Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 25)


The dark nyts have passed..sun is rising to the fullest..rays falling on two bodies frm window..who r peacefully slleping in each othr’s arms…nandu’s beauty sllep got dstrbd by the rays directly on her face…she lazily opened her eyes nd lukd in her left side..nd found her MANU…the person who can turn the world up nd down just on his little sleeping peacefully on his stomach..holdng her tightly in his embrace lyyk a 2 year kid..she lovingly caressed his cheeks…then planted a kiss on it..he stirred in his sleep nd smiled..but held her more tightly in his grip..she smiled nd whispered

Nandu:manu..lemme go…its mrng..”but he just nodded a no wth his eyes closed..she again pleaded “pls manik…..”now ..who wont open his eyes wth a such cute,melodious voice..nd he opened his eyes nd found the most serene beauty in front of him..HIS NANDU..HIS PARI..lukng breath taking..even in that messy luk..he yanked her nd she fell upon him..he tucked her hair strnds behind her ears nd strtrd caressing her cheeks wth thumb nd said

Manu:tumm….even in this mrng hour…how u manage to look this can I let u…”he said in a most seductive voice..which make her blush nd she wrap herself securely in his arms..nd he also requited back..they both stayed lyk that fr sumtym..but mnik is in no mood to step out of his bed nd not want even her to step out..but nandu..she made him out of the bed nd asked him to get ready as all r waiting fr them..he being stubborn asked a kiss nd she readily kissed his cheeks nd ran inside the bathroom b4 he catches her..after sum teasing nd kissing session..they both got ready nd made their way out to living room..holding each other’s hands…

All r sitting nd having coffee..while manan also arrived..ahana lukd at their smiling face nd said”gud mrng manan”nanu smiled on being mentioned lyk that ..while manik gave a deadly glare to cabir..then cabir observed manik’s gaze on him nd said
Cabir:oye….y r u giving me that luk…I didn’t say anything..”he said in his he very well knew y manik is glaring at him
Manik:oh really..”he said wth asarcastic smile

Cabir:yaar had hai…matlab..i didn’t utter even a word today..fir bhi u r targeting me…dekh li teri dosti…”he said last line..faking tears nd wiping them off…
Manik:chal…chal…drama mat kar…”wth this he settled down wth nandu nd continued”I navya is bearing u?”he said looking at navya…she is abt to say sumthng but b4 cabir said”arey..vry simple…jese im bearing that madhubala….”he said casually wth a wicked smile but wat came next startld him while othrs laughed..a cushion fell directly on his face wth force..threw by navya in anger who is sitting infront of him..

Navya:acha…so u r bearing me…abhi I will tell u wait…”nd threw all cushions at him..while he tried to save himself…by catching..but failed..all r watching amusingly….there no cushions left..cabir heaved a sigh of relief..but nxt moment a cushion landed which is given by manu to navu..nd they high fived each other…all laughed whole heartedly..
After a lot of happy moments…fab-5 nd others decide to leave for for wat they came is fulfilled..but matter of fact is..they got far more than wat they xpctd..they not only got manik back but also their soul back..THEIR NANDINI…they all thought to leave Shimla..leavng all bitter memories..taking all bliss..hugged ashwath nd ahana..promised they ll come back..asked them to visit Mumbai as well..after bidding gud bye..all drove away xcept manan in one car nd manan in another car

Nandu is lukng outside frm window…nd manik is busy in admiring her..she is lukng ethereal..her long hair…..milky white skin…rosy pink lips….she is an angel who came to earth to fulfil all his desires..nd he has only one desir…SHE HERSELF…she realised gaze on her..innstsantly looked at him ..who is lukng at her..nd driving the car…it was a avenue,not so it is not difficult even in no concentration
Nandu:manu…”she called him wth utmost luv
Manik:hmmmm”he jst he is still gazing her
Nandu:manik..pls concentrate on road..not mee…she said making him luk staright on road nd they smile broadly
Manik:how can I concentrate on anything when an angel is sitting ryt beside me….”he said lukng at her..she blushed nd leaned on his shoulder nd wrapped his arm in her hand…while he kissed her head…nd both r on the way…to strt a new lyf…a new beginning…just then nandu saw a tmple….the same one she visited..2 years back…alone….as they wont believe in god…she askd manik to stop the car..nd abruptly stpd..nd askd”kya hua..u ok n a….do u need sumthing..say”he asked worriedly
Nandu sat straight,cupped his face in her one hand nd said”arey baba..relax..y r u freakng out?mai toh bas..”nd she made him luk at her side..there is a temple..nd she continued “I wanna go to mandir..bas..sorry maine achanak ese bolke….i have frightened u..sory manu….
Manik kissed her palm which is placed on his cheek nd said”im sorry..i was just..acha chalo…lets get in..”nd he removed seatbelt nd is abt to step out of caar..then she held his hand..he lukd back nd she asked”u don’t believe in god..then y u wanna go..last time toh…”but she is hushed by his finger on his lips…he gently caressed her lips wth his thumb,gave a peck to her nd said”I used to not believe him..but iin these 2 years..when u r not wth me….there is no day in which I haven’t gone to mandir,dargah,gurudwara or church”.She is shocked wth this manik is one of them..who nevr ever believed in such things..she asked wth curiosity

