Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 10)


Manan; its nandini my dream girl

Manik went home
Nyionika asked him” Manik where were you till now? How worried iam?”
“Mom! Iam not a kid ok? Actual I need to say something I want to travel iam feel wexed and tired. I just want to explore new place mostly next week I may leave”
“Great idea! Soha and you get best time together to spend”
“Not soha iam going alone I want to go to Italy form there I will travel where ever I want”
“It’s ok but take soha with you I feel relaxed she will take good care of you”
“That soha? Seriously? She is so mean… And self centered she I’ll take care of me? Impossible and always annoys me wrost idea and I need my own space”
“I can’t send you alone”
“Who the hell are you thinking can order me? Iam not kid iam 24 so stop irritating me. I informed that’s more than enough for you as mom”
“Manik” nyionika shouted
“Shhhhhhhhh” he kept his finger on his lips and widened his eyes
Nyionika felt helpless. She know if Manik get annoyed he can be wild and uncontrolled. She is really worried and even tensed

Drvu informed that Manik want to come to Mumbai
Everyone are just screaming
“Guys guys don’t forget that he is new Manik he don’t know anything he is just a stranger actually we all are strangers”
“Still we rule his heart drvu” nandini said with tears filled eyes and smiling lips
“Exactly! Manik is Manik he can’t change he just forgot we will and we can handle him” cabir wrinkled
“In vintage fab5 style we will kick his ass” mukhti said
“I will take his brain out just watch” Aliya laughed
“No guys this time different Bollywood style Tum pass aya u muskiraya….” Navya said
“No nandini murthy style” nandini said
“How?” All at a time asked
“He is dreaming about me na so daily I will make a new dream for him and mrng it should be true which will make him confuse and fun in playing”
“Mind blowing nandini” drvu appriciated
“Oh ho! Nandini murthy being with fan5 you too are good at pranks now” cabir smiled
“Ok then you guys plan next weak we will come back and cabir I just want to hug you iam missing you all specially Aliya”
“Shut up”Aliya shouted
” ok” druv took his shirt up all laughed even Aliya
“Love baby iam coming miss me”

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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