Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 13)


Manan;its nandini my dream girl

It’s 10pm Manik and druv came out of airport with laguage Aliya is waiting for them seeing Aliya druv just ran and hugged as if a lost child say his mom Aliya got tears even druv he kissed all over her face she is trying the same finally both landed at lips and kissed deeply
Manik watching them felt happy unknowningly he asked “where is vehicle?”
Without breaking their kiss Aliya showed the jeep Manik kept all the laguage
“O lovebirds stop romancing we are waiting here to see druv and Manik just come” cabir shouted in Bluetooth
Aliya unwantedly broke the kiss and walked to keep
Manik sat back Aliya is driving druv sat besides her
Manik enjoy the breeze he is relaxed

Mukhti, cabir, navya, nandini started lighting candles

It’s mangalore Mumbai highway where nandini and Manik met for frist time, it is the place where Manik praposed nandini for frist time, this is the place where pandit kidnapped nandini

Manik watching road which is just dark not with much traffic suddenly some sparkling lights are seen as the are reaching the lights are more sparkling it’s definitely not street lights he felt
Aliya stopped jeep there was a place where candles are litted sparkling wall hangings are kept in tree branches he is watching the place forgot to ask why the vehicle is stopped he got down and looking the beautiful view and remembered it’s the one which always comes in his dream then he found a girl with same blue jeans and white top trying to hang and unable to do so she is slipping Manik ran to her and he fell down in his arms closing her face with hands
“Kaisa bhatoovu tuja dil mera Kay kahraha”
Manik is in deep emotions he is in state of shock and surprise the dream which is haunting him from months is now he is experiencing the touch, the body weight, the fragrance, everything is some familiar that he just knew them as if it’s his own
Druv came to Manik and made him to come to sense Manik kept nandini down she just turned back without showing her face to him
Manik badly want to see her cabir and mukhti blocked his sight towards nandini

Nandini is in deep emotions her eyes filled with tears she turned back and looked at Manik from cabir and mukhti’s back without showing her face to Manik
Nandini want to hug him tight she touched herself to feel the touch of Manik

“Manik this is my friend cabir, she is mukhti and you know Aliya we all are childhood friends. Guys this Manik Malhotra my new friend from Switzerland ”
“Hai!” Manik is trying to see Nandini
“Who was she? Who dropped from tree? Can’t she keep herself safe? Everytime I had to keep an eye on her” Manik spoke little rude which is showing lots of concern and care
Nandini just dropped her jaw” o my god he is remembering everything slowly the same words it’s just a miracle ayyappa thank you”
“She is my friend” mukhti said
“What’s her name?”
“O!ho! You saved her that doesn’t mean you can flirt with her” cabir warned
“Flirt! Come on man! It’s just name and I don’t think I need to flirt and I never ” Manik with full attitude
“Ok then she is Nandini murthy”
“Nandini” “I knew this name long back but how?”
“See same old Bollywood style after seeing her you will say that I feel that I know her look ”
Cabir brought her to show him
Manik just starred at nandini
He is mesmerized by seeing her
He want to hug her badly kiss her to the core “o my god! He is true I feel like she is totally mine iam just living for her she is my destiny it’s impossible to believe but it’s true”
Nandini is unable to control she just want to hug him she was about to do so cabir and mukhti dragged her back “nandini control wo Manik hai his doubts will kill us” in her ears mukhti wishepered
Nandini stood back

Looking at love birds all are smiling navya entered in between them and said “I think we need to go home iam hungry and abherr might be missing me”
“Yes” all said and started to go home nandini sat on bike with mukhti all are traveling in jeep cabir is driving druv and Aliya are enjoying eachother Manik sat besides cabir navya at back talk to Manik continuously
Manik is answering her but his eyes are on nandini he don’t want to miss her for a second

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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