Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 2)

Manik looked outside its long Brie of high trees falling flowers from them when wind flows, the white snow filled with yellow flowers sunlight on them create few on them shining as well.
He went to his wardrobe and searched for a camera after some time he found it with great difficulty as he is not aware of its present place.
He went to balcony took some snaps.
He heard a lite music from some where he stops taking snaps and listen to it carefully
“It’s magical” he said

“What is magical Manik, this beauty of nature?” A lady from his back asked, he turned back
“No the music”

“Yes! It’s magical why I don’t know but I love to hear music especially this guitar beats ”
“I think we have a date today shall we start?”
“Is it 8”
“Ok then wait! I will come in five mins just Change my shirt and come”
” I love you seeing while you change”
“But I feel uncomfortable” Manik replied “Iam your girlfriend” she said in irritating voice
“So what?” He went in closing door
In twenty mins they started to drive.
The Switzerland roads are amazing in early morning
He is feeling relaxed listening to music
“Soha! Do I play guitar?”
Soha got shocked by listening after a minute came out of her shock and replied “no”
“Why I don’t know but I want to play guitar thinking to buy one”
“No” she shouted
Manik applied breaks for her reaction

“What happened? You screamed as if asked to buy a missile” he smiled and started the car again
Soha is in stress” no Manik you can’t go back to music never, when you play guitar,you may again remember everything which is worst for me so you can’t Manik and I will not” she firmed in her thoughts

Manik is driving car but his mind is some where else” why the hell I had entertain this jerk in my life? She is so annoying and irritating. When ever she is with me I get negative vibes. Why? And frist of all is she my girlfriend really? Not even a single moment I feel it,then why should I? Shall I say it to her? But mom said that she is one who struggled with me in my difficult time. Is it reasonable to do so?”

It’s aliya’ house;
Aryamaan, Aliya, mukhti, navya, Harshad and nandini are at pool side.
Nandini just sat at corner keeping her legs in water, she reminds her starting days with Manik how fab5 especially Manik used to tourcher her. That pert ocular day when fab5 and nh3 both had party in same pool and how Manik was just staring her.

“Arey Abheer slowly you will fall down” mukhti is running back of Abheer
Abheer hugged nandini tight “mousi”
“Abheer! What is this iam trying to feed you and you are running fast”
“I don’t want. I want chocolate”
Anheer kept puppy face

“So cute” Nandini kissed him
“He cuteee he is killing me and his mother she puts him on me and goes for chapped chapped in radio”
“Rj my mama is rj” abheer with cute voice corrected mukhti
Both laughed
“Really Nandini this abheer makes our life beautiful” mukhti sat besides Nandini
Nandini took her shoulder to lean
“What happened to you now?”
“I know this place reminds you Manik but we are helpless baby. Do you think nyionika let him come back?”
“No! But I have faith on my love it brings him back”
“Atleast you know in which country he is? Does Manik remember fab5, you?” Mukhti got tears in eyes
“What yaar why always we? He was the one who used to fight for our unity but now he forgot us .”
“Mukhti! Look up see this sky it meets him with us. Just belief will save relations mukhti and I believe in Manik, in my love.”

“Hope so”mukhti wipped her tears.
“What girls where are drinks?”aryaman shouted
“Aryaman is back” both smiled
“Your drinks are in bbq counter” Aliya came with stuff
“Arey Aliya! Don’t dress up so hot yaar look how abheer is starring at you”aryaman pointed abheer
Abheer is looking at Aliya.
“As shameless baby boy iam your bhuwa and you are starting at me” Aliya squeezed his cheeks
“Who son is he?” Mukhti blinked her
“Shit up mukhti his my bhai”

“What happened kiddo”Harshad asked Aliya listening his name
“Look bhai this abheer is starring at me. He need punishment” she slapped slowly abheer took her hand and made her bend and kissed her “I love you” saying this he hugged
“Youuuu ” she took him in arms and kissed him said “I love you abheer”

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  1. superb… hats off to ur imagination dear… u always make us want for more. waiting eagerly for the next update

  2. Perfect start……
    plz continue…..

  3. omg such pure bonding between them………like seriously agar yeh actually shoot hota toe u can’t imagine yeh kitna hit hota……….a d that’s my thinking……….. sorry if any1 is hurt by my comment

  4. Was nice…
    Waiting for the day when Manik will came back to fb5 n…

  5. I love abeer n mukti ss conversation most. N keep manik s character as short tempered just like he was in serial.gud going

  6. Hey its superb

  7. Nice suni but i hate soha to be maniks gf…

  8. So sad nandhu

  9. i loved it i loved it i loved it……itsssssssssss simplyyyyyyyyyyyy awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. Wow….this us sooi nice…plz continue…

  11. Awesome episode, manik forgot everything 🙁 nyonika n soha now manipulating him…not good…nandini loved you for your never ending believe. you loads sunitha

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