Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 18)

Manan: it’s nandini my dream girl
Nandini woke up after 5mins. Manik hugged her “are you ok?”
“Manik what did you do?” Druv asked “why are you both wet? Nandini can’t swim”
Manik looked towards nandini, he is ashamed of his own behavior
“We just fell into pool” nandini answered looking into manik’s eyes
“And what is this your lips are bleeding?” Navya asked trying to wipe her lips which are bleeding still
Manik face became red he is repenting
All came to hall nandini went to Aliya’s room and changed her dress dried her hair, her lips are swollen she remind everything once again ” what was he trying to do? Manik never forces me but ….. No that was not force actually I lost my self control then I tried to regain my control as he came to knew my exact intention he didnot leave me. But why did I faint?”

“Nandini darling! Say what was the scene?” Mukhti gave shrimking smile
All girls laughed

“Why I fainted I didnot understand?” Nandini said in trans
“You frist say the scence” navya hit her with her shoulder
“He was ki….. ”
“Ahaaaaaaaa!” All shouted
Nandini felt shy
“While kissing I want to get away from Manik but he was in no mood to leave me we feel into water still he was kissing we he left me I fainted”
“Nothing nandini as you can’t swim perfectly you fear for water and because of kissssss you lost breath that’s why you fainted”
“Oye lilamajunu our plan is to avoid Manik then what you are doing?” Navya questioned
“That …. That ..”
“Ha that …ttttt” Aliya imitated
All laughed

All girls came down music is playing
Sawariya title song “jab tera naina mera nainosa lagira tab sa dewana hua”
Manik is staring nandini. She is wearing a long sea blue color frok she left her hair loose, lips are swollen.

All stared to dance. Cabir stopped music “guys we play never have I ever game”
All shouted yes
Game started Manik sat besides Manik wantedly
“Look Manik with this game I will make aryaman prapose nandini”
Manik looked pathetic, shocked, burning with anger which made cabir laugh inside but gave a glaze
“Never have I ever praposed a girl” cabir said
All girl took the bowl and drank, Manik took the bowl in hand but why he don’t know he didnot drink kept it back
Cabir praposed druv
“Never have I ever cheated my girl friend Aliya” smiling at Aliya
Aliya, nandini, navya, mukhti, aryaman, cabir, mady drank
“What happened Manik why you cheated your gf?”
“Yes, why I don’t know but soha can’t influence me” Manik looking at nandini in anger
“Now few mins back she enjoyed my kiss, my hug, and now says she never cheated her bf” Manik is boiling with anger

Druv praposed aryaman name
” never have I ever played with a girl”
“Look Manik how aryaman is trying to make himself a gentle man infront of nandini”
“Shut up cabir this game is bullshit nandini cheated”
“What are you saying?”
“After performance she said that she had a bf. Few mins back she enjoyed my company now she claims
that she never cheated her bf. Dammmm cabir you say who is nandini’s bf?”
“Nandini’s bf??????” Cabir terrified “o god now what to do? Manik is are searching himself how funny”
“I don’t know” cabir answered
“I will find out don’t worry and iam going to kill him”
“Are you insane?” Cabir scolded
“Yes, when it comes to nandini iam..” Manik said clearly

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