”
All started eating

Abheer got up and started crying
Omg ! Devil is back mukhti shouted

After a long session of jamming they heard a knock on door it was Manik’s body guard
“Sir madam ordered to bring you back urgently”
“Ok iam coming” Manik took leave and went with guards

Druv got confused what to do?
He called mukhti and Aliya
Hello druv! At last you remember us actually we are going to call you, you did
Listen mukhti I have news for today Manik came to my room and behaved weired as if he didnot know me like a stranger
Yes he lost memory and nyionika sent Nandini back from him to India and shifted some where
Where are you now ? Nandini asked with curasity
“Druv” cabir called
Cabir????? Shouted drvu

Yes iam back
Druv was shocked
Mukhti and cabir going on talking about everything
“Aliya? How are you? How is varun?”
“Shut up druv iam going to kill you if you atleast to open your mouth”
“Yes Aliya here what do you think of yourself?”
“I thought you will be happy with varun”
“Varun? Really did you even know how a jerk was he? And you I will never spare you”
“Aliya iam sorry! Really I want you be happy that’s my ultimate goal”
“Happiness? You pushed me to death it’s bhai who called navya and mukhti to make normal. Why am I explaining all these to you?”
“Aliya! Please I know I did a stupid thing iam fool but give me a last chance please”
“No” she hanged up”

“Druv leave her give time to her, now say about Manik”
“Ya! Manik said his gf is Soha! I think nyionika has said it to him but how Soha? I’ll try to find out”
“Druv iam coming there I want to see Manik” Nandini said
“Wait Nandini let me clarify all things frist and let me be sure of everything then I’ll inform you”
“But druv..
“Nandini he is right it’s nyionika we can’t take chance druv you keep on updating”
“Ok! Iam happy for you cabir I wish I was there with you guys I miss Aliya too much”
“We too miss you and Manik take care druv”

“Ok! Bye”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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