Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 12)


Manan; its Nandini my dream girl

Cabir planned everything ” druv has to be received by Aliya Mukthi and navya help in nandhini’s decor cabir enters later with druv and Aliya
Nobody will talk to Manik as if we know him earlier he is a new guy who is coming with our old friend ladies control your emotions don’t jump on him specially Nandini Guys cut the crap just follow the rules”
“This time no risks and we want Manik back the monster Manik ”
Nandini smiled

Druv took tickets packed everything checked for Manik’s mobile it was ringing but nobody was picking up druv got tensed “did niyonika find the truth ? Is Soha joining ? Is Manik well ? No more complications with him because of our plan are we stressing Manik oh god what to do shall I go and check once ”
Druv’s mobile was ringing it was a random number druv thinking about Manik just Manik and picked the phone and listened it’s Manik on the other side “hi druv I started to airport I will see you there ”
“Oh god I was tensed I was expecting you here are you alone or is anyone coming with you” he was thinking about soha
“No iam alone coming in cab I will join you”
“Ok iam coming” druv relaxed

Druv reached airport and found Manik
“Thank god you are on time man iam worried” Manik said druv smiled and thought”it’s me who is tensed Manik”
Both started

Nandini and navya started decorating.
“Nandu one doubt”
“What happens if Manik won’t hold you?”
“I will fall but he will I know Manik”
“AfteManan;its Nandini my dream girl

Aliya is sitting alone in home. She recollected the past. How druv and she used to hange out happily, they are best together. Druv is sensitive person, he always takes things in extreams, that is the problem this time I will not let him do such

After seeing Manik and Nandini I realised love is important not egos or heart broke. Lifelong commitment is love not breakups. Though Manik forgot everything nandini is keeping their love alive then why not me? He left me to make me happy not for his happiness then I should talk to him make him understand that being together is important rather than fighting

I love you druv. Iam mad at you this time I will slap you if you do such things but will never leave you.

Manik came to druv’s place
Druv wished Manik, he too wished back.
“Druv can I share something with you?”
“Sure Manik say what’s troubling you?”
“Actually druv iam getting dreams which are troubling me a lot. Yesterday I got a dream in which a girl is calling me Manik but iam not able to see her face”
“Is it soha?”
“No not at all. I always see that girl in dreams”
How she looks?
“I can’t figure out, yah I forgot when are we going to fly?”
“In two days”
Manik is totally excited

Fab5 and nandini are excited to see Manik
“Nandini according to plan your entry is frist on the way to our place”
“Yes cabir! I got everything planned the dress, decor, lights, my style everything” nandini is in excitement
r seeing him can you control your emotions?”
“Navya think like this I know everything and Manik don’t so we will have a new love story, new things in our love story. Iam excited”
” I too” navya smiled

Manik and drvu landed in India.
Aliya alerted everyone.
Mukhti and cabir reached place
Nandini and navya completed the decoration

Plan begins

Manik reaches the venue
Manik and nandini frist meeting

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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