Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 24)


Manan; its nandini my dream girl

After knowing the truth from nandini, Manik is now little relaxed but somewhere in mind need some clarity

Cabir house is filled with fab5 and nandini. Cabir mom is making food for them. Navya came along with abheer. Cabir’s mom picked abheer in arms and stared to play
“Yaar cabir! See what I brought for ? Your fav jilabis”
“Iam ranveer. Cabir us with fab5”
He told smoothly
“Sorry I didnot recognize both are so confusing”
“Let it be you are ranveer take I made them”
“You know cooking?”
“Good tasty” eating them he said
“I know in our Patna we make jilabis for every occasion”
“I knew we stayed there for quite sometime”
“Ok! Are you like this just with me or always”
“What do you mean by that?”
“See cabir is like a drum and you are like violine. Calm and formal. Your face doesn’t match with it.”
“But iam like this”
“Be with me you will become same as me talkative”
“Navya! Look abheer na he is becoming too naughty”
“What you did abheer?”
“I said I will cut her jilabi if dadi won’t give me new toy”
“Abheer! No say sorry”
“Why are you coming between me and my dadi?” Abheer hugged cabir’s mom
All three laughed
“Shaitaan! Come let’s buy a new toy”
“But aunty he have many”
“Still we will buy” both walked
“Ranveer come and take us for shopping”
“Ok i will”
They went navya joined the gang.

All the gang are recollecting the old memories from childhood.
Yaroo song will be played on back ground.

Aryamaan is playing tabala. His phone rings it’s his mom
He picks the phone and he says everything about soha to her. She cries a lot. Aryaman consoles her.

Mandy joins q lebal company and a singer he gets monthly salary. He again comes to aryaman to share the house for which aryaman happily agrees.

Soha is desperately trying to trace Manik
“What are you doing soha?” Nyionika asked
“Searching for Manik which you are not doing”
“Stop it soha! You can’t trace him”
“That’s why I said not to send him but you didn’t listen to me”
“Soha it’s Manik don’t forget if you tighten grip on him he will show you the true colors though he lost his memory”
“Now I want Manik. It’s been a month he is not coming nor calling. Where he is I don’t know. If he is India and found nandini then?”
“No no Soha it’s impossible” Nyionika too became impatient and tensed. She called to Mumbai house. Some one picked
“Is Manik there iam Nyionika calling”
“Yes madam but he went out”
“When did he come?”
” twodays back”
“Ok fine”
“He is in Mumbai.”
“What?” Screamed Soha
Both looks scared.

“Guys frankly speaking I just knew my past I don’t remember. Iam just feeling with whom iam connected with whom iam not. It’s purely my heart feelings. Knowing about Nyionika malhotra and Soha is bit shocking but all those days I used to get negative vibes from them unknowingly which now proved correct.”
Nandini rubbed his back “Manik it’s ok don’t stress”
“Yah I knew my medical condition. Don’t worry.”
“Manik we missed you both like hell. We saw how nandini all alone fought with Nyionika and how she maintained your dreams. We all should thank nandini” Aliya said with tears in her eyes mukhti hugged her
Manik looked deep into Nandini’s eyes.
Tum Ho song plays in back ground.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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