Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 22)


Manan: it’s nandini my dream girl

Guys iam getting very less response so thinking it slow down my ffs that is why iam not giving my updates like rivals

Druv”enough of waiting iam calling him” failed Manik number
“Druv iam about to call you. You guys come to my place malhotra Masson I think you guys knew it so let’s meet”
“Manik where were you? How scared iam and you said that you want to be ignored then now why to malhotra mansion? What if soha and your mom know a where you are and they may come here”
“Ya I know but dad insisted and he said he will take care of everything about soha and mom. They may come here but iam not going to hide that’s it. Leave it you guys come here iam waiting for lunch”
“Ok we are coming”
“Druv! Can you pick nandini and come”
“Nandini why?”
“She is your friend so I want her to join us that’s it”
Druv looked at nandini” he want you to join for lunch”
“Ha ha ha that’s Manik see nandini has to come”
Nandini blushed but ” no guys you carry on I will go to college. From now on I will stay away from him so that he may not react wildly and when soha and nyionika mam comes they create more problems to Manik it’s better if I stay away from him. Once Manik becomes normal then he will come to me and everything will be fine. I can’t take any risk with manik’s health”
“No nandini I don’t agree Manik is regaining his health just because of you, don’t keep him away from you which is more dangerous and specially when soha and nyionika are there we can’t relay on them. Manik is our responsibility we have to make him normal so come with us”
“But Manik is getting stressed when nandini comes infront if him” mukhti said
“Yes but he is not loosing his consciousness rather he is fighting for her with himself” Aliya reminded
“I think Aliya is correct Manik became more active than swizterland now is becoming our old Manik”
“But nyionika ?” Nandini stressed
“Don’t worry nandini, Manik will handle nyionika” cabir smiled wickedly.

Manik is waiting for all of them. After meeting his dad Manik got total clarity. How he gone through an accident and about fab5. He also got clarity about nyionika and soha. Mostly he got back his music.

All reached manik’s house Manik is watching old videos he got from his room. All shocked and stood num.
“O you all came! Look what a great friends they are ? You Druv?you don’t know me? Ahahaaa how many stories?”
“Manik that’s like this let me explain” Druv tried to convince
“Shut up! You all played with my feelings and made me a fool. I was every time feeling you all but you guys always played with me, and you are my childhood friends? Fab5 ? Manik malhotra is been manipulated by his own friends whom he used to feel as a family. You all deseved me, cheated me, played with my feelings”
“No Manik it’s not true doctors strictly warned ya not to inform you about anything in past” mukhti tried to defend
“O so you played with me”
“No Manik don’t say that how worse we are feeling you can’t even imagine, in swizterland we you came to me how shocked I was you can’t even think” Druv explained
“So you guys taking revenge?”
“Manik shut up! Frist you say if we had played with you than its ok its our right to do it you are our friend and we can do so don’t go on drum the bushes and creating a scene arey yaar chill and cut the crap” cabir made topic light
“Cabir ka bachaa! Today iam not going to leave you I will kill you…. Wait dad said in accident we lost cabir but you are…? How..,?”
“Aa now you came to the point actually I was in coma for ten months it’s aryamaan who found me in hospital and recognized after I regained my conscious he brought me to them.just before you found Druv I came out of coma” cabir explained
“Guys group hug fab5 is back” Aliya wiped her tears
All fab5 hugged nandini is standing away Manik looked at her
“Ok guys! Let’s have lunch iam hungry” cabir said
“You bhukkad! You will never change”mukhti kicked him all laughed.
Manik came to nandini “don’t forget our challenge I will find out your bf”
Nandini is totally shocked and freezed “Manik don’t remember me still?”
By seeing nandini mukhti asked”what happened nandini?”
” Manik still didnot recollect our love”
“Yes! He said he will Strachey my bf”
“O God! What to do now?”
” Iam loosing Manik every time why this happens to us every time why?”Nandini got tears
“Don’t loose hope nandini” Aliya consoled
“My hope is Manik if he forgets me then what is my hope about?”
“We will think don’t get upset nandini”
Cabir and druv to got to know that Manik couldn’t recognize nandini.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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