Manan; its nandini my dream girl (Episode 1)


Manan; its nandini my dream girl

After my rivals story why I don’t know but iam unable to concentrate on my other ff Manik malhotra_its my love story. I want to write something new, it’s just a try.

We all know that Kyyseason 2 ending where Manik and nandini went to Denmark for treatment, Mukhti got oppertunity in a international music company for solo, Aliya launched her own brand, navya is working as Rj in radio o2. Druv went on world tour to give alya space. Cabir died in accident.

Now it’s my story;

It is early morning still darkness didnot go, cold breeze is touching his skin.
A place with total candles kept on mud floor, sparkling wall hangings hanged on tree a girl in white sleeveless top hands full of bangles
Loosened hair climbed tree and trying to hang the last wall hanging on the branch she is unable to reach still she is trying slipped with a scream”aaaaaaa” she fell down but a man catches her. The girls face is closed with her hand .
Tringgggggggggggggggg alarm ring made Manik wake up from his dream,

With irritating mood he hangs off the alarm and got up “today again I couldn’t see her face, who is she? Why do I get same dream daily? Do I know her? Did that happened before? Why I feel that I know her very well but y? And how?”


Aliya is totally nervous. She is back of the stage. “Guys! It’s my new collection I want it to be selected so please wish for me”
“Aliya! Chill! It’s beautiful collection don’t worry we will rock” nandini gave her strength.
“Mukhti! Are you comfortable? You are the frist one to walk so be confident and free.”
“Yaar! You made me bride and all this heavy dress o god why me?” Mukhti shouted. All laughed
“Stop it yaar seriously it’s not funny! And you Aliya can’t you design frocks and shorts”
“Ok! We will talk later take a deep breath and go”
Mukhti did it all wished her all the best and started walking.
Next navya come on

Navya with a other bridal dress walked back followed by many models
Aryaman is taking everyone’s snaps. Nandini is helping in sending them in row
Last came a super modal with Aliya.
Show over
Results are yet to announce everyone are waiting eagerly

“International fashion week for bridal collection is big platform for all upcoming models and designers. All the participants are warmly congratulated. Now the winners are;
Second runner up is mothi collections
All the hall clapped

Frist runner up is; vibha collections
Aliya is in total tension and stress
And today’s winner is ; any guesses guys??
Mumtaz mumtaz mumtaz crowd is shouting Aliya is praying Mukhti crossed her finger navya Kai mathadi, nandini ayyappa
Yes it’s mumtaz collection from Aliya s*xsana.
All shouted Aliya is in air
She went with all her models and took the sheeld.

“O! Ho ! Girls we did it. Now Aliya become a international designer” aryaman shouted
“Congratulations kiddo” harshaad wished her
“Thank you bhai”

“Ok guys it’s treat from me today and tomorrow party” harshaad declared all shouted with happiness

Credit to: Sunitha.k

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  1. its gud…but pls continue the other ff also…it was interesting too

  2. wowwwwwwwwe…….felt so good……what a start……seriously loved it 4m the core…….intro was awesome…….. especially harshad’s part………I guess now he’s positive…….. anyways waiting for the next epi

  3. Nice starting bt how did harshad became a gud guy? N again waiting 4 ur other ff

  4. Superb suni…manik and nandini went to Denmark right y nandu returned alone…is there any come back of cabir ….finally sunitha is back with kyy3 u suni…

  5. Awesome

  6. Harshad is gud

  7. Plz continue yar…..
    Eagerly waiting for next part…..

  8. Wowwww awesome sunitha my dearrrrr friend, it’s superbbbb. …did manik totally forgot nandini n all? Aliya’s fashion show was awesoooooome. .. keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads muaaaaahhhhhh

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