Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 3)


Harshad just stared at abheer, he is playing with all girls, everyone loves him, he is naughty boy same as his mother. “Abheer! I lost him because of my cowardness, I never loved navya I just used her but she showered love to me which I crushed with my selfish, insensitive moves. Now everything changed because of Aliya. When fab5 scattered kiddo was all alone, I still remember how she became bedsick with her depression doctor told that their was no hope. Then I realised how important my sister is to me. After my parents death she is only my life, I neglected her, I betrayed her still she protected me everytime not as a sister but as a mother. Last time when she was depressed all fab4 helped her but now no one. Mukhti went on concert to other country, cabir died, druv left her, main reason is me who insulted him saying he is not worth for Aliya, now where he is nobody knows, Manik because of his memory lose he is missing.
Aliya left alone I begged navya to company Aliya. nandini, aryaman, and mukhti helped Aliya to come out of depression.

Now iam clear, though I hate fab5, I love my sister. I decided I will never hurt Aliya again. The love for my sister is most important than the hate rate for fab5.”
Manik is on date with soha. It’s a beach area.
Soha decided to Manik agree for marriage so that even if he get his memory back he will be mine .
Manik was in his thoughts
Soha asked Manik for lunch, from beach they went lunch
Manik looked around he liked the place. They sat outside where waves are making noise cool breeze is touching them

They ordered food. After ten mins a song played “yarro….dosti…..” By listening that song Manik just lost everything and stuck at song. When song completed he ran inside and asked everyone about the singer manager said that singer just left. Manik took his address.

Manik just left outside without informing soha. His mind is running like a lava the song which he heard is well known song and the voice is femiliar one. Just like his song.

Manik heart is throbing, he don’t know where why he is going? Still he need rush and see him.

Manik in every dream he finds this song playing in back ground now he want to find out the truth behind his dream.

Aliya’s party is rocking everyone are in pool and dancing,
“Aag blue hai pain pani pani pani….”
Abheer is playing wearing tube.

Nandini reminded Manik. Before fission concept nandini went to manik’s house because of tension created by pandit and druv she was stressed on that, Manik just showed him how to get relaxed jumping in pool her eyes filled with tears and her lips smiling.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Suni get manik back soon…omg harshad changed….it’s good ….soha I will kill u…stay away from manan…

  2. She is unbelievable yaar

  3. Awesome episode, harshad changed wow…manik looking for stranger singer…I think it’s dhruv…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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