Manan- Meri aashiqui (Prologue)


A girl is standing near the window gazing at the stars…The bright moonlight falling on her..but it is nothing in front of her who is just shining like an angel..She looked back only to find the most beautiful and serene picture in front of her…love of her life..her “MANIK”… who was sleepinh peacefully holding a pillow in his arms and smiling in his sleep..Looking at him with utmost love,she slowly walked towards him.She sits beside him with a brightly lit smile and kisses his forehead caressing his hair. He moved a bit with the most beautiful ,most familiar touch of her’s,the fragrance of her but didn’t open his eyes…
” I love you monster… Mani ..I’ll always be there for you and with you..Be a good person..Wake up sweetheart.. ” she whispered.. Saying so,,she moved a bit away from him .He woke up with a jerk

His eyes were blood red indicating he had cried from a long time..He looked around.. found nothing but darkness..just darkness
Not only in the room buy also inside him and in his heart.He fumbled on the floor and looked down…

He managed to utter only a single word “NANDINI’… and a tear made its way from his eyes on to the ground…

Done with my prologue..So,how is it guys.. If u like it,do let me know with ur comments so that I’ll get to know whether I should continue or not.I promise to update almost everyday..
Have a good day..Please bear if any typing mistakes exist as it is my Frst ff.
Lots of luv..

Credit to: Meghna krishnan

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  16. Will update the next epi by evening..luv u all..

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    Love MaNan.. keep smiling dear☺

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