Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 16)


Manan: it’s nandini my dream girl
Manik is in anger. His hand is bleeding “why she is making me go crazy??? Why am I feeling this,”
Cabir entered room watched Manik angry and bleeding “my dear angry young man did you fight with any one?”
Manik still in anger “why is she so stubborn?”
“That nandini”
“Nandini…..? What nandini? I said to stay away from her” with anger cabir warned Manik
“Chill man it doesn’t suit you” Manik smiled and left room
Cabir followed him “what do you mean by that?”
“Anger doesn’t suit you ok listen is nandini that aryamaan girl friend?”
“Why will I say you?”
“Don’t irritate just say yes or no”
“May be”
“What was that? May be means?”
“Manik it means aryamaan loves nandini he will prapose her oneday”
“Nandini doesn’t love him, he just a friend”
“How do you know?”
“I know” Manik said in full confidence and anger
“You feel that she loves you as if you know her well” cabir trying to look into his eyes
“I don’t……….. I … I don’t say that but she don’t love him that’s it”
“Did she saw it to you”
“Cabir listen I don’t know how when why but I know nandini very well she all ways comes in my dream”
“Old Bollywood movie”
“No it’s true I feel like you all know me very well I too y I don’t know iam confused”
“I think you are mad” cabir declared
Druv came”what happened guys”
“Your buddy gone mad”
“Druv you say to him that I get nandini in my dreams”
“He said it before cabir”
“Bullshit” Aliya came in disgusting mood
“What happened?”
“I need to rush I have a client at my office and I want to come to party”
“What for party?” Manik asked
“Fab5 party” all at a time said
“You guys have party to night”
“Yes Manik you are coming na?”
“You guys carry on”
“Nandini and navya are coming?” Cabir asked
“Y do you ask it’s for sure”
“Ok ! Manik what were you saying? You are coming or not?”
“If you all insist I will come”
All smiled inside but didnot show on their faces
Manik want to see nandini so he went from there
All started laughing a lot “Manik says he get dreams about her”
“See how he changed his mood when we said nandini is coming”
“You know how possess he is about nandini. He want nandini to keep away from aryamaan so cute”
“Now he went back of her look I bet”
“I have a evil plan let’s keep nandini away from Manik till party”
“Budhu! Just gayab nandini”
All fab4 where planning like this

Manik caught nandini
He dragged her to his car and took her to a place where there are less people he don’t known which place is this and how he know this
He took her to a tree and made her to sit there
“Are you a fool? When I said to stay away from him why don’t you understand?”
“Manik! Why should I? He helped me always. He is my friend”
“I don’t want your stupid reasons”
“If I don’t listen?”
“If you don’t listen I will…..”
“Look you can’t do anything so you stay away from me” nandini told him smilingly
“Nandini murthy you don’t know what I can do. Not even in your dreams challenge me”
“O mr. Malhotra iam scared”
“You should”
“Ha ha ha” Nandini acted like laughing
Manik got irritated he cupped nandini’s face tucked her hair and kept his left hand on her waist went near her so that both bodies brush he took her chin raised and about to touch her lips nandini went back
“Don’t dare to Manik malhotra you are not my boy friend” Nandini stood away from him
Manik felt as if some one if snatches a toffy from a child how he feels Manik is feeling same
Manik took nandini hand in his playing with hair with other hand “so stop instigating me to do so”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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