Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 19)


Manan;its nandini dream girl
Manik is in anger. His head is boiling. All are going home druv is dropping nandini, Manik sat in druv’s car so that he can go along with druv. Cabir thought of stopping Manik but all stopped him
“Cabir no if Manik stress more it may lead to more complications we all know that Manik is mad in anger let him go nandini will handle if not iam there so chill”
“Arey yaar I got full chance to play with Manik and you are …. Shit go if not he will eat all of us in one galp” cabir blinked his eye
All smiled

Manik is totally calm in car it’s like a warning for tsunami. Nandini knows that so she started conversation
“Druv tomm we have class are you coming”
“No nandini tomm me and Aliya planned outing so we can’t”
“Ok you guys patched up totally”
“Yes I was stupid as always” Druv smiled
“Take some flowers for Aliya before going”
“No no no nandini these flowers always dump me so it’s worst thing I will gift her some other thing”
“Ok” “nandini it’s your place we reached”
“Thank you guys bye druv
Bye Manik” Nandini smiled
Manik ignored her druv smiled back and left
Nandini left a deep breath”Manik iam dying to be with you when will recognize me? You are feeling me but not recognizing. You used to wish me good night daily I always fought with you but now iam missing them.

Manik went with druv and said that he will go bye himself to cabir house asked car frist druv doubted as Manik forgot everything can he recognize the roads but by seeing Manik face calmly handovered the keys.

Manik just started car and took it to road and made run as fast as he can just in tenmins reached nandini’s house. He got down and got confused which one is nandini’s house he went to watchman and asked murthys house he said third one Manik went to car buzzed the horn hardly.
As nandini is thinking about Manik standing near window listened horn sound and turned that side by seeing Manik she is shocked
“Manik! What the hell? He is mad who did he come alone? If anything happens? So irresponsible” nandini lost patience just ran outside
“Manik what hell are you doing here? Don’t you recognize that you are crazy? If anything happens to you? Are you ok? Did you drive slow how many times I said you don’t make your anger rule you, you will never listen to me”

Manik is surprised nandini is talking in such a way that she knew him more than her how?
“Manik speak” nandini shakes him
“You frist say”
“What?” Nandini asked in surprise
“Do you know me earlier?”
Nandini recognized her mistake “no”
“Then when did you say me all that which you said now?”
“I said it now” nandini covered it
“Ha ha ha I laughed now say me the truth ”
“Actually I just spoke in flow that’s it don’t take true meaning in it”
“What ever let me do my work” Manik kept his hands on his waist and anger asked her”who is your boyfriend?”
Nandini smiled

“Don’t play with me. Look we both know that today when I hugged, touched, you are just lost in my touch, it was you who provoked me to kiss and we both enjoyed bit by bit. I was little wild which made you faint….” Looking at her swollen lips “but we enjoyed and in game you said that you never cheated your bf , now you say who is your bf?”
Nandini is getting laugh”Manik is jealous of himself so cute ayyappa if could record this it had been best one”
Nandini hugged Manik. She loved the way Manik is jealous kissed on his cheek
Manik surprised and even getting more angry he held her shoulders tight and asked ” why the hell are you laughing and why are you happy? For god sake nandini speak iam dying with your behavior”
Nandini got into senses ” look Manik frist thing I don’t have bf second thing I liked you being jealous of someone who doesn’t exsists that is why iam laughing and happy. Now you go safely I had go my chachi will kill me if she sees me here with you bye” nandini turned to go Manik stopped her
“Nandini! Do you that it’s a game and you are playing with me, don’t you dare”
“Look monster Manik malhotra iam not scared of you.” Nandini too answered with full attitude
“You really test my patience sometimes and I knew how to deal with you just wait and watch”
“Manik malhotra you can’t”
“Challenge accepted with in 12hrs I will make you to say sorry”
“You will feel sorry for me”
“Let’s see”
“Yes let’s see Nandini murthy never loose any challenges”
“And Manik malhotra knows how to win them good night” Manik sat in car went away
Nandini’s eyes flowed with tears.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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