Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 14)

Manan;its nandini my dream girl
Manik is taken to cabir’s house. Ranveer and cabir’s mom came from dehradoon to Mumbai
Cabir’s mom is double happy now when they got news about Manik all started to plan together along with cabir’s mom and ranveer

Everyone reached home
Seeing Manik cabir’s mom felt equally happy but didnot show
“Mom it’s Manik druv’s friend he will stay with me”
“Ok get in”
Manik took cabir’s room kept his luggage in room and came out he is looking nandini
“How can this happen? Same to same as my dream why do she come in my dreams? Do I know before? Why is she not talking to me just looking me. Why iam feeling as if l know her very well even the name nandini is familiar to me.
“What are u thinking Manik?”Druv asked ,
“Iam confused and surprised how come the dream came true?”
“Which dream?”
“I said you na a girl falling from tree”
“Really?” Druv wanted kept a surprise face
“Yes! And the name nandini it’s so familiar like I call daily some one with that name”
“I told you don’t use Bollywood dialogues”cabir interrupted

Nandini just watching Manik, she is feeling relaxed now he is with his friends. He is safe. Manik from now on I will give you somany surprises

All had dinner
Druv, Manik, cabir, Ranveer, mukhti,Aliya all stayed at cabir’s house
When Manik slept all started to plan for next day and slept

For twodays Manik didnot see nandini but she is around him always like
Before he wake up she kept his room neat with beautiful flower boquet breakfast with healthy fruits, lunch with his favorate,
All fab4took him around Mumbai
Navya and nandini took their time to gupshup

Manik is doing jamming with fab4 for frist time. Nandini is listening to them all of sudden Manik came out of room leaving his guitar by sudden reaction nandini didnot get time to hide
“I knew you are here” Manik said in excitement
Nandini is nun just watching him
“Why are you following me? Do you know me? If so how? When?”
Cabir came running ” what happened?”
“She is following me but not coming out why?”
“Manik why will she follow you? She came for us and why are you thinking its for you?” Mukhti asked
“I knew her that’s all”
“How?” Druv asked
“I don’t know but I knew it”
“No I didnot come for you i came to say all of you that tommorow we have performance” nandini said slowly
“Ya! We are doing practice for that did you?” Aliya covered
“Yes me,navya,abhimanyu,Mandy,and harshaad your rivals
Manik is in full angry
He knew that nandini came for him but why she is denying and why all are unable to accept the truth bottom of the point is if she knows me then why is she not saying?

Credit to: Sunitha.k


  1. Ollie

    it was so cool hope manik get his memory back and then we will abel to see manan together as always…….update next part soon plzxzxzzzz

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