Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 26)

Manan: it’s nandini my dream girl

Manik when came back home, he found nyionika and Soha. Manik got irritating just walked towards his room Soha stopped him “Manik I was worrying about you, why did you say that you came back to Mumbai we too would have joined you”
“That’s why I didn’t”
“Manik!”shouted nyionika
“Nyionika malhotra my be loved mom who is worst mom on earth, how did you manage everything? Hats off! But now you both stay away from me”
“Manik you can’t talk to me like this”nyionika warned him
“One more word I will kill you” Manik in anger replied
“Manik calm down iam there with you it’s not good for your health” Soha held his arm and trying him to calm down which made Manik get more irritating
“Soha! Stay away frist you go and join in asaylam. Both of you, don’t come in my way it’s my last warning” Manik walked to his room

Manik called Nandini and informed about nyionika and Soha. Nandini is tensed as she knew both are dangerous then she flashed an idea. Nandini called aryamaan and informed about soha’s arrival. Excited aryamaan reached malhotra manssion
Soha seeing her bhai got excited and happy. Aryamaan asked her to come with him frist she refused but for some days she agreed. Aryamaan is happy. Soha went to along with him

Nyionika is totally stressed. If old Manik is back she has no future. She is trying hard to get a solution heard a noise and looked its nandini
“Here again Nandini murthy!”
“Yes! Where ever Manik is there Nandini murthy is for sure.”
“How shameless and stupid you are, I cleared on that day, if you are back I will not spare”
“And I was clear that if Manik is not cured well I will be back”
“He is curing but asusal you made things complicated”
“Ya nyionika! Really? Why did you stopped his medicines which are to be strictly taken?”
“Doc said to stop”
“No! Just to Manik more confused in his memory and you can play with him”
“Nandini he is my son”
“Ok fine atlast you remembered he is your son.”
“Nandini” nyionika raised her hand Manik just came looked at the scene and dragged Nandini back
Nyionika astonished
“Don’t you dare to do it” Manik spoke in anger
“Manik she is rediculous”
“You are! Mind you stay away from my life” Manik warned nyionika
“Nyionika malhotra you just wait and watch how you will pay for this” Manik took Nandini to his room

“Calm down Manik please”
“Nandini! Are you dump? Can’t you reply her strongly if I was late she would have hit you, how dare she? Iam not going to leave her for this”
“Manik leave it na we have somany things to do rather going back of her”
Manik is not listening to her. His mind is thinking really hard to pay back.

Soha came to aryaman place. She meets mady(madhyam). By seeing her for frist time mady felt so soft corner for her.

Aryamaan called his dad and enquired about the doc who was treating Soha before along with reports. Khurana as no choice to deny so sent them to aryamaan.

Aryaman meets the soha’s Doctor, he took all suggestions and asked him to arrange a lady physts to treat her st his place as a friend not as a doctor. He suggested a lady who is best at her work.

Aryamaan came to meet the lady phsychiartist named Sonakshi. He pleaded her saying the whole situation to her, sonakshi agreed to treat Soha.

Ranveer is thinking deeply about navya. Day by day he is having strong feelings for navya in his heart. He is now planning to prapose her.

Cabir, mukhti, Aliya and Druv planned a trip to take Manik away from nyionika and Soha.

Precap; Sonakshi entry for Soha
Ranveer’s praposal to navya
Fab5 trip to mangalore along with Nandini and navya.
Harshad rejection to nyionika

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  1. finally i m glad u r back with dream girl story… ty t y ty sm , it was super amazing but i m shocked nandini didnt defend herself… i think thats because her hero had to do it… haha. and wt will navya answer be to ranveer ???? update next one soon .. pls. its a request

    1. Daily one episode for sure

  2. Thank you so much after a long time, but please don’t make manan separate, I am saying this because manik did remembered the past just he knows it.anyway whatever u want do it but don’t make them separate. very excited about mangoler’s trip, Ranveers proposal to navya. one more request don’t make harshad again vilian, if u make also just make him act for nyionika.

    1. We have villain to enter
      Only for villain I had to wait till now

  3. why didn’t u updated for so long? plz update daily

  4. please one more request make manik to remember his past soon please. and please update ur other ff and this ff soon please. waiting please.

    1. I want a brand new one

  5. wow after so many days….. the track is nice. pls make manik remember things step by step…like in mangalore hw he celebrated nandus bday, the dudh incident like flashbacks. it would be fun than with manbirs cute fyts. jst a thought pls dont get offended pls pls pls.

  6. Wow finally ❤️❤️❤️
    Thank u sooooo much???

  7. I was waiting for your update ……
    Please update daily yar……..
    It’s superb,awesome yar

  8. So happy tht u update dream girl…. So long waiting fr ths
    AWsm epi
    Soha need treatment ..
    i think MaNan hv to seperate fr sometime so that Manik
    cn get his memory in fear of lossing Nandhini

    sry its i just suggest

    Eagerly waiting fr next update

  9. O my god u r back so nyce…

  10. Iam missing Lisa

    1. knight_angel

      She will check me over soon don’t worry .. And ya one episode daily is completely fine .. Fair enough for u ..

      1. knight_angel

        Sorry I meant she will coenaround and reply don’t worry

      2. I only today see the update as i read only manan story that too very limited writers n u were disappeared,so there was no reason for me too checking tellyupdates. Bt now u r back,so i also back
        Love u suni n thanks for continuing. I missed u soo much. Everyday i thought about u n ur story. N sorry 4 delay reading. U r the best

    2. N thanks for missing me bt i missed u more

  11. Suni suni suni…finally u r back. Now plz give me ur email no. If u will again disappear atleast i could contact with u. U dont know how much i missed u. U r one of my 2 fav writers. U were on break n for meghna my another fav writer’s deathh i felt so sorry n upset for all these days. So i didnt come on tellyupdates in these days as i only read manan ff

  12. Thank you Lisa
    Lisa read my kuch na kaha!
    Parts 8

    1. Definately i will read. It is not possible that u r the writer n i will not read

  13. Awesome episode, love you loads

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