Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 25)


Manan;its nandini my dream girl

Manik came home. Butler informed that nyionika called to know about Manik.
Manik nodded his head. He went to his room took bath and started to play guitar.
“Why iam not remembering anything? What ever they all said I just listened like a story I can’t why? Is nyionika so cruel? Then is my own mom? Is this my life? So complicated and so cruel? O god why did you give me such life?”

Nandini is in her room,”Manik got his answers but not able to recognize his own life. He might be fighting with brain. Should I call him? Shall I go? But?”
A car horn sound made Nandini come out of her thoughts and looked outside its Manik
“What Manik is doing here?”
She ran down fast
“What happened Manik? Are you ok?” Nandini is so worried
Manik hugged her ” Nandini why my life is so complicated? Why iam not recollecting anything? Is she my own mom or not? My brain is boiling with questions iam unable answer any please I want to come out of this all”
“Manik! I know how hard it is to digest the darkness of your life but it’s life. I lost my parents at a tender age of mine. My rishu! He lost his speaking ability still we are happy see now he can talk. However life is we have to live Manik. Don’t think about your past which you forgot think that God gave you oppertunity to forget the darkness of your life. Now on built new memories which are in your hand. From now make your life beautiful.”
Manik looked at her, her smile gave him strength.

Ranveer is with cabir. Both are sitting with their mom
“Cabir! Say about navya”
“Navya! Why?”
“Just out of curiosity”
“Ok navya is from Bihar. She was so dumm and drama queen we played somany pranks on her. Harshaad Aliya’s bro became masiya to her. Foolish girl she loved him madly. Harshaad being cruck played with her emotions to make fab5 ruein. Mukhti tried a lot to help her as she knew the real harshaad but madhubala is great she didnot listen got pragnant. As everyone know harshad refused to take responsibility. This navya came out of dreams now she is single mom. As we both are roommates became good friends because both our moms I decided to take care of her child so I became legal dad.”

“Does she still love harshaad? As now he changed”
“No never navya is so deeply hurt that it’s impossible and more over harshaad don’t love navya”
“Why ranveer you are asking about her?” Mom asked
“Just like that”

Aliya is busy with her new collections. Druv came from outside
“Baby! Did you complete your work?”
“No Druv it’s lot more”
“Can I help you?”
“Yah can please bring me these things?”
“Ok! Where do I get”
“Wait! Let’s go”
“That’s so wounderful”
Aliya smiled

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. He forgot everything but still remembers nandini s house.. That’s so great.. The new journey for manik and nandini begins. And r u planning some twist between navya and ranbeer.

  2. Hey Thanku soo much
    fr the wonderful epi waiting fr lng u worth it
    If u dnt hv twist abut Manan till thn focus others couple n fab5 friendship
    plzzzzzz update regularly go slow
    So exxited fr next update good luck

  3. So finally we got a ff. But friend please upload this ff also regularly. Anyways I love Nandhini positive point of view.

  4. after long tym

  5. Superb came back…..
    Waiting for next part…..

  6. its nice. thank u

  7. Now manan s love story will be start again at a fresh what abt ranveer? I think he likes navya. I want only cavya.

  8. I am waiting for manan new scenes nice episode love u

  9. Awesome episode, manan convo was really awesome, nandu’s words very soothing…loved the episode. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  10. Is ranveer loved with navya??

  11. Finally Sunitha u updated this. Loved the way nandu tried to convince manik not to think about the past. Amazing

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