Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 4)

Manan;its nandini my dream girl

Manik went to the address press doorbell he is totally tensed he just want to know all answers for his questions in a second.
He is unable to control his feelings still no one opened door, he becomes impatient, knocked the door then found its locked. He is badly dissopointed.

Soha lost her temper called Manik, it’s her 20th call. He is not answering her call

Manik waited for two hours, there is no sign of anyone coming in.
“What the hell you are doing here Manik? Do even notice how worried we are? And why did you inform soha?” Nyionika shouted at him
“I….. I just …… It’s out of my mind that’s it” Manik still looking at locked door
“Why did you damm answer any of our call? Why?”
“I don’t know”
Nyionika got irritated, and took his hand and dragged to car
“Mom iam not coming” he said it strongly
“You are coming Manik. Soha is becoming mad thank god I have gps for your car I found you come on”
“No mom I need to wait”
“Wait for what Manik? Nothing get in” she forcedly took him to car and locked the door.
He turned back a man with guitar on his shoulder with star hung to the guitar bag which made Manik more curious but car went away from the place.

Aliya’s house is full with all her gang. Party over, everyone are tierd. Abheer is still energetic throwing all his stuff all over floor
“Abhi! Good boy stop it na, iam tierd baby” mukhti is begging him to go to sleep
“He will not sleep” aryaman confirmed
“Arey yaar iam fed up with this boy please anyone handle him” mukhti screamed
“Do you think anyone are left with energy?” Navya asked
“What did you eat when he was in your womb? He became so mischief ” Aliya asked
” katta!” Nandini said
“No lassan smell” aryaman said
“No pan” mukhti said
“Actual every thing ” navya clarified
“That is why he is everything uncontrollable, unbare able.”Nandini said
“Like mom” mukhti added
Everyone laughed navya hit her with pillow
Aryaman got call he picked it and went running in hurry.
All got surprised.
“Doctor now how is his condition?” Aryaman asked in hurry
“Take breath aryaman it’s great news”
“He opens eyes and he is totally in good condition”
“What?” Aryaman shouted with happiness
“Yes come with me”
Aryaman walked with him.
“Girls it’s best thing going to come to you after a great dishoster, thank god it’s going to be a miracle for them.
They entered room
Doctor asked the man”can you recognize him?”
He spoke with dry lips “aaryaamaan” in weak voice.

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  1. Ooohh..the waiting is killing…nxt episode pllaaw….awesome…I liked the story veryyy much..

  2. the man cabir.. isnt it? awsome…….pls bring manik to fab 5 quickly….

  3. I m waiting 4 ur 2nd ff

  4. Superb but who is the new character

  5. I guess it’s cabir….yes yes cabir is back….Yahoo…

  6. Who is he

  7. yaarrrr this nt fareeee……………is it cabirrrrrrrrrrrr………………………oh my god i cant wait plsssssssss update it sooonnnnnn

  8. I think it’s cabir only…..
    Thanx for such beautiful update dr….
    Keep going….

  9. Awesome, wowwww I think it’s cabir….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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