Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 6)


Manan; its nandini my dream girl
Cabir looked at navya and asked”you have really s pretty big boy how? Is in Patna it happens or as its harshad’s syndrome”
Cabir is back mukhti said
“He is one and half year boy”
Navya clarified
“What? How come so long I will be sleeping?” Cabir in a confused state
” actually you water in coma after accident , did you remember from home to nandini, you and Manik both going car break oil leaked boom” aryaman explained
“Yes! Yes! How is Manik? Did he servive? Nandini you say”
“Yes Manik is alive he is fine”
“Where is he? Druv?”
“You frist take breath yah here is Doctor frist checks you then we will talk” aryaman brought Doctor

Doctor checked cabir and gave permission to take home
“How is mom?”
“She went to your brother. She is in shock but now she will be alright”mukhti answered

All came to navya’ house
Now guys frist say me everything in detail I need all
Mukhti and started to say

Aryaman how you find cabir?
“Actually! When I got hurt you guys know na my hand injury. When I went for dressing I saw cabir beside my bed frist I didnot recognize but when I observed in detail I could find out it’s cabir
I went to Doctor and took details
Doctor said that he is recovering from coma since two day may be in some time he will be alright.
I thought of saying you but we are already tensed with Manik matter and this Aliya too
I thought we he recover from coma I can surprise you with happiness rather than giving pain with sad news. Here the day came. ”
“Thanks bro! ” cabir said with heart feelings

Nandini is happy cabir came back now she is relaxed mukhti and alya will be alright in absence of Manik at the same time she is missing Manik when he knows cabir is back he will just scream with happiness

“Manik” drvu is in total shock
“Yes it’s my name can I come in”Manik came in
Druv is in confusion state
Manik got call from nyionika
“Hello mom! Iam safe iam at important work I will return soon don’t worry”
“Why the hell Manik calling nyionika mom? So it’s sure something is wrong with Manik let me frist listen to him and why is he asking about song it’s our song then?”
“Sorry it’s my mom due to my memory loss problem she is worried o sorry let me be ellobrate.
Iam Manik malhotra. Few month back because of some accident I lost my memory I forgot everything even my girlfriend soha! Still I don’t feel she is my gf that’s different. They say iam a business man but I always dream about a lady and some members with blur faces and this music which you sang yesterday in restaurant it’s..,it’s like my own song which I forgot but by listening iam feeling it’s mine. Worst part is my mom and soha my gf say I don’t even listen to music perticulary guitar beats fascinate me why I don’t know can you please figure out for me? I need your help please” Manik is so nervous
Druv got a wag idea of things not fully cleared but it’s clear that soha and nyionika are tricking him but soha, she is died how come she will come ok let me clarify
“Manik! Where you stay? With whom?”
“Address told and it’s with my mom nyionika and my gf soha”
“Soha are you sure?”
“Ya! But leave just say about music”
“Wait!” Druv went in brought two guitars gave one to Manik and ask to play as he play
Manik refuses saying I don’t know to play it’s not my cup of tea
Manik just hold it and try I will help you
Manik took guitar with more care and looked carefully felt as if something good happened to him
Druv played yaro music
Manik tried frist confused by later with total easy
They both jammed for hours leaving world back

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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