Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 20)

Manan; its nandini my dream girl

Nandini came inside chacha mad chachi are waiting for her. “Nandu! Are you ok?”
“Chachi Manik forgot me. His heart feels for me but he don’t recognize me. Why this happen with us? Frist manik’s accident now this I can’t take any more iam fed up whenever we are happy we will bounce back like a roller coaster why? What actually ayyappa want from us?” Nandini hugged chachi and cried

“Nandu! Sit here come on good girl wipe your tears. Now listen, life is roller coaster best part in you both what you know? You both! Yes you both never give up your love is strong that it drags to eachother so strongly see though Manik forgot you he remembers your love , see his fighting with you to stay with you. You should feel happy and proud about your love and Manik.” Chachu said smilingly
Nandini smiled.

Manik woke up early got ready and took his mobile called his father.
After ten mins Manik told cabir that he is leaving to Pune and left. He msgd druv.

Nandini came to cabir house along with manik’s healthy breakfast. Cabir’s mom smiled” Phir sa?”
“Ha aunty Phir sa” nandini said with smile
“Morning nandini! Where is your hero?” Cabir asked coming out from bedroom
“I don’t know I just came”
“Since morning I didnot see him ” cabir’s mom said
“He is not there, where will he go?”
Cabir got tensed
“O no Manik should be fine” nandini got tears
Cabir call fab4 and asked about Manik all said same answer no
Then druv called back” guys! Manik went Pune to meet his dad. He msgd me”
“O shit mrng he informed me but I was sleepy and I forgot that he is not normal and yesterday I teased him a lot about nandini hope that didn’t effect him much”
“Cabir I said you not to torcher Manik when he goes wild impossible to control” mukhti said
“Now what to do?” Aliya asked in tension
“Wait guys let me call him”
Druv called Manik but couldn’t connect
“While going to Pune Manik never find good network so we can’t get him” nandini sat in coach with tears “it’s all my fault I instigated him to fight with me night ayyappa plz be with Manik”
“Don’t worry nandini Manik just forgot past he knows to keep himself safe” cabir console her

All came to cabir house waiting for Manik to return with tension
“Shall we call manik’s dad?” Aliya said
” let us wait for sometime” Druv said walking from one side to other
Nandini is crying navya is consoling her.
Mukti is fully tensed “cabir look this time na if you mess with manik’s mind I will kill you”
“Arey yar I already came back from death”
“Cabir! Stop it how much we died you can’t realize”Druv shouted
“Ok sorry cool I will control my words” cabir blinked

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  8. So much anger from manik….cabir should control. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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