Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 21)


Manik malhotra _its my love story

Nandini in break went to music room backside steps and waiting for Manik.
Manik saw nandini going and he know where she is going still he is talking to cabir. Manik’s heart is crying want to run back of her. How he is controlling himself God knows. Manik still went back of her but didnot meet him stood back of her beside a wall and watching her.
Nandini stood frist watching towards the way for Manik then she sat keeping her chin on her bag, she walked here and there, looking towards watch took her mobile and msgd Manik.
Manik read it “Iam waiting” is written in it.
Nandini looked for reply but didnot get any reply break time completed so with sad face waiting for few more mins she returned back to class.
Manik kicked his hand hard on wall. He is hating himself. His hand is bleeding but he is not feeling the pain of it.

“Ek tujh ko hi bas dekh kar
Bole mujh ko hi meri nazar
Tujh ko shayad nahi hai khabar
Tujh ko jeethe hai hum kis kadar

Jude jo tere khwaab se
Tho toote hum neend se
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai
Tu Hatho mein tho hai mere
Hai kyon nahi lakeeron pe
Yeh kaisa tera ishq hai

Manik came to class Nandini looked at him but Manik avoided his eye contact
“Manik what is this your hand is bleeding?”
Manik looked at his hand all at a time looked at him Nandini too
“Come buddy let’s go to sick bay” Druv said
“Iam fine it’s ok druv”
“No Manik don’t take risk come on let’s move” cabir got up and insisted Manik has no choice so walked with him.
Nandini felt bad “he got hurt and I was just waiting for him it’s rediculous from now I had to understand the situation not only my priorities” she felt it strong

When Manik , cabir and druv are in sick bay nyionika came there seeing Manik hurt she got tensed “Manik what happened are you ok? How does it happened?”
“Ntg just a wound mom . Don’t worry Iam fine”
Nyionika looked at Manik, his face is showing pain his eyes are looking deeply hurt and the wound when dressing is going on he didn’t even said showed uffff on it.
Nyionika heart melted like wax tears flood in her eyes unbearable and uncontrollable she hugged Manik

Manik hugged her back tight Bruce and cabir left them alone and went back to class
Manik returned to class. His mind is shattered feel like hell he just want to runaway
Manik is waiting to complete the classes so that he can just jump away from here. He can’t face Nandini

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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