Nandu:kyu manu
Mnik:FOR U”her eyes are teary till now…she felt goosebumps on her skin..just when he mentioned FOR U..her whole body strd submitting to him…unknowingly a tear fell down..she isn’t aware of she is busy iin looking deep in that brown eyes..where she wants to drown..but manik observed that tear which fell on her cheeks…she closed her eyes in anticipation..he cupped her face nd she opened her eyes..nd he continued
Manik:bcoz…I thought ..kisi din..may b….they ll have some sympathy nd pity on me…nd they ll return u to me…u usede to believe on him…sp I strtd to believe ur belief nd see ..he answered my prayers..u r ryt in frnt of close..liike u have nevr left..”she wthout any any rational thinking..hugged him tight..kissed him on his lips nd said “I LOVE U MANU..I LOVE U…”
Manik smiled broadly after listening her “I LOVE U MORE MY ANGEL NANDU….I JUST LOVE U..”they r not lyk the couples..who say these 3 words every now n then..but still not know the real meaning of it…MANAN r those…who actually knew the meaning of this small world LOVE..they had craved for each other..they have died several deaths without 1 another..they r lyk those love birds…who actually die if one leaves the other..they don’t say I LOVE YOU often..bcoz their eyes..say its all..nd this is wat LOVE IS…where there is no place of words..they had crossed ocean of fire..jst to b wth each other..nd that is wat true love is..true lve is MANAN..
After hugging each other..which is nevr ending..they broke..stepped out of the car..strtd climbing stairs of temple..holding hands

Meri kismet ke
Har ek panne pe
Mere jeeti ji
Baad marne ke
Mere hare k kal
Har ek lamhe mein
Tu likh de mera use
(he luk towards her..who is lukng straight..holding his hand..he also lukd straight nd is wishing 1 thing..tht nevr evr snatch her frm him..instead of snatching her..SNATCH HIS BREATH ..HIS LIFE FRST…he wished only to b hers..nd she belongs to only him
Har kahani mein,saare kisson mein
Dil ki duniya ke,sacche rishton mein
zindagani ke saare hisson me
tu likh de mera use
(by now..both reached inside the tmple..nandu put her dupatta on her head..nd he covered his head wth a kerchief..nd both again held hand,touched floor 2gthr nd stepped inside 2gthr..he is continuously gazing at her…)
Aye khuda aye khuda
Jab bana uska hi bana(2)
(pandit came 2wrds them nd put tilak..nd nandu closed her eyes nd her hnds joining..while he lukd at her nd at the idol nd asked him to write him in her destiny only whenever he take birth..he wants to b hers only..)
The song continues(I cant write the entire pls imagine).after a stanza
(She opened her eyes nd found his gaze on her..smiled held his hand..he gave a smile..nd she wth eyes asked ahall we leave nd he blinked his eyes in assurance..they both strt walking..evry step they took 2gthr with a wish that they will always be by each other)
Another stanza
(she accidently placed her leg on a burning dhoop batti…nd she cried in pain a little..he strtd panicking..instntly knelt dwn..nd put her feet on his thigh nd her one hand on his shoulder fr support..nd gently caressed the burnt part..he found her smiling at his concern…he stood up,picked her in arms nd strtd walking down the stairs..wthout even many ppl are suroounded..or how many r admiring their prfct couple..she hid her face in his chest as he is continuously staring at her..while he just smiled at the gesture)
He gently made her sit in the car nd sat down in driving seat nd drove away..many ppl recognised him..but to their dismay he didn’t pay heed to any of them..nd drove away wth the luv off his life…or the appropriate wrd his SOUL..he drove back in his word with the QUEEN of his world..HIS STAR..HIS SOUL…HIS NANDU

