Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 17)


Manan; its nandini my dream girl

Manik hand is bleeding nandini took it in her hand “Manik why do you do like this? Y can’t you behave normal? Alway looks like monster”
“Then why do you make me go crazy?”
“You are mad Manik come lets go and get dressing”
“No you say that you will stay away from aryamaan”
“Manik he is my friend when iam in hardest time he is always with me, he cares me a lot and his just friend”
“He loves you want to prapose you”
“I will reject that he knows that I love……”nandini looked Manik and paused
“Love whom?”
“That’s non of your bussiness” nandini replied
“That’s my business”
“Manik why are you asking? Who are you to ask me?”
“Nandini don’t play with me?”
“Manik you don’t play with me come lets go my chachi may be worried”
“Nandini be clear about one thing I can’t see you with anyone its final”
Manik face was red in anger
Both came back nandini took him to doctor and made dressing

Night party is in Aliya’s house
Aliya went to fashion show harshaad is attending all of them
Party is for fab5 along with navya, nandini, aryamaan, mady, harshaad

All are busy in discussion they all talking about cabir returning Manik is seriously watching nandini. Aryamaan brought drink for nandini and navya they thanked him and took it. They are drinking it slowly Manik got angry but calm he is totally confused to know whom does nandini live? As she is commonly behaving with everyone.
“Who is that jerk nandini love? She deserve best. Who might be? He is here? No, then who? If not here then why he is not here? Did she lie? But why am I thinking about her? She feels so connected at same time she is crazy and mad makes me same. I hate her? Really do I?”

“Manik! What are thinking” Druv asked
“May be about his girlfriend?” Cabir softly spoked watching Manik
“Soha?” Druv shouted
“No she is not my girlfriend.”
Aryamaan face became red he want to meet her sister but becoz of nanadinu and Manik he is silent. He know how cruel soha was with nandini. Now he want to compensate it with his silence.

Nandini kept her hand on aryamaan should to console him and thanking him for supporting her, aryaman smiled

Manik is just watching nandini’s hand he is boiling with jealousy. He took his guitar and started playing nandini came and about to stop him cabir did it “Manik you are hurting your hand how much with strain it why don’t you understand?”
Manik looked cabir and turned to nandini, he felt more angry and jealous. He didnot listen to cabir still playing mukthi took guitar from his hand Manik got angry but by seeing mukthi he calm down

Harshaad called Aliya, she is still busy she told she may take more half an hour so informed druv to pick her, druv went
Cabir is playing with abheer mukthi and aryamaan too joined them. Mady and harshaad are busy in discussing some random topic Manik searched for nandini, she is going in to bring something Manik checked around once and silently went back of nandini

Manik took nandini from back and closed her mouth
“Don’t shout its me and I want to talk to you now it’s urgent so come with me”
Both walked to poolside his hand on her waist nandini is face opposite to him so that her back is totally fixed to his body he made her more tightly touch him and other hand removed her hair and tucked them to her left shoulder and kept his chin on her right shoulder touched her cheek with his. Nandini closed her eyes with total trans she is feeling him want to respond back but controlling hard. Manik kissed her neck and again kissed her neck little distance from frist one. Nandini is breathing heavily. Her heart is making sound that is listened by herself. Manik turned her removed hair from left shoulder and kissed that side of neck. He cupped her face and kissed her cheeks slowly she shivered, she is loosing her control. Nandini held her dress tight so that she may control her feelings but Manik is enjoying bit by bit by playing with her. His touch, his hot breath, the kiss which he his giving so slowly making her go crazy

Manik looking her from corner of eyes he felt much better rather happy I should say. Nandini opened her eyes Manik is smiling and looking at her lips and touched them hard which made both get nerve endings pulsative. Nandini gave more accesses to him to kiss her “shayaromsa milta hai labz meri
From yaarian movie is playing back ground”
Manik looked straight in to nandini’s eyes and increased the tightness of his hands strength on her waist and kept other hand in her hair and kissed on lips so harshly which made nandini get shocked and surprised. Nandini started to get away from him but Manik is not in mood to leave her lips both fell into water nandini hugged him tightly as she is scared of water Manik is still kissing her after total 5mins of passionate kiss just to breath he left her.
Nandini lips are bleeding and she is shivering because of water and she even became weak she lost all her energy. She started to faint Manik took her in arms and hugged closed to his heart and tried to wake her but she she didnot he is scared. “Nandini! Nandini! Nandini!” Manik’s heart is pounding with fear all runned towards manik’s voice and found nandini fainted and got shocked.

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. Wowwww awesome dr

  2. Long time yaar what happened everything is ok naah I really miss ur ff very badly

  3. After a long long time here u come sunitha. Badly missed u n abt today s part i m shocked to see manik s authorative love as he was always slow n waited gor nandu s approval at kky. Bt i like it n i hope nandu wont mind 😉 . Plz fast update doo na. I have no patience to wait another 2 days 🙁

    1. N let me guess. Ab manik guilty feel karage as he always hurt nandini at anger. When realized,try to make it up

    2. Hai Lisa
      I will give you regular updates from now
      Sorry for making you waiting
      In this story I want to show all shades of Manik we only know he is monster but here he is wild and passionate
      Manik fighting against his mind and heart

  4. awsm update dear….
    plzz update soon….

  5. manik didn’t even proposed nandu right……… he is angry on her and feeling jealous….. how can he suddenly kiss her? sunitha how r u and I read ur comment that u r busy in ur daughters studies thing……….no problem take care of ur child but update atleast 2 per week …… eagerly waiting to read ur update………

  6. sujatha muthukannu

    Wow… Can’t wait for next update. Plz update soon… Super … Keep writing..

  7. Wowwww awesome episode. ..loved it very very much. …missed you sooooo muchhhh. ….manan forever. …u rocked it….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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