Manan reached late nyt..he stopped car outside MURTHY MANSION(small thing in my ff…murthy’s r rich wth money nandu gets once she is 18.her father is scientist nd has saved sum crores on her name in a bank..nd it is supposed to b revealed only after she is 18)..she looked at her side nd found HER HOME..tears welled up in her eyes nd she stepped out..manik also stppd out nd is keenly watching her..she moved towards the gate nd caressed the name plate lovingly..manik came to her..put his hand on her shoulder..she wthout lukng back..hld his hand…manik rang the door bell nd chichi came out..she saw manik stnding alone at the gate..she said manik…but then observed carefully..nd there is a contnt smile on his face..shine in his eyes….just lyk it was 2 years back..for a sec she thought she is dreaming..manik is smiling nd said”chanchi..i got sumthing fr u..”he said wth a broad smile on his face…nd she gave a questioning luk to him..while he moved 2wrdshis left nd then saw sumthing wch she didn’t even in her wildest dreams..there is SHE..HER NANDU..HER DAUGHTER…their eyes met…they both r lukng at each other..she touchd nandu’s face lovingly nd instantly hugged her..both cried…while manik is also teary..but wth a broad smile
Aftr sumtym,trio is sitting on now manik ha said evrythng..she is shocked nd accused raghav..nandu sat on the floor nd put her head in chachi’s lap nd she strtd running her fingers lovingly in nandu’s hair..manik who is sitting beside..smiled contntly nd said”wow..after meeting ur daughter…u frgt ur son..”wth a pout..while chichi nd nandu both smiled at his childish complaint..he also sat on floor and put head in chchi’s lap nd caught nandu’s hand..both smiled nd chichi kissed their heads nd said
Chachi:I was dying….just to see u both lyk this again..”a tear fell down…while both gestured her no..nd nandu said”chichi..pls no more tears..ab everything is fyn..”while manik nd nandu caught chachi’s hand in theirs..nd blinked eyes to her..nd nandu asked”where is chacha nd rishu”.manik sat on couch nd side hugged chichi..nd chchi put her palm on his cheek frm back nd said”nandu…ur uncle nd rishu r in u.s for his treatment..nd may I tell u sumthing?”.nandu nodded in s.then chichi continued”rishu can speak now….”she said smilingly
Nandu:sach chachi..”she said wth broad smile

Chachi:ha….nd all this is bcoz of MY SONA MUNDA MANIK…in these 2 years..he lukd after us nd rishu just lyk how u do….aaj after 2 years I have seen him happy..after u went nah..i have nevr seen manik as manik whom I know…we lost him….but ab everything is fyn..u r evrythng will b fyn…”she told all this holding tears nd nandu is also in tears..
After sumtym ,chichi askd them to sleep as it is already late..she asked him to stay she know he didn’t want to go leaving nandu behind..manik xcused himself for a minute to fetch luggage frm the car..meanwhile nandu hugged chichi..gave her a gudnyt kiss nd walked upstairs to her room

When she opened the door..wat she found made her awestruck…her room wall is full of her’s nd manik’s pictures..above her bed..there is a big pic of manan of fusion concert where they prfrmd 2gthr nd opposite to her bed is a big wall size pic of hers in white full gown(musicana opening nyt) laughing nd adjusting her hair…smile which appeared on her lips isn’t vanishing..not even fr a sec..she slowly moved inside nd found lots of cushions on her bed..every cushion cover had nandu’s pics on it..diffrnt,diffrnt pics of her..she went near the dressing table nd found star shaped jewellery box…she opened it nd found many pairs of earrings ..out of which some were old..mostly all r new…all r beautiful..she caressed them lovingly..she saw the mirror..on that also there is a pic of manik nd her(both kissing each other..musicana opening nyt) on the side..she caressed his face in pic nd murmured “I LOVE U”..she moved towards the study table..there she saw her diary..on its very frst is written “MONSTER”..all over the page..while she flipped the pages..full diary is engraved only by sum words which r “I LOVE U”,”NANDINI”,”MY STAR”..thats it..she touched the pages lovingly nd moved towards the window frm where she used to wave manik “bye”..she saw jar of fireflies there..a beautiful wind chimes of stars..a soft air blowing nd wind chime makes a melodious voice nd just then fireflies strts glowing nd she close her eyes nd murmured”MANU..”a soft air touched her face nd she can feel..he is very near to her..he encircled his hands around her stomach nd kissed her nape..she already closed her eyes nd he held his hand on her stomach more tightly..he bit her ear lobe nd her breath strtd getting heacy while her heartbeats r running faster..he rested his chin on her shoulder nd said”this room..whenever I came na…I felt lykk..i came back home…where u r…where u reside…but still it nevr gave solace to u r only my salvation..i saw u in evry cornr of the room..phir bhi…all these things combined 2gthr also r unable to remove the darkness frm my heart..thnks nandu..for cmng back 2 me again….tune mere dil ke adhurapan ko pura kar diya…”he said these wth utmost honesty that anyone can tell…how much he must have gone through with..

She jst turned around nd smacked her lips wth his..he is taken aback by her bold atep but soon he also responded back wth equal passion…they both r kissing lyk they have craved it fr ages….they both r njyng each othr’s taste…sucking each other’s lips…not wanting to break apart..but they had to as they r out of breath..they touched their forehead,closed their eyes,gasping hard..while nandu said”I LOVE U “wth utmost luv…he opened his eyes,kissed her forehead..gently picked her in his arms nd made her rest on bed.She opened her eyes..he is very near to her face..bth r silent nd r drowning in their passionate moment..MANIK kissed her forehead nd said”u need rest…sleep.”he is abt to leave whwn she held his hand nd he lukd back
Nandud:wherr r u gng?”she askd innocently

Manik patted her hnd wth his other one nd said”no where..u sleep.”.She wthout thinking..held his hand more tightly nd pulled him towards her..while he just moved a bit..nd she wth eyes asked him to sit..he sat beside her..she also sat down..he is abt to say sumthing..but she hushed by putting her finger in his lips nd said”DON’T GO AWAY FRM ME..”she said ooking deep into his eyes..nd he hugged her tight..she also requited back..he gently strtd caressing her back ..while she closed her eyes as her fingers r casting spell on her..jst then he opened the knot of her kurti..she strtd breathing heavily nd due to shyness she rushed to the window..nd he just smiled at her innocence..he came towards her,pinned her to the wall..held her waist tightly nd pressed his frnt on hr back…thay r so close that even air cant pass through them..he came towards her ears nd said in the most husky voice”I HAVE SPENT NUMEROUS DAYS ND NIGHTS WITHOUT U…NOW I CANT EVEN THINK ABOUT A MOMENT WTHOUT U..”he kissed her ears nd instntly turned around nd hugged her tightly…he smiled ,picked her up nd made her lie on the bed..hovered at her..she locked her arms around his neck nd he again kissed her..this is more of a passionate one..he strtd tracing her whole body wth his hand over fabric…oon he covered both under a duvet nd they r in sum other land..his evry touch is making her insane..while her evry recation to his touch is making him turn on…her whole body is shivering wth his lovely torture and he is soothing it with a sweet kiss.they r lying peacefully in each othrs this night made them one..although they r two bodies,one soul..but frm now on..their bodies also mingled wth each other..soon they both drfted to sleep…contntly in each othr’s arms..the most safest place in the world…

Hai ppl,how is the update..By far ,my biggest update…hola….pls lemme know na….nd do let me know the part of epi whch u luvd the most in the cmnts(it can be more than one part also)…my personal fav is nandu entering her room nd seeing all the pics….that s where my heart just skipped a beat..I gave a really,rally big update as it is my 25th update nd that’s y added manan romance tooo..ND ppl sorry for late..but itna special epi likhne ke liye ..time required hai pardon me…Silent readers itn lamba episode ke liye atleast cmnt pls…those give me much more energy to write..dont worry even if u don’t give..ill write..coz I have ppl who will wait for my updates..nd thnk u roma,lisa,priya,kavya,Chelsea(sorry if I missed any other regular persons) for cmntng on evry epi nd making my day..nd kavya luv u fr ur big cmnts….i really luv them..sweetheart …luv u guys a lot….ignore typos..suggestions welcum…bye..luv u

Credit to: Meghna Adhithyan